Jan 30 2015

If you are a wine aficionado or you want to learn more about wine, the Sayulita Wine Shop is the place to be. This wine shop, located on the south side of town, was opened by Calixto Gattas and Gisela Marlin at the end of December. “The wines that we sell are our personal selection and we carefully select them based on a balance between quality and price. The majority of the wines you will not find anywhere else in Sayulita,” shared Gisela.

The wines at this store come from all over the world, though they specialize in wines from Mexico and South America. Calixto stated, “All of our wines are temperature controlled to maintain freshness, even during shipping. We want people to trust in our source.”

Wine is not the only item sold at the Sayulita Wine Shop. Unique ales from Guadalajara, such as horchata ale, and palanqueta (a traditional candy from Mexico) red ale can be found. Other items include fermented soda, like dandelion & burdock, and ginger beer, high end spirits, including licor de chile ancho, sparkling waters, tequilas, mezcals, and champagne.

Every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm there is a wine tasting, with three wines, generally two red and a white. “This is a great opportunity to try wines that you otherwise might not buy. These are not 100 peso bottles of wine. Generally the price per bottle is 400 pesos minimum,” said Calixto.

Beginning in mid-February, artisan cheeses from all over Mexico will also be featured, which will pair nicely with the wines.

Another interesting thing is that you can find really nice jewelry from amazing Mexican designer, Kalosoma.

Sayulita Wine Shop has an inviting vibe. “People often comment that it smells good, like wine and wood,” shared Calixto. Sustainability and recycling of materials is a big focus and it is obvious from the moment you first enter the store. Ninety wood boxes were used to cover portions of the wall and the bathroom door, the shelves and counter were constructed from wood from a boat, wood from the ocean, as well as corks, are nailed to the sides of the counter in a decorative manner, and 250 empty bottles were used to make a wall lining the back of the store.