Dec 09 2016

Calypso Restaurant, a long-standing staple and local favorite in Sayulita, first opened its doors in Sayulita in 1999 as a bar. Owned by Manuel Rodriguez, whose grandparents were one of the original families in town, this establishment has developed and grown over the years. This year brought even more exciting changes as Calypso has a new look, feel, menu, and more.

You’ve made a lot of changes at Calypso in Sayulita. What prompted all of these changes?

Our intention is to provide better service for both locals and tourists. Sayulita is growing and changing and it is important that we grow and change with the town.

How would you describe the new look at Calypso Restaurant?

It has a more modern and industrial look, yet it still maintains a Mexican look and feel. We’ve expanded the space, making the restaurant more spacious. We’ve also made the space more comfortable and inviting, such as adding a coffee bar / lounge area.

Will you tell us more about the coffee bar / lounge area?

Well, we open at 10am and serve all kinds of coffee, just like a regular coffee shop. The area where the coffee bar / lounge area is offers a nice breeze and has comfortable seating. It’s a great place to start your morning with a view of the town while enjoying your morning coffee. We also have magazines available for people to read. 

Do you have free WiFi at Calypso Restaurant, allowing Sayulita guests to work while having a coffee or a bite to eat?

Yes, the coffee bar / lounge area also has a wooden bar with stools, which is a perfect place to use a laptop.

You also have a new chef? Will you tell me about him?

Ismael is from Mexico City and previously worked at Sonora Grill. His style of cooking is a fusion of Mediterranean, French, Spanish, Mexican, and Italian.

The menu is completely different than before. What will one find on the new menu?

Great new additions include montadito of pineapple pastor style, fried octopus, ratatouille, lechon, short ribs, and fresh fish pozole.

Will you be bringing back any favorite specials from the old menu? If so, what?

Yes. We will bring back some things, but the specials will be changing.  

You’ve added a brick pizza oven. Would you describe your favorite pizza?

Yes, we’ve added a brick oven. We use it to make bread to go with the pasta, to make hamburger buns, and to make pizza. One of my favorite pizzas is the Dapura. It is made with gorgonzola, mozzarella, and pear slices. The Mexicana pizza is also excellent. It is made with beans, avocado, onion, mozzarella, flank steak, and jalapeno chiles.

Your hours at Calypso Restaurant have also changed. What are your current hours?

We are offering more hours of service to our customers. We are now open from 10am until 11:30pm. We are open for brunch, lunch and dinner, serving drinks all day, including bloody mary’s for breakfast.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We are hoping that this season will be even more special and better than previous seasons. We are also hoping the new menu will bring more clients because we had the old menu for seven years, and it was time for us to make a change.