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Jan 22 2016

Festival Sayulita is expanding on its mission to promote cultural sharing and is hosting a series of panel workshops. 

Thursday, January 28th at 11am - River Cafe

Brandon Schoessler motion tracking/character animation/compositing: In this session, we will start by taking a piece of raw footage of a city street and use the built-in tracking software contained in Adobe After Effects. Once we have that motion data, we will add a few animated illustration objects into the scene. We’ll take a little detour and animate an illustrated character walk cycle, then put the final animation together. The end result will be a live-action city street populated with a cast of animated characters and objects. 90 minute class.

About Brandon:
Brandon is a creative partner at Transport, in Portland OR. Mostly a director/animator, his job is to help brands and companies tell their stories through fun and informative animations. He has done work for clients across the globe, from Nike to HP. He loves to work with music clients to create stage animations for in-concert performances, which he has done for Janet Jackson, Brooks&Dunn, and DJ duo JackBeats. When he is not sitting in front of a computer for way too many hours at a time, he can be found running trails around Portland, snowboarding, or sharing a beer with friends. Secretly he runs a tea company that creates performance-enhancing blends for athletes.

Thursday January 28th at 2pm - River Cafe 

Juan Muñoz - surf photography 
Join this international surf photographer to understand the art and science behind the shots. Clinic includes time reviewing equipment, shooting tips, angles and techniques.

Saturday, January 30th at 10am - Main Beach

‘The Wave I Ride’ - Filmmaker Devyn Bisson Workshop: Walk your path & know your story

Filmmaker Devyn Bisson was just in Greece filming the refugee situation with Syrians. A strong female who is bringing her crew to help with the workshop, she will lead a group of young women on a trek through the ocean jungles of Sayulita, providing them with the tools and questions along the way to ponder, dream, and plot out their life's story. Asking questions like, "What's been your greatest battlefield? How did you fight across it? What great moments have made you feel alive? How did you liberate yourself?" along the way brings a clarity Devyn takes back to the classroom to lead a creation of a small book for the girls to take home and continue to work on as they live their story! A truly unique experience, Bisson brings the intangible aspects of storytelling alive for young girls in a way never done before.  

Sign up: 15 girls, ages 12-16 
Materials provided 
Length: 3-4 hours