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Jan 09 2015



Welcome to Festival Sayulita, 2015! January 14-18. Come celebrate the wonders of our magical town and enjoy film, music, food, spirits and, of course, surf. There is something for everybody at the Festival- all ages, all pocketbook sizes and all interests. Tickets are on sale now and going fast. In addition to being sold at the Festival website (www.festivalsayulita.com), you can also pop by the Mercado del Pueblo today between 10-2pm and purchase them in person. Next Monday-Friday, 12-7pm, please feel free to stop by the Information Booth in the Plaza to get any assistance you need, purchase tickets and get last minute updates. 
Thanks to Sayulita Life for their support of the Festival and for the Special Edition. For the inside scoop on the Festival, keep reading!


Opening ceremonies for the Festival Sayulita will be in the Plaza,Wednesday, January 14th from 4-7pm. Come join us for live music, performances and spirit tasting from over 14 vendors.

Thursday, January 15th from 3-6pm the free fun continues, as Collective San Pancho shows off their art installation and performances. Yes, there will also be live music and spirit tasting.

Friday, January 16th is Children’s Day from 3-6pm. Please see the Children’s Day section for more information about this incredible new event.
All week, our information and ticket booth will remain open as well as a merchandise booth, every day 12-7pm. We will be providing printed brochures and daily announcements of program updates on our marquis.


Festival Sayulita is not just for adults anymore.  Friday, January 16th is all about the kids and the kids in all of us. Join us in the Plaza from 3-6pm for live music and dancing by Petito Feo, performances and fun. Both Costa Verde International School and Entre Amigos will host activities for children.  Children will walk away with hand made projects, all from recycled materials.
Friday evening at the Casa de la Cultura, the excitement continues with a series of animated films and the Latin American premier of LAIKA’s Boxtrolls.  Mark Shapiro, the producer, will be introducing the film and doing a short animation demonstration as well.



This year our film selection has nearly doubled, and we're very excited about the quality and subject matter of the films that were submitted. We are also very lucky to have a lot of filmmakers coming to the festival in just our second year. Please check daily “Where’s the Talent” announcements at our marquis at the Plaza. Also, please feel free to view or even print the Film Information document for film locations and descriptions.  Please see ticket section for an explanation of ticketing needs for movie venues.
Some of the amazing talent joining us this year include Mark Shapiro, one of the producers of Laika’s Boxtrolls, which was the biggest animation film of 2014, Kassidey Lane, the creator of 52 años, a story about one of Sayulita's resident artists, Mike Mooney, one of the directors of 100" Head/Heart/Feet about distance runners that run 100 miles at a time. Seriously. In addition, we're very happy to announce that one of our inaugural years winners is returning as a judge for our second year. Mark Covino, co-director of A Band Called Death will be returning with his wife Jennifer as one of our judges for 2015.


The Mexi Log Fest and Tag Team event are the dream of Israel Preciado with the support of Festival Sayulita. Israel’s dream was to have a traditional long board event that is rooted firmly in the history of surfing, hosting today’s world-class long board professionals. This is truly a grassroots event. Israel raffled off some of his quiver in order to cover some of the costs of the tournament and it would not have been possible without the support of the community- local and international.

With intense focus on what is true to the heart of long boarding, the Mexi Log Fest promotes the style and grace that is Sayulita and highlights our appreciation of the ocean. Traditional long board means single fin, over 9’2”, with 50/50 rails and foam core. The event will be attended by both local and international professional surfers (including Alex Knost, Tony Silvagi, Kelio Montz and Jen Smith just to name a few…) and will be held on the main beach on Friday and Saturday, starting at 9am. Come on down to the beach Friday, Saturday and Sunday and see the best in the world served up Sayulita style. 
The Tag Team event is scheduled for Sunday, again starting at 9am. Tag teams will include one long boarder, one short boarder, one foam top and one SUP. This is a chance for all to participate; if you’re grom, a grey hair, a kook, or ripper. Sign up in the Information Booth in the Plaza or at the surf event, cost 50p.


One of the great aspects of Sayulita and Festival Sayulita are action sports. We add to our already dynamic Surf events a new event for year 2, Festival Sayulita's First Annual "Stumble in the Jungle" 5k and 10k fun run! Welcoming runners/walkers and families of all ages and experience.

