Mar 31 2017

Latitude 20 award winning margarita recipeThis is the second year Latitude 20 has competed at the Public House Margarita Competition. This year was a team effort headed up by Sean Adderl, who is Latitude 20's primary bartender. The staff of Latitude 20 discussed as a team the rules and decided on the blueberry, basil margarita. They tasted and tasted until everyone agreed that this margarita was delicious and beautiful. This margarita has natural blueberries, basil infusion, and three premium liquors. The taste profile, garnishing, and balancing was overseen by Sean.  

Sean developed an eye infection the day of the competition, so unfortunately, he could not compete. Quickly, he trained Rachel Hettinga on the process. She stepped in only an hour before the competition. The win was because we have a team that works together. This was wonderful for us to see how well the team pulled together.

Sayulita Public House organized the judging team and invited the public. This is a very well run competition and it is very competitive between those Dennis and bar crew with trophy for margarita contestwho enter into the competition. Thank you to Storm, all of his staff, and the judging panel.  

We, at Latitute 20, are delighted our choice won. One judge said he believed that this was a balanced flavor and delicious. We hope that our local friends will come by and taste what the judges voted as the best margarita of Sayulita!