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Sep 16 2016

I’ve done a lot of exploring in Sayulita and the surrounding areas, but up until last week, I had never been to Quimixto. In fact, only the week before had I heard of this sleepy, little, picturesque jungle village that is about a 45 minute panga ride from Punta de Mita (just a short distance from Sayulita). So, when I got the opportunity to take a day trip with Bahia Banderas Adventure Tours and explore new areas, I was thrilled.

Taking my favorite spot in the panga (the very front of the boat where there are no benches), I was impressed by the newness and cleanliness of the panga. (Most pangas I’ve been in have been a little worse for the wear.) This one, however, is only a few months old, has comfortable seating along both sides of the boat, rather than down the center, has a shaded canopy, and perfectly accommodates 9-12 people.

The water was extremely flat, making for a smooth ride, as I noticed the sea salt in the air and felt the wind in my face. Our guide, Alejandro, who was extremely friendly and hospitable, pointed out unique rock formations in the distance. Seven Blue-Footed Booby soared less than 15 feet overhead, squawking and then diving into the ocean. Amazingly, these birds followed the panga for at least 30 minutes, giving us an incredible show (and pooping on my arm).

On our trip with Bahia Banderas Adventure Tours, we went to Quimixto (a town of 400 people), we walked on a cobble-stoned road to the river, where we got on horses. My horse, Pedro, was born with a tongue that hangs from his mouth, giving him character, and making me giggle.

Crossing the river, we began an approximate 20-minute journey to a spectacular waterfall and lagoon for swimming. At times, the path, which went up and down, was narrow, only allowing room for one horse and his rider. The entire time, I was mesmerized by the beauty surrounding me and was pleased with the gentle demeanor of Pedro.

A restaurant, reached by a cute, rickety bridge, at the waterfall allowed us the perfect, peaceful spot to sit and listen to the water cascade into the lagoon. As people swam and climbed ropes to jump off ledges, we enjoyed a refreshing michelada in the afternoon sun.

For the second part of our adventure, we took the panga to Majahuitas, about a mile and a half from Quimixto to snorkel. We stayed there a short time and then holding on to a rope attached to the panga, were pulled to another area just a short distance away. Here, we saw a needlefish and big schools of vibrant fish in shades of yellow, blue, white, and black. We swam deep into the water, submerging ourselves in the land of the fish. We explored a rocky shore, floated on our backs, and dove off the panga.

As if our day hadn’t already been spectacular enough, we saw many sea turtles and a mother and baby spinner dolphin jumping from the water on the boat ride back. And once again, as it often happens in Sayulita, I felt a sense of gratitude wash over me for the amazing experience.

If you’d like to experience this tour for yourself, or one of the other amazing tours offered by Bahia Banderas Adventure Tours, contact them here.