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Jan 22 2016

Firefighters Crossing Borders and Pro Sayulita have been working directly with Proteccion Civil to build a new Lifeguard tower and to sign the Northside Beach. Our previous signs and tower were washed out to sea during the Fall Storm Season. As residents, we are all aware of the potential dangers on this beach. It is our social duty to make sure our visitors are also aware of these possible dangers.

FFCB and Pro Sayulita have presented designs for a Lifeguard Tower and 3 different signs to be posted all along the Northside beach. These have been approved by Proteccion Civil, who are working now to produce the posters and build the tower. In the meantime, we have put together a riptide warning notice and riptide warning sign which we would like to offer to homeowners and renters to download from the Pro Sayulita site. It is our hope that one of these notices will be in every rental room on the Northside and ideally in every rental room in Sayulita.

There have been several rescues at the Rip site made by both the Lifeguards and the dedicated men at Sayulita Surf Co. Thank you Geovani Perez and all your volunteer watermen for saving many lives. Sayulita very much appreciates your efforts as do all the people you have rescued to date.

We invite everyone to go to our website and view/download the warning notice and warning sign. Please click here to go to the Pro Sayulita website and download the files now.

Thank you for helping us to save lives.