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Nov 25 2016

nicole with puppiesNicole Rose, originally from Oregon, moved to Sayulita on a quest to learn how to surf. She was only planning on staying for 4 months, but after just a short time here, she knew she’d stay. An animal lover, Nicole adopted her dog, Chula, a friendly, smiling Xolo mix, from SayulitAnimals. Recognizing a need for trustworthy and knowledgeable dog sitters in Sayulita, she recently opened Sayulita Dog Services.

Have you always had a passion for animals? How did your passion for dogs develop?

I have always been an animal fanatic. My childhood dream was always to surround myself with animals. I showed horses in the American Quarter Horse Association, participated in dog 4H, and even attended a few cat shows. Of course, as a child, I thought that my career would be in veterinary care or ranching. I did dabble in animal husbandry with competition rabbits and freebie chickens as an adult (did you know that you can train a chicken?). Though my ranching experience and work with Rabbit 4Hers taught me that it’s not just animals that I enjoy, but their loving and caring owners as well.After a few dog and horse-less years in college, my heart hurt and I knew I had to get back to my roots. I found an amazing match in my former competition dog, Piper. He was the beginning of my serious endeavors in training, competing, and humility! It was him who taught me all of the nuances, joys, frustrations, and everyday victories of such companionship.

Why did you decide to open Sayulita Dog Services in Sayulita?

As many discerning pet owners will understand, you cannot just leave your four-footed friend with anyone! We live in such a wonderful place for travel and adventure, and I found I had a very difficult time finding someone I felt comfortable leaving my pets with, despite having a world of opportunity. Not all dogs are easy, some need special care (either emotionally or physically). I was shocked that in such a dog friendly town that no one else had offered this kind of service. It was then that I realized I had the qualifications I wanted in a dog sitter. I did a lot of pet sitting in Oregon for special needs animals, as well as assistance in various training classes.

photo of dog on beachWhat type of services do you offer? How long does a walk or run typically last?

Our most popular service is in-home daycare and dog-sitting. Dogs are schedule and environment sensitive, so I try to change as little as possible when you go away. We keep the same feeding and walking schedule with maybe a few more play breaks in between!Another popular offering is dog walking and running. The speed and duration depend on your dog and his or her needs. Some dogs are exhausted after a brisk 30 minute walk, but others need to turn up the speed and run for an hour! As part of any program, we incorporate training. Happy dogs are tired dogs, in body and mind. We also offer training consultations and occasionally, classes.

Are all of the services one-on-one or will you be walking/pet sitting/training multiple dogs (from different households) at the same time?

Services are typically one-on-one, unless you have multiple dogs in your household. This is ideal for any pet that needs a little something special, whether it’s medication or some behavioral work.

What is it you like most about working with dogs in Sayulita?

Sayulita is a very dog friendly town which means you can really enjoy your pets everywhere. If that’s not reason enough to love Sayulita, I don’t know what is!

Are there any restrictions when it comes to what dogs you’ll work with? Age, medical issues, behavioral issues, etc.?

I started this business for people who have pets that need something a little different than your typical sitter. Whether that’s medication, age, or behavioral issues, I want to make sure you can enjoy the most of Sayulita too without worrying about your pet. Of course I am not a veterinarian, but I am happy to work with people on a one-on-one basis to see if I can provide the type of service they’d like for their pet.

What would a typical day look like for a dog that you’re pet sitting in Sayulita?

The typical day completely depends on the dog! While you’re away, I try to keep things as low stress on your pet as possible. Feeding and walks will be on the same schedule you keep. I do incorporate brain games and training into my interactions with your pet, but my goal is that your pets are safe and stress-free while you’re away.

What is your experience/credentials with dog training?

I started training dogs at a young age in dog 4H. My first dog, Sadie, taught me a lot about dedication and creativity (she was not food motivated). Since then, I have assisted in training classes from puppy socialization to advanced pet obedience. On a personal level, I have photo of dog show winnercompeted and trained in obedience, rally, agility, herding, conformation, along with working through aggression issues and more.

Do you have a favorite success story when it comes to dog training? Will you share it?

Doesn’t everyone’s favorite training story have to do with their own dog? My favorite quote comes from US Obedience team coach Bobbie Anderson, “Every trainer gets the dog he or she deserves.” As animal lovers, fanatics, stewards, we have to rise to the challenge our pets set in front of us. Every dog requires something different and every dog gives you something different in return. I can’t complain about a dog who makes life easy, but the strong and independent ones, the ones who challenge us, those are the ones who seem to earn a lot of real estate in the heart.

Why should someone hire Sayulita Dog Services?

I care about animals. I do not want to put out any blanket statements to convince anyone that I am the right person to watch your beloved pet. Rather, I do not take any pets until I have met with you and your darling to make sure it is a good fit and that I can provide you with the kind of service you need.