Dec 22 2015

The students at Costa Verde International School in Sayulita were in a festive mood on Friday, December 18th for their Winter Bazaar and Festival. This also marked the last day of school before Christmas break and spirits ran high as the students smiled, laughed, and glowed with excitement. At 10:30 a.m., parents and relatives of the students began to arrive at the school to shop at the bazaar, enjoy warm holiday punch and churros, courtesy of the parents association, and watch the students perform.

“We have a winter festival every year, and this is my 8th year doing it. This event is very special for the kids and the parents. Each of the teachers decides what they want to do with the students – it can be a song, a dance, etc.,” shared Jessica Lazaro, the sub-director of CVIS. “The students love to rehearse. It’s a great space for the students to express their love of arts and creativity. And it develops confidence in front of the school,” she added.

The basketball court was turned into a stage, with paper cut snowflakes hanging from strings overhead. Bright, colorful flowers made from tissue paper were taped to the back wall and snowmen constructed from cardboard were placed just off of the stage. The students, from pre-K to 9th grade, were dressed in colors of green, red, and white, and many wore Santa hats and reindeer antlers.

The performances ranged from singing and dancing to traditional Christmas songs in Spanish and English to dancing to Disney’s Frozen “Let it Go.” Some performances incorporated musical instruments, others included acting, and several had a student or two belting out the words to the song as loudly as possible. “This was Christmas spirit as its best. Humor seems to be ingrained in each one of those spirited kids,” exclaimed Luke Daniels, a parent of one of the students.

The students thoroughly enjoyed performing for their families and their fellow students. “We sang White Green Christmas. I liked the music,” said Oli De La Cueva, a 1st grader. “I danced to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. At the end, we shook our bottoms. It was funny,” shared 2nd grader, Owen Wehri.

At the conclusion of the Sayulita CVIS Winter Festival, the students presented a gift to their parents. “Each classroom does a different recycled gift made by the students. The festival is a great, happy way to finish the first half of the year, and begin a fun time of vacation,” concluded Jessica.