Jog the flat land 5k, or run the up and downs of our 10k trail - all through the beautiful jungles and beaches of Sayulita, from North End Jungle hills, to the beautiful stretch of Mal Paso beach!

Starting and ending at the Sayulita tradition, La Terrazola Restaurant, join us for a pre-run stretch at 8:30am with Shanti and Sweat Play Live. Run starts at 9am, followed by water or margaritas post run! What could be better! Margaritas at noon? Yes, that is Festival Sayulita!

Stumble in the Jungle takes place Thursday, January 15th at 8:30am. Registration is $100p, and all runners who complete get a commemorative Festival Sayulita shirt! You can sign up at this Friday's Mercado del Pueblo, and starting on Monday at the Festival Sayulita Plaza info center, and of course, that morning at the run. See on the trails Sayulita!! 


Festival Sayulita's first annual Jungle ¡LIVE! is a one of a kind concert right in the heart of beautiful Sayulita! Located on the beautiful grounds of las Quintas Trujillo, generously shared by the wonderful, multi-generational Sayuleros the Trujillo family. The Trujillo family are owners/operators of Naty's tacos, Ruben's Deli, Cruz's La Tiendita, the Plaza Money exchange, and La Fuente Agua. Now they add their partnership with Festival Sayulita in Jungle ¡LIVE! as another of their stellar contributions to Sayulita. 

Jungle ¡LIVE! brings some of the best music from the world and Mexico right to our little pueblo. The line up for JUNGLE ¡LIVE! is a perfect mix of styles and cultures, with a wonderfully heavy dose of the amazingly textured sounds of Mexico. Our headliners, California’s Dirty Heads bring a Hip-Hop influence to their feel-good, reggae-rock vibe that’s a perfect Sayulita soundtrack. Up next are the amazing KONGOS - multi-cultural, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalists brothers, crafting a unique and irresistible sound spawned from shared DNA, creating rock for our modern world. Opening the show are Mexico City's La Hora de La Hora - as they describe themselves "Add half a cup of polka in a bowl! Then 100g spoonful of cumbia and rocksteady then shake ... !!" What's not to love!!

Add to that great food from all over Sayulita, amazing beer by Cervezas de Colima and a location in the heart of pueblo and Jungle, and it's an event that can't be missed! Jungle ¡LIVE! takes place Saturday, January 17 on the beautiful grounds of Quintas Trujillo. Doors open at 4:30pm, show starts at 5:30pm. Tickets on sale at the Mercado del Pueblo this Friday, always on www.festivalsayulita.com and of course at the door! Los vemos alli!


For those lucky Anejo, VIP and Premier ticket holders, tasting dinners will occur both Thursday and Friday evenings. Most ticket holders have already booked online. If you are a ticket holder who has not yet booked a dinner or a new ticket holder, no worries. Please just stop by Mercado today or the Festival Information Booth on Monday and we will help you sign up. Starting today, any open seats will be sold separately for $600 pesos.
Pairing dinner are created to show off some of our amazing restaurants and chefs here in Sayulita. Each restaurant is partnered with a spirit and serves up a 4-6 course meal that is a real wow factor. All dinners begin promptly at 6pm.  Again, to join in on this special event, you must hold an advanced ticket and reservation.
This year, we are proud to partner with the following restaurants and spirits:

Los Corazones & Mezcal Gentiles, Birras del Mundo
Don Pedro’s & Montelobos Tequila, Casa Madero Winery
Mama Mia & Balam Raicilla and Mezcal
Miro Vino & Mezcal Romelia, Cerveza Colima
Sayulita Public House & Le Bru
Tropical House (Kelly Albee Chef) & St. Vincent Winery

Los Afortunados (Sofia Sanchez Chef) & La Fogolero Tequila
Don Pedro’s & Montelobos Tequila, Casa Madero Winery
Miro Vino & Mezcal Romelia
Sayulita Public House (Calizto Gattas Chef) & Cielo Rojo Winery
Tropical House (Kelly Albee Chef) & Balam Raicilla and Mezcal


The Master Tasting is a signature event that will be on Sunday, January 18th from 4-6:30pm at Palapa Brisa del Mar. This event is for Anejo, VIP and Platinum ticket holders. 

Meet the talent and pro surfers during this event, which will also include the movie and surf competition awards. 

