Oct 30 2015

This week, Leda Ristorante Italiano, opened its doors for business in Sayulita. Located on Calle Revolucion, this contemporary Italian restaurant, with outdoor patio and bar, is set back from the street, occupying a spacious and inviting area. The tables are white-clothed, lit by candlelight, and the staff is incredibly attentive and knowledgeable. The casual, elegant ambiance, with an air of romance, is enhanced by live music and an energetic vibe.

Leda is the fourth restaurant of owner, Paolo Cesaro, though when he first stepped foot into Sayulita seven months ago, his intention was only to come for a five day vacation. However, he immediately fell in love with Sayulita, and while here, learned there was an opportunity to open a restaurant. “I met Diego Romo, who recommended the space where Leda now is, and we got to talking. At the time, there was only a slab of cement. Everything was being built from the ground up. I loved the idea. And now, here we are,” said Paolo.

The first three restaurants owned by Paolo are in California: Ado in Venice Beach, Casa Ado in Marina del Ray, and Adoteca in Brentwood. These restaurants were named after his grandfather, while Leda is named after his mother, who is the daughter of Ado.

The menu in Sayulita is very similar to the menu offered in California. Leda’s Chef, Roman Alvarez Ruiz, worked under one star Michelin chef, Antonio Muré, a partner in Ado, and is an incredibly talented chef. The bread is chewy and crunchy on the outside, and deliciously soft in the middle, the pasta is perfectly cooked al dente, and the fish is so fresh it practically melts in your mouth.

The menu consists of a nice variety of appetizers, pasta, fish, meat, and desserts. “Everything is homemade and is made with very fresh Italian ingredients – the pasta, the pasta sauces, everything. All of the specialty cocktails are also made to order with fresh ingredients at the bar,” Paolo said.

A five-course tasting menu, which includes a hot and cold appetizer, pasta, main dish (fish or meat), and a dessert, is also offered nightly .