Dec 04 2014

Sayuleros! While we are starting the season of cheer, Saturday kicks it off with a bit of haunting and hoppin' Rock n' Roll, courtesy of Sayulita's own Los Gatos! If you have never been to a Gatos show, you would be questionably-wise to not miss this event, their first (and last? who knows!) show of the season. You never forget your first, so come to Bar Don Pato on the plaza and be part of this Fabulous Disaster! Gabbi Gato, Drummer, questionable sometime-singer and general gato ne'er do well takes a moment out of breaking ears and hearts with his band to answer some questions! 

Los Gatos Negros band in SayulitaEl Sayulero:  You've been playing in Sayulita now for about 5 years now.  How have things changed since your first show?
Gatos: In cat years, it's actually 666 years... whatever, it's been a long time. The main changes since day one is that we keep getting worse, but the crowds keep getting bigger. Makes no sense. I guess we are lucky for black cats. 

El Sayulero:  How did your band get its name? 
Gatos: Well, if you know any of Los Gatos, you know we can be a little outsider-y... and back in the day, lets just say the life of a stray cat in Sayulita was not as peaceful as today. With way more stray hungry dogs, the local stray cats had to fight to survive, and we all related to that. We are also all a bit gothy/rock, so Gatos Negros worked. Luckily these days, the relations in Sayulita are better between Cats and Dogs - they are often seen sleeping together, in relationships, and hopefully, someday they will even be allowed to marry. Lets all hope! 

El Sayulero:  What made you guys/gals want to start a punk band here in Sayulita?
Gatos: Well, with no disrespect to our Rasta, Reggae, EDM amigos in town (much love actually), a bunch of transplanted city rockers can only take so much beach-hippy-dammit music! We decided to play what we wanted, just came out the gate. At first we thought we were literally going to be thrown to the dogs, but surprisingly, everyone is a rocker at heart! A reminder = do what you love, and all will go your way. 

El Sayulero:  How did you decide on the set list for this particular show?
Gatos: While Los Gatos does covers, we are not a "Cover Band" - we are more like a band version of Dr. Frankenstein - we take songs we love, but may be dead to others, and bring them back from the dead, with deadly monstrous results!

El Sayulero:  We really dig your cover songs but are there any specific musical influences that you all agree upon?
Gatos: Oh yes. While we all have punk, hard rock, and new wave back-grounds, we have lately focused on older songs to mess up, mostly from the 50's, 60's and 70's. We all had some of our first - ninth lives during these eras... 

El Sayulero:  Can you give us a preview on the types of songs you will be singing at the show tomorrow?
Gatos: We have some rules we follow these last couple of years, specifically that we do not alter any songs later than 1980. This really challenges us to make older songs different, and apply that "Gato Sound" to a song that would not usually be played like we play it. This Saturday is special, as we have some great songs we are so stoked to premeir! Lets just say you will be hearing some new songs born of the Ronnettes, The Jackson 5, The Easybeats and of course... the Ramones!! Get ready to dance!

El Sayulero:  We are seeing more and more live music here in Sayulita.  What's your take on the local music scene?
Gatos: We love it!! We want to see more live music in this town. Ironic, as we try and play very little to keep our shows an event of sorts. Plus, NOONE wants to hear us 2 weeks(or even 2 months!!) in a row. But to our fellow MusiCats, get out there and form a band!! Its the best. Even we can do it. :)

El Sayulero:  Does the band and any special dreams or goals at this point?  Any chance we will be seeing you place at Festival Sayulita?
Gatos: The band's only aspirations are to not get sick on stage, embarrass our families, scare any children (no, thats ok actually - please, dont bring kids) and mostly rock your flip flops off! Regarding Festival Sayulita, the organizers felt we might attract the wrong element and possibly even keep people from coming! haha. No, we are big fans of Festival Sayulita, there are plenty of great bands already. Maybe next year!! 

El Sayulero:  Give us the quick lowdown on this guy Pablo and his band that is opening for you.
Gatos: Pablo. Pablito. El Pollo. Paul Gato! While he and his musical muse Danny have local fame as the bright souls of Orangy Juice Bar, his dark side comes out with the Gatos. Earlier in the dark night, he and his Viejita perform some of the most amazing acoustic brit-love-rock. You can help but love Paul y his Viejita, Ya gotta be there early to see them!! Trust me. 

El Sayulero:  What's the best and worst thing about playing a show at Don Pato's?
Gatos: The best thing is that its like coming home for the Gatos. They are our dark family, and they treat us better than a bunch of stray cats deserve! The Worst thing is that the show has to end. 

El Sayulero:  Anything special we can look forward to tomorrow night at Bar Don Pato's?
Gatos: TWO hot kittens singing about questionable adventures through rock n' roll adventurland, backed by 3 dark devils making really really fast and loud music. Well, if thats the kind of thing you look forward to. 

Sayulita, we cant wait to come out and play with you this Saturday (tomorrow night), and as we are fond of saying, please remember = "We're not very good, but we're pretty #$%^U'n awesome!"