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Green & Inexhaustible Energy in Sayulita Mexico

Green & Inexhaustible Energy

Solar panel installation
Renewal & sustainable energy company
Save huge amounts on your power bill
Covers all aspects of solar installation and meter installation
No work on your part / free estimation
Easily monitor all the energy you produce via phone application

Green & Inexhaustible Energy en Sayulita es una empresa de energía renovable que cubre todos los aspectos de estructuras de edificios, instalación de paneles e inversores, conexión, registro de medidores y cualquier mantenimiento futuro.  

¡Nunca ha habido un mejor momento para ser ecológico! 

La energía verde e inagotable en Sayulita  no solo le ahorra grandes cantidades de dinero en facturas de energía, es el paso correcto hacia la energía renovable. Nuestro trabajo está respaldado por una amplia garantía y cubrimos todos los aspectos de la instalación y el registro, lo que lo convierte en una inversión sin problemas y sin estrés de su parte. También ofrecemos presupuestos gratuitos. 

¿Por qué optar por la energía solar?

Los sistemas de energía verde e inagotable obtener energía  limpia y pura del sol. Instalar paneles solares en su casa no solo ayuda a combatir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero y reducir nuestra dependencia colectiva de los combustibles fósiles, ¡le ahorra mucho dinero! La electricidad tradicional se obtiene de combustibles fósiles como el carbón y el gas natural, una práctica no sostenible y dañina para el medio ambiente. Con  Green & Inexhaustible Energy  puede controlar toda la energía que está produciendo con su teléfono o computadora, lo configuraremos todo para usted. 

Nuestros productos:

Utilizamos solo los mejores paneles e inversores solares certificados respaldados por una increíble garantía de 25 años de garantía en paneles solares y una garantía de 10 años en inversores. 

Paneles solares:

  • JA Solar
  • DAH Solar
  • Serafines 
  • Élite 
  • Canadiense solar 
  • Fronius
  • Solis
  • Growatt
  • SMA
  • Tejido

El formulario de contacto o llame a los números de arriba (mencione Sayulita Life) para obtener una estimación gratuita.

Para inglés, llame o envíe un WhatsApp a este número: (+52) 322.167.5400

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Total Score:
Excellent knowledge and service
I have been a home owner in Sayulita for 3 years. A solar system was pre-existing with 12 panels but I wasn't seeing great savings or power generation on my CFE bill. I called Juan Carlos to come and check it out and advise. He determined that the panels were installed in such a way, at different angles and sometimes in shadow, that the power generation was a fraction of what was possible. We figured out a new configuration and Juan and his team removed the panels, constructed a new frame and re-installed them all facing South. The end result is a system that now halves my electricity bill. I couldn't be more happy with the expertise and work that Juan Carlos provided. He is a a pleasure to work with, very attentive, very prompt and everything was done very professionally. I am completely satisfied and can't recommend this team enough.
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Experienced: July, 2021
Great experience. I would recommend!
Carlos and his team recently completed a solar installation at my Sayulita home. Good communication and everything happened when they said it would. Installers were quick, clean friendly and polite. Carlos took a lot of time to help me understand the system and how to make sure everything is running as expected. Overall, great experience.
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Experienced: July, 2021
Outstanding Company
I am an American who just bought a house in Sayulita that needed to be remodeled. Remodeling a house in a different county can be intimidating as you are not sure who you can trust. During the remodel project we talked to a friend (who also recently bought a house in Sayulita) that had also done some remodeling and installed solar power. I was shocked to discover how much they saved per month. Our friend referred us to Juan at Green & Inexhaustible Energy. I was literally blow away by his enthusiasm and knowledge. He promptly answered all my questions and fulfilled every promise. They did an unbelievable job. I do not think that I have ever written a review in my life, but after receiving such outstanding service. I felt compelled to publicity acknowledge Juan and this great company. I strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants to utilize alternative energy and same money.
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Experienced: June, 2021
Muy profesional y excelente trabajo
Todo el trabajo de muy buena calidad y con eficiencia, solucionaron inmediatamente los problemas que surgieron y podaron loas ramas que bloqueaban el sol
[Read more]
Experienced: April, 2021
We own two properties in Sayulita and have had multiple remodeling projects done over the past several years. Without a doubt Green Energy was the best experience I have ever had with ANY service provider in Mexico!

From the initial contact - through detailed proposal, full installation and their direct working with CFE to get bi-directional meters installed took LESS THAN 10 days - incredible!

They installation crew was fantastic and the final product EXACTLY as we discussed during the proposal process.

Two of my friends have since used them (within one month!) and have had the exact same professional, timely and overall impressive experience!
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Experienced: March, 2021
Very impressed with product and service
Hiring Green & Inexhaustible Energy was an excellent choice. Their communication was fantastic, they worked completely within their given time frame and we could not be happier with their service and the results. They literally covered every aspect of the process, we did not have to go to CFE for any registration, we did not have to apply for a new meter and there were zero surprises with the price. Their crew is very clean and respectful - as we did have some guests during the installation and they were flexible on the start time so we didn't have to wake up our guests too early. I would highly recommend Miguel Aguilar and his crew!
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Experienced: March, 2021
¡increíble todo!
Mi experiencia por segunda vez es extraordinaria, excelente serio, la mejor atención y sobre todo, los mejores precios
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Experienced: July, 2020
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