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Apr 06 2017

This public meeting was intended to inform local residents of the upcoming plans for Semana Santa and Pascua for 2017 in Sayulita.

Date: 4/3/17
Time: 5PM
Location: Centro Plaza

Public Meeting for Semana Santa in Sayulita

This public meeting was intended to inform local residents of the upcoming plans for Semana Santa and Pascua for 2017 in Sayulita. The dates for Semana Santa this year are from April 8th– April 23rd. This year there may be an estimated 17-21,000 tourists who will be visiting Sayulita. There will be several new changes implemented for the town of Sayulita to create less traffic, less trash, less noise pollution, and a safe environment for all. The details are as follows:

Entrance to Sayulita

There will be two main points; The main entrance from the 200 Hwy entering Sayulita and the exit point where Avenida Revolucion meets the Punta de Mita Hwy. One-way traffic, traffic blockades and traffic wardens will be in various check points throughout the town to ensure there are less traffic jams. The street of Pelicanos will be closed and Libertad will be directed as a one-way street.

Volunteer Greeters

There will be two tents set up at both check points of town (entrance and exit) to greet visitors coming into Sayulita. All vehicles will be given a map of the town, with coded areas of where to park, designated camping zones, and garbage collection center. Vehicles will also receive trash bags to fill up with trash and recyclables. If the bags are returned full with trash, visitors will receive complementary merchandise (shirts, hats, stickers, etc.,) upon their exit. Please see map below:

Semana Santa Map for Sayulita

Garbage Collection Center

GIRRSA will be located directly across the highway from the main Sayulita entrance. There will be volunteers who will be collecting trash throughout the day and taking the trash to the garbage trucks and will directly go to the dump in Valle; the town is making every effort to keep trash out of the new Recycling Center. Volunteers of Sayulimpia will also be sorting trash and recyclables. For visitors who bring their trash directly out of Sayulita from the bags provided to them, the trash goes directly to GIRRSA and out of the town. PLEASE inform and encourage all renters and visitors to make use of this effort to keep as much trash out of Sayulita.

New Sayulita Boulevard

The new boulevard from the main entrance to town will be complete and accepting traffic and pedestrians for Semana Santa. There will be traffic wardens advising all cars entering Sayulita to park at one of the six designated parking lots. There will be no parking permitted on the boulevard. 


All buses will be kept out of town at the PeMex station, or alternative parking on either end of town. The only bus permitted to enter town is Compostela. The original bus station on Revolucion should be functioning and running during weeks Semana Santa.


Camping will NOT be permitted on the beach after sundown. There will be several volunteers and look outs to check and ensure the beach stays clear of camping. Camping is only permitted on private camping sites in Sayulita. Those who do not follow this rule will be escorted out of the beach by security and or police.

Beach Clean Ups

This will be a true community effort and we ask for as many volunteers as possible! Beach clean ups will be held every morning at 8am at the Turtle Camp and will be cleaning up to the North End of the beach. The 9am group will handle the Main Beach and Los Muertos beach and will meet at the plaza. To get further information and to sign up as a volunteer please contact Andrew Garretson, Amanda Smith or Barbara Bot through Facebook. Andrew will be leading Cleanups leaving from the Plaza at 9am each morning.

BEACH CLEAN UPMATERIALS NEEDED: There is a huge need for materials to be donated such as trash bags and plastic gloves. For donations, contact the names mentioned above or please drop off materials at Choco Banana.

Public Parking

There will be six main points for public parking in Sayulita. The main parking zone will be the baseball field which can hold up to 300 cars. Once the baseball field is full, traffic wardens will direct traffic to the second parking zone, located on Avenida Revolucion, near the car wash. This parking zone can hold up to 400-500 vehicles. There will be NO parking allowed in the plaza. Ave. Revolucion will be completely pedestrianized. The tow truck will be in service during the weeks Semana Santa and will tow vehicles parked in restricted zones. 

Public Bathrooms

There will be up to 45 public port-o-potties set up throughout Sayulita. Every morning the company providing the public restrooms will clean out all toilets and lines ensure sanitary precautions are taken into account. There will also be attendants who will take payments for toilet paper and to ensure they are clean throughout the day.



This will be a huge community effort and we are kindly asking for as many volunteers as possible. We need volunteers in the following areas:

  1. Clean Up Crews for the beach, and trash pick up throughout town
  2. Greeters at entrance of town. Shifts are 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm
  3. Food and Meals for security, state police, and certain volunteers

All volunteer sign ups please be in contact with Lina Weissman, Paula Gignac, Barbara Bot, or Amanda Smith.


Should you want to donate money, please print your name and the amount within on the envelope, seal it, and drop it off at Choco Banana. This money will go towards materials and supplies, feeding and providing water for volunteers, etc., If you wish to make an electronic donation via PayPal, please contact Paula Gignac. This will be a safe and secure account which will be fully accounted for and vetted by Pro Sayulita.

We Need Trucks!

We also ask for any locals in town with access to a truck to donate their vehicle to help haul garbage and recycling from Sayulita to either the recycling center or the garbage collection center outside of town.

Sign Up!

There will be volunteer sign up sheets available at Choco Banana with Paula throughout this week leading up to Semana Santa.