Mar 03 2017

Eric Fulfer, DC, originally from Tampa, Florida, moved to Puerto Vallarta with his wife, Michelle, and daughter, Sofia, from Atlanta, Georgia, in 2010. A graduate from Life University School of Chiropractic in March 2000, he currently runs a chiropractic business, American Chiropractic, in the Mega in Bucerias, just a half hour South of Sayulita.

How did your interest in becoming a chiropractor develop?

I have been around chiropractic care all my life. My grandfather became a chiropractor in the ‘50s after WW II. He provided adjustments to the entire family for as long as I can remember. I never really understood it, but always felt better afterwards. 

It wasn’t until an auto accident after high school that really opened my eyes. I was t-boned at a high rate of speed by a driver going the wrong way on a one-way street. The next day I couldn’t get to my feet due to the pain and severe numbness. As always, my Mom took me to a chiropractor first. After his assessment, some therapy to get the low back spasms to subside, and a fantastic adjustment, I was able to walk out of his clinic on my own. I wasn’t fixed, but after a few weeks of treatment, I regained normal motion and was pain free. This was my “Ah-Ha” chiropractic moment.

In order to get mentally prepared for 8 more years of schooling, I enlisted in the U.S. Army Airborne and served 4 honorable years with the elite 82nd Airborne in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the 508th Airborne Battalion in Panama. This proved to be the best decision I had made in 19-23 years of life. 

What is it you most like about being a chiropractor?

The best part about being a chiropractor is helping people.  The positive implications of a quality chiropractic adjustment can be life changing for many. The fact that I get to be a part is a real honor. Plus, I get to talk and high five our practice members on a daily basis. It makes for a fun day!

What sort of conditions do you treat?

To answer this, we have to understand the anatomy and physiology of the body. The Central Nervous System (C.N.S.) controls and coordinates every function in the human body. Due to the overall importance of this system, it has been totally encased in bone for protection (The skull -> 24 movable segments of the spine -> Sacrum). 

When we are under stress (physical, chemical or emotional) our muscles tighten up and pull these segments out of their normal positions and thus put undue pressure or irritation on the nerves in the area. As a result, the C.N.S. can’t deliver/receive the messages at an optimum rate. Left untreated, symptoms like pain, numbness, muscle weakness, etc., present themselves. 

These misalignments are called Subluxations.

From a chiropractic standpoint, this is what I do. Locate, detect, and correct the subluxations, removing nerve interference, which allows the body to function at its optimum. That being said, the majority of people come to me with headaches, back pain, hip pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, etc. By removing the Subluxations and improving normal motion within the joints, overall function improves and these conditions improve.

How do you know when you need a chiropractor, or when you need a massage?

These are two very different specialties that complement each other. Due to the fact that there is almost always a muscle component associated with a subluxation, I usually recommend a deep tissue massage either before or after the adjustment. Chiropractic removes the bone on nerve component of the subluxation.

There are several other benefits of seeing a chiropractor other than eliminating neck and back pain. Will you share more about this?

Being in practice for 17 years, and adjusting thousands upon thousands of spines, there is never a shortage of miracles. My favorite is the wife having trouble conceiving and after a few needed adjustments to the low spine, pelvis and sacrum, her nervous system kicks in to high gear and allows the reproductive system to work the way it was designed to.  At last, there is a baby on the way!

Now, I’m not saying chiropractic care “cures” infertility. On the contrary, the adjustments facilitate proper nerve function, which allows the body to do what it is innately designed to do. So powerful!

One of your goals is providing quality chiropractic care at affordable rates in the Sayulita area. Will you elaborate on this?  

Before coming to Puerto Vallarta, I worked as an associate chiropractor, clinic director, and then co-owner of a multi-disciplinary clinic. All were learning experiences, but the one thing that was constant was the chiropractic care. 

As a result, I decided to get back to basics and offer quality, affordable chiropractic care. By making it affordable and convenient, you remove two of the biggest obstacles in practice. Couple that with great outcomes and you have a winning formula. 

At American Chiropractic, we never charge a first time/new patient fee.  The visit is always priced in pesos so everyone, locals and visitors, can reap the reward. On top of that, we offer packages at a 15 % discount.

Office visits are $400 Pesos

Packages of 5 visits are $1700 Pesos

How did you come about having a chiropractic business in the Mega?

We live in the Marina in PV and ventured to the Mega after Dr. Dennis and Linda moved back to the states. 

Dr. Dennis and I arrived in the Bay of Banderas around the same time.  He focused on the north side of the bay and me the south. Over the years we became friends, colleagues, and each other’s chiropractor. When they decided to move, he called me to let me know and suggested I take over the location inside the Mega and continue offering quality chiropractic care to the north side.

That was 3 years ago…

The past 7 years have been the highlight of my 17 years in practice.  We have a blast taking care of the visitors, friends, and families of the Bay.  The majority are long time chiropractic patients that utilize this office to maintain proper alignment and function. While others come in for relief from bus rides, cobblestones, uneven beach walks, etc.

What sets you apart from other chiropractors in the Sayulita area?

I’m not sure. That’s a question for a practice member. That being said, there are great sets of hands throughout the Bay, and enough people in need of care. As long as we all stay focused on patient outcomes we will all win.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our hours are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-1 and 2-5.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

For more information or to contact us at American Chiropractic, click here or call 322-180-7393.