Jul 22 2016

Olive Yum YumsA few years ago a good friend was visiting in Sayulita and we were invited to a potluck. He wanted to bring something on his own and olive yum yums is what he made because there are so few ingredients and they easy to make. I was so impressed with the simplicity & deliciousness of this appie that I added it to my list of favorites. Olive Yum Yums! They really are yummy!

So, here is my friend Dave's recipe:


- 32 pimento stuffed small green olives - Dry well with paper towel first. 
- 1 cup flour - White or whole wheat. Both work well.
- 1/2 cup (1 stick) softened butter

When shopping in a small tienda in Sayulita, make sure to for when you ask for butter be sure to say Mantequilla. They will often give you margarine. You will never find margarine in any of my recipes. I am a purest and believer that if you want everything to taste yummy, you must use the best and purest ingredients available, or simply don't expect the same results.
- 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
- 2 cups grated cheddar cheese - I like to use a really flavorful aged cheddar. Tillamook is available in some of the Sayulita tiendas, like Alas Blancas


- Preheat oven to 400 

- Combine all ingredients, except olives, in the bowl of your food processor or in a bowl on your counter. Process or use your hands to bring dough together. *If using your processor, stop as soon as dough comes together. If using your hands, rub butter between your fingers with the flour until you can gather together into a ball. 

olive yum yums ready to go in the oven- Take about a teaspoon of dough in the palm of your hand and flatten a bit to form a pattie. Wrap dough around the olive .**You can leave 1/2 of the batch open a bit so that everyone sees that there is an olive inside.

- Line your baking sheet with parchment paper before placing prepared yumyums 

- Bake @ 400 degrees 10-15 minutes untill golden brown 

- Remove to cooling rack 

These can be prepared in advance. Freeze raw on a cookie sheet and then store in freezer in a ziploc freezer bag. Bake directly from the freezer, leaving 1" between balls because they seem to spread a bit more after frozen. Also, your baking time will need to be a bit longer if baking from frozen.

If you take these to a potluck in Sayulita, you will be the highlight of the party! I promise!

Look for Roasted Butterflied Garlic Shrimp in next column. They are fantastic! I know that you will love them.