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Nov 25 2016

Believe it or not, Pro Sayulita’s third annual Ranchero fiesta, La Granja, is quickly approaching and will take place on Wednesday, December 14th at 4:30pm. This fundraiser, which benefits the community of Sayulita, always sells out and is sure to be a great time. Jack Jones, President of Pro Sayulita, tells El Sayulero more about this not to be missed fundraiser.

This is the 3rd annual La Granja fundraiser for Pro Sayulita. How did the first one come about?

The first one came about because Ruben and Monica Rodriguez of Ruben’s Deli volunteered to do something to help raise money for Pro Sayulita.

Will you tell me more about their involvement in this fundraiser?

They have a beautiful ranch venue just outside of Sayulita along the river and they offered their space for the fundraiser. They also offered to provide 120 guests a buffet that represents the best of their food arts.

What is your role in the festivities this year?

I have always solicited and managed the participation events, like the sampling of fine tequila, Annie Oakley BB gun shooting, golf game, horseshoes, and archery.

Will you share one of your favorite memories from the fundraiser last year?

It would have to be Maria Calderon playing about 30 horseshoe games in order to win the horseshoe event.

What does the price of the ticket (700 pesos) include?

It includes access to all of the events (participation in the tequila sampling, golfing, etc. requires tickets), a free drink, and a delicious dinner consisting of grilled fish, barbeque chicken, barbeque spareribs, salads, and desserts. There will also be music and dancing.

What is appropriate attire for this fundraiser?

Casual clothing. If you like jeans and cowboy boots, this is perfect event in which to wear them.

How will the funds raised benefit the community of Sayulita?

Pro Sayulita has formed a community partnership with Pueblo Magico and the Comerciantes, which is a group that consists of business owners in Sayulita. One purpose of the partnership is to pay for a traffic warden program. (The president of the Comerciantes, Rodrigo Pena, and the treasurer, Manuel Navarette, of the Comerciantes are both on the executive council for Pueblo Magico). This program will enforce the parking in town and ensure that the traffic flow moves as smoothly as possible during the holidays and high season. We have trained and are subsidizing a dozen members of the JXMP group to assist in controlling traffic.

How far in advance do you suggest people purchase tickets?

Tickets should be bought as soon as possible. We sell out every year.

Where can people purchase tickets?

The Mercado del Pueblo, Ruben’s Deli, or from Pro Sayulita board members.