Jan 20 2017

Diego at Garlands del Rio in Puerto VallartaGarlands Del Rio Boutique hotel, which opened in October of 2015, is situated along the Cuale River in Old Town in Puerto Vallarta. This bed and breakfast, which is just over an hour south of Sayulita, offers a relaxing and luxurious oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. Now after the recent addition of eight new rooms, there are a total of 17 rooms available for guests. Diego Bedini, director of Garlands Del Rio, tells El Sayulero all about these new exciting additions.

Why the recent addition of eight new rooms?

Well, we had the possibility and the space to expand to the house next door. We also knew we had enough client demand to fill up the additional rooms. In a way, expanding the hotel had always been on our minds, but we maybe didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Each room has its own personality. Will you tell me more about this?

It’s something we took from our other hotel, Rivera Del Rio. It’s our signature in a way - having unique rooms. For example, here at Garlands Del Rio, each room has its own color and each room has its own decorations, offering a unique experience.

From where does the inspiration for each room come?

It comes from our imagination and from what we already have. Some rooms we start with a piece of furniture, such as a bed, or a piece of artwork, and then we decorate and build the room around it.

Each room also has its own name? How were they named?

Well, we have one room that used to be a patio and when we first got this place, we kept our ferrets there. So, that room is now named Ferrentino after the ferrets. There’s another room called Pandora – everything is like Pandora’s Box in there. Two of our new rooms are called Hansel and Gretel, and that started with two paintings we bought. We had only needed one, but the artist was selling them as a pair, so we bought them both, and then the idea came to put one in each room.

What is your favorite room and why?

I would have to say Marquess, which I lived in for about 9 months. I absolutely love the shower in that room. From the shower you are basically in the jungle and can see birds and iguanas, but your up high enough, no one can see you. This room also has a patio.

What sets Garlands Del Rio apart from other hotels in the area?

I think we offer a unique environment, as well as style. Garlands Del Rio is a very social place – the kind of place where people make friends instantly. We have a great open area, where the pool and bar is, that is perfect for hanging out. We also really focus on service and catering to the needs of our guests. We make it a priority to help them with whatever they want to do.

How would you describe the location of Garlands Del Rio?

It’s in a good, central part of Old Town. Everything is within walking distance, yet you still have contact with nature, trees, iguanas, birds, and squirrels, since we are situated along the river.

Why does Garlands Del Rio make the perfect escape from Sayulita for a romantic or relaxing getaway?

Vallarta is a great city also and it’s definitely worth seeing and knowing, and Garlands Del Rio perfectly matches Old Vallarta. Here, we offer a totally different experience than Sayulita.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just look forward to ten more rooms at Rivera Del Rio before 2018.