May 08 2015

The Grade 5 and 6 classes at Costa Verde International School are studying the very important theme of pollination. Due to the alarming global decline in bee and butterfly populations, this theme is both an interesting learning topic as well as an important subject for raising awareness and taking action.

The students have learned about the science of pollination, why pollinators play a significant role in the food chain, why their populations are declining, and most importantly, how they can help spread awareness and lend a helping hand.

Students were amazed to discover that 85% of our food crops depend upon pollinators and that without them crops such as coffee, chocolate and apples would not exist. Students were dismayed to learn that due to overuse of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, bee and butterfly populations are at an alarming global low. On a brighter note, students researched the various work being done around the world in order to recover and sustain pollinator numbers. 

In order to create local awareness surrounding this topic and create more connectivity with the natural world, students participated in various events and activities... 

They visited the beautiful Lo de Perla in San Pancho to learn about the beneficial trees, shrubs and flowers in this area that attract pollinators. 

Local beekeeper, Carlos, visited the school with a bee hive and shared his knowledge about the importance of bees for the health of our planet and what it is like to look after these often misrepresented species.

Each student also researched a butterfly that is a native of Nayarit and the specific plants and flowers that they depend upon for pollinating and/or larvae. Using their research, students created an original painting of a local butterfly that has been printed on recycled card stock. These are for sale in packages of five different cards for $200 pesos. With the money raised from the sale of the cards, the students will plant a butterfly garden at the school to create a new habitat for butterflies while enhancing the pollination of our organic fruit and vegetable garden.

Any extra monies raised from the card sales will be donated to an organization that works to conserve pollinators and their habitats.

If you are interested in purchasing some cards and/or would like to learn more about Costa Verde International Schools’ programs, please contact