Enjoy music by Julia y Jonas and light canapés provided by Don Pedro's. A cash bar will also be available.

You will have the opportunity to taste all spirits offered at Festival Sayulita in one spot with a great view!Spirit providers include Balam Raicialla y Mezcal, Casa Madero, Cerveza La Bru, Cervezeria de Colima, Cielo Rojo/Calixto Gattas, Don Abraham, Malman Winery, Mezcal Los Gentiles, Mezcal Romelia, Montelobos Tequila, Sayulita Wine Shop, St. Vincent Wines, Tequila la Fogolero, Viparmex y mas!!! 

The movie, Big in Japan, will play following this event at 7:30pm. It will be at the same location with the stars and producer present.


Get your tickets while they last. We expect to sell out. For people that want to experience the entire event, an Añejo ticket cannot be beat.  With an Anejo ticket, you'll have access to all of the film venues, be able to attend one of our many pairing dinners and enjoy the Festival signature event- the Master Tasting. This year, the Master Tasting will also be the awards ceremony for the Festival Sayulita Mexi Log Fest and the film portion of Festival Sayulita. Following the Master Tasting, you can choose to stay and enjoy the film Big in Japan, along with the producer and stars of the show. Sorry, VIP and Premiere tickets are already sold out!
If you're interested in only attending the Jungle ¡Live! concert at Quinta Trujillo, a Musica ticket will get you in. Tickets are $1,000 pesos, but there are several ways to earn a discount at checkout by sharing our event on social media. Please look at our Festival Sayulita Facebookpage for how to obtain a discounted ticket.
No worries, there are also a lot of free events to enjoy at the Festival! Come join us in the Plaza Wednesday-Friday for live music, spirit tasting and fun. In addition, two film venues are free and open in the evenings, Casa de la Cultura and Plaza Agona.  Finally, while there is a ticketed area with seats to watch movies on the Beach Wednesday-Friday, it is just as easy to pull up a blanket and enjoy as well.


Festival Sayulita exists due to many of our supporters and sponsors both locally and abroad.  Without you, we would not be having so much fun!

Bahia de Banderas, Mexico Federal, and Riviera Nayarit

Alaska Air, Collectivo San Pancho, DJ Webb, Dos Viente Design, Eventos Elegantes, Fuente Water, Grupo Chalita, Grupo Trendy, Intercam, Joe Comfort Photography, Mercado del Pueblo, Mexi-Go!, Origami Productions, Pro Air, Punta Sayulita, Quintas Trujillos, Rides Mexico, Sayulita at your Service, Sayulita Life, Sunset Soiree, Surf It Out, Wicked Fotos

Afortunados- Sofia, Bar Don Patos, Calypso, Los Corazones, Don Pedros- upstairs, La Terrazola, Mama Mia, Mira Vino, Orangy Smoothies, Ruben's Sayulita, Sayulita Public House, Tropical House

Fun Run:
Chilly Willy, La Terrazola, MexiTreks, Sweat Play Live, Wakika

Mexi Log Fest & Tag Team:
Almirante, Bing Surfboards, Da Kine, Direct Owner Rentals @ Villa Amor, El Break, Gypsy Gallery, Higher Latitude, Hippy Tree, Hot Pipe, Jungle Hair Design, Mictlan Surf Shop, PachaMama, Paninos, Quality People's, Revolucion del Sueno, Sayulita at your Service, Sayulita Surf Club, Sayulita Surf Co., Surf in Mexico, Zoave

Direct Owner Rentals @ Villa Amor, Kapuri Hotel, Villa Pacifico @ Villa Amor, Villa Poema de Amor, Villa Wabi Sabi, Villas Sayulita, Hotelitos los Sueńos

Spirit Partners:
Balam Raicialla y Mezcal, Casa Madero, Cerveza La Bru, Cervezeria de Colima, Cielo Rojo/Calixto Gattas, Don Abraham, Malman Winery, Mezcal Los Gentiles, Mezcal Romelia, Montelobos Tequila, Sayulita Wine shop, St. Vincent Wines,Tequila la Fogolero, Viparmex

Film Venues:
Casa de Cultura, Ejido, Plaza Ágona

Kid's Day:
Colegio Costa Verde International School, Entre Amigos, Patito Feo