Jan 22 2016

Colegio Costa Verde’s Hola Sayulita! Language program provides Spanish and English classes for locals and visitors, and strives to facilitate an intercultural discovery amongst locals and foreigners. The program offers beginning, intermediate, intensive, and conversation classes, both private and group. 

There is so much to gain from learning Spanish; language is a tool that provides a window into the local culture, and opens the door for cultural integration in Mexico. It starts with curiosity, and language is key! Conversely, miscommunication (or none at all) often results in cultural frustration.

What’s inspiring about Sayulita is that it’s a burgeoning bi-lingual community. We are a school that teaches Spanish to foreigners, but we are also a school that teaches English to nationals, and we are thrilled to be building bridges between these two groups! To witness nationals and foreigners interact in both English and Spanish, and to tap into cultural insights from each other, is inspiring. 

To top it off, learning a new language is just good for you: it is scientifically proven that learning a new language actually alters grey matter in the brain, the area of the brain that processes information. In the same way exercise builds muscles, learning a language builds strength within the brain. 

We are committed to making the learning of language fun and interesting, with the goal of communication and connection at our core. Before you know it, you will be speaking Spanish with the locals, and gaining new insights into the incredible Mexican culture. We hope you will join us in the rewarding journey!