Dec 23 2016

Gisela Marin, owner of Bistro Organico at Hotel Cielo Rojo, opened the restaurant in 2008 with the vision to serve healthy, local food based on an alkaline lifestyle. The ambiance, which is simple elegance, is relaxed and conducive to conversation, yet is also romantic with the sound of blues and Leonard Cohen filling the air. A unique wine list, featuring wines from Mexico, South America, and all over the globe, provides wonderful pairing options with the food. Gisela sits down with El Sayulero to share more about Bistro Organico, which is located in San Pancho, just a short distance from Sayulita, and its exciting new happenings.

What is the concept behind Bistro Organico?

The concept is to serve organic, sustainable, local, and regional food from within Mexico.

Why is utilizing local, sustainable, and organic ingredients so important to you?

It is important because we are able to provide our customers with the freshest and the highest quality of ingredients to nourish the body. This also helps cut back on the carbon footprint of the planet. By utilizing what we have within our own town and country, we save so much on the back end with fuel and unnecessary plastics.

You’ve recently added a bar counter area to the restaurant. Will you share more about this?

Correct, the bar is an area in the bistro that will allow us to serve tapa style appetizers for those that may just want to come and listen to music and / or have a glass of wine. The bar faces our open kitchen - many customers are learning how to cook by simply observing and seeing our chefs work their magic.

You will soon be offering cooking classes at Bistro Organico. Please tell me more.

Yes, we have had many requests for cooking classes. We will be offering some basic healthy breakfast classes. For example, how to make your own yogurt or how to make healthy huevos rancheros.

You have a special pairing dinner for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What is on the menu?

Yes, this is the time of the year that we have a special menu for the 24th and 25th. We have it posted here, but for a teaser, we will be making a cacao seared local waters tuna with ginger sweet potato and chocolate pecan coconut cake for desert.

Bistro Organico will be hosting an international event, Outstanding in the Field, in February, which is a huge honor. What is the event?

This event will be held February 8th on a private beach location in Sayulita. It is an international event and their philosophy is table to farm across the country and globe. They have asked Calixto Gattas of Bistro Organico to host this event and it will be based on a special dinner, showcasing all of our wonderful and abundant ingredients from Nayarit and pouring Mexican Wine. Farmers and fisherman will speak at the event. This will be an incredible opportunity to taste the wonders of our state of Nayarit and to gather with a group of like-minded people.   Tickets can be purchased here.    

How did Bistro Organico get involved with this event?

When Outstanding in the Field decided to come to Mexico, they researched and found Calixto Gattas, my chef at Bistro Organico and partner at Sayulita Wine Shop because of the philosophy we truly employ at the bistro. The two of us had embarked on our "project sustainability" four years ago. We traveled all over Mexico to find local and regional products for the restaurant. We found incredible award winning olive oil from Baja California that we use daily at the bistro, we found corn from Mexico City that is non-gmo, and cheeses from small farms in Mexico utilizing holistic and organic practices. We basically aligned ourselves with small farmers in Mexico to all work together and help one another thrive with our vision for wholesome, clean, good food - the kind of food our grandparents were used to eating.

Will you tell me about your Friday Tequila Tasting and Monday Organic Tacos at Bistro Organico?

Every Friday at Bistro Organico we share a complimentary tasting of our artisanal tequila, Cielo Rojo. This tequila is special because we wait 7 years before we harvest the agave, thus allowing all the minerals and complexity of true tequila. Many guests who come to Sayulita like to include this tequila tasting as part of their trip to San Pancho.

Every Monday we offer our organic taco lunch from 12-4pm. The concept is street tacos gone organic. The options are fish, shrimp, or vegetables. Combine as you wish, and the experience is a combination of organic Mexican ingredients of handmade corn tortillas with all local waters fish and vegetables.  

You also own and operate Sayulita Wine Shop. Will you tell me what’s new? 

We are certified cigar point at Sayulita Wine Shop. This is a certification that the government of Cuba awards to limited businesses to ensure that they are selling original Cuban cigars with the highest quality. We have also started our Winesday / Wednesday event this week, December 21st, and moving forward into 2017. Every Wednesday between 5 and 8pm we will be pouring a flight of wine or mezcals or tequila. Details will be posted here. This an opportunity for people to taste the various wines from Mexico and the world that we carry and sell at Sayulita Wine Shop.