Sep 26 2016

The Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita is offering the community an opportunity to adopt one of their protected turtle nests. With over 226 nests at the turtle camp to date, there are plenty of nests available for adoption and this is a great way to support an important local cause.

Several local Sayulita businesses have already adopted a nest, including ChocoBanana, Alas Blancas, Rosemary Boutique,Revolucion del Sueno, Print On, Sayubicla, Buonissimo, La Terrazola and Hidro Sol Albercas. There have also been several individuals, both locals and tourists who have adopted a nest.

The adoption fee is very reasonable at only 300 pesos per nest. For each business or individual who contributes to this cause, a wooden stake with their name or business on it will be placed over their adopted nest. Not only is this a great way to help save these endangered turtles, it’s also a great way for local Sayulita businesses to gain advertising and show their support.

When the adopted nests hatch, an announcement is put on the Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita’s Facebook page. This post lets people know that the turtles have hatched and that there will be a turtle release that night.
The funds that are being raised through this program are helping the Turtle Camp to sustain itself. They are purchasing items that are important to their efforts and success, such as wood, rope, flashlights and wire cages that protect the nests.

When asked why she adopted a nest, Tracie Willis, owner of ChocoBanana simply stated, “The turtles can’t save themselves.” 

“Sayulita is our home. It’s where we work and raise our children. I want my daughters and the people who come on holiday to realize the importance of preserving the world around us. This is a very worthy cause and I encourage everyone to contribute in their own way to this initiative,” said Nicolea Del Sueno, owner of Revolucion Del Sueno, another local business backing this program.

Alejandra Aguirre Ayala, a marine biologist behind the “Adopt a Turtle Nest” program encourages you to participate. “You can help save the turtles by adopting a nest. Every nest that is adopted helps to sustain us in our efforts.” 

If you’d like to adopt a turtle nest, either stop by Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita or contact them via their  Facebook page