Mercado del Pueblo

Sayulita has so much to offer, from local artisans, craftsmen, jewelers, and Huichol art. Since 2009,  the Mercado del Pueblo, Sayulita's Farmer's Market, celebrates the wonders of the region by featuring local farmers and families who produce high-quality, natural, consumable products. Shoppers from Manzanillo to Chicago to Canada rave that this market is one of the best natural food markets that they've seen anywhere!

How it Started

In 2009, long-time local, Lina, was having lunch with a friend in Sayulita. They spoke about their fantasy jobs; things they would do if they had all the time in the world. Lina said, “I would open up a farmer’s market in town so we could find organic products.” Four weeks later, they had a small group of market organizers, 6 vendors, and a borrowed, vacant lot that was overgrown and often stank of animal droppings. By the end of the first season, there were 16 vendors and a large group of locals who depended on the market for organic, natural, and local products. The years that followed included lots of moves, lots of visits to farms, and lots of community meetings. All of this led to the market that graces Sayulita today. The founders are proud to have brought healthy awareness and food products to Sayulita and to witness this movement flourish as products are adopted by local stores and restaurants.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of the Mercado del Pueblo is to bring local, sustainable, and natural food and consumable products to the people of Sayulita and its surrounding communities in an inviting, community location. All products at the market are grown, raised, harvested, preserved, or transformed in some way by the vendors. The Mercado is organized and managed by a small group of local women who are dedicated to this vision. It is the only local market that donates all proceeds to the needs of our communities. The Mercado works closely with local officials and organizations to prioritize these needs together. The Mercado Committee actively seeks the input and collaboration of all community members in the hopes of creating a shared vision for Mercado.

Where & When

The Mercado del Pueblo is located on Ave Revolucion just north of the main bridge, across from Galería Tanana, and runs from 10 am - 2 pm from November through April, and sometimes into May, mimicking the growing season along the coast. Close to eighty vendors attend providing a wide variety of products including naturally grown and organic vegetables and produce, homemade yogurts, sauces, baked goods, bread, body products, and souvenirs. In addition to providing natural, organic, and unique products, the Mercado has become a critical, weekly event that brings together friends, food, live music, and education to its residents and visitors

To find out more or see additional pictures, please go to Mercado del Pueblo's website or Facebook page.