Mar 04 2016

Yoga is one of those practices I've learned to appreciate the older I've gotten. I used to think if I wasn't huffing and puffing, it didn't count as a workout. However, these days I’ve come to look forward to the quieting of the mind, the poses, and the way my body feels stronger after a yoga class. So, Thursday morning when I arrived just before 9am at Villas Sayulita for Debbie Krejci’s I Love Yoga Maya gentle-ish Vinyasa class, I was very much looking forward to it.

As I entered the yoga studio I was greeted by the smell of incense, a smell I associate with relaxation and a feeling of peace. Natural sunlight flooded through the windows, emanating inviting warmth, and I could hear the sound of birds in the trees just outside the studio. The fans above head were turned on low, creating a gentle breeze, and peaceful, relaxing music played softly in the background. Debbie greeted me warmly, instantly making me feel welcome.

As the class got started, we began with some gentle poses, slowly warming up our bodies. (One being the dog and cat pose, a personal favorite of mine.) Debbie reminded us that yoga is not about pain, it’s about what makes our bodies feel good, and that it’s okay to modify the poses to what works for each of us. After all, yoga is a personal practice.

I focused on the lull of Debbie’s voice as she gently guided us through each pose. Her direction was spot on, and had I so desired, I wouldn’t have had to look at her to be able to correctly do each pose. Concentrating on the sound of her voice and the gentle moves, I was able to mostly block out thoughts not relating to my present moment.

Prior to class I had been slightly worried about irritating my wrist, which I had embarrassingly enough, hurt riding the mechanical bull during the Sayulita carnival. However, each move was gentle, and was held the perfect length of time before moving on to the next. We did several poses I was familiar with, including the tree, eagle, pigeon, downward dog, and figure four. Others were new to me, which for me, added freshness to the class.

When the hour-long class was over, we ended in shavasana. During this restful pose, Debbie quietly moved about the class, gently massaging natural sandlewood/coconut oil on the forehead, neck, and shoulders of those who were open to it. As I enjoyed the touch of her hands and smell of the oil, I sank deeper into the floor, feeling the good that the class brought to me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you’d like to try Debbie’s gentle-ish Vinyasa class or another of her classes in Sayulita, contact Debbie at I Love Yoga Maya. Debbie will also be offering a Yoga Teacher Training in mid-November. I Love Yoga Maya provides all of the essentials for yoga practice: Mats, blocks, straps, and blankets.