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Apr 28 2017

Villas Sayulita is one of the first hotels of Sayulita. Everyone who has had the pleasure of visiting will understand when I say it’s a wonderfully special place. When I hear they are responsible for co-creating a new (mountain & BMX) bike trail for Sayulita’s youth, I’m not the least bit surprised.

Villas Sayulita

Villas Sayulita hotel is more than just a hotel. It is an inviting and cozy space where the community comes together. The beautiful ‘secret garden’ is open to the public. In the garden, you are surrounded by a variety of organic plants and herbs. You can enjoy this peaceful environment while having breakfast or a healthy smoothie. On Saturday mornings there is live music. Children of all ages are more than welcome. The little ducks and chickens wandering around the property add to the friendly atmosphere that has become the hotel’s trademark.                                                

The Vision

The crew of Villas Sayulita shares a vision of a tight, positive, and healthy community. Part of this vision shines through the ecological initiatives of the hotel. From the natural compost toilet, recycling, organic gardening, to the collecting of rainwater. However, the dream of realizing a place where the local youth can be inspired and grow remained. When the well-known pro biker Chris Van Dine met with the Villas Sayulita crew, the dream was sparked.

Pro Biker, Chris Van Dine for Sayulita

Chris Van Dine is a professional biker with an impressive career in (mountain) biking. He’s also passionate about sharing his vision and giving back to the community. When Villas Sayulita kindly offered to use their land, Chris was unstoppable. Together with local men and kids he volunteered to co-create a pump-track where the youth of Sayulita can ride their bikes and do tricks on their (mostly) mellow slopes. With this project Chris, hopes to bring positive changes for our youth.

The Track

The track is freely accessible from 9am to 9pm. For the kids who don’t have a bike or protective gear, there are bikes available to use. The track is suitable for all ages, from children to adults. Parents are welcome to either use the track or relax with a coffee in the secret garden. Stay tuned for some epic biking related workshops that will get your kids moving!

Community Opening

The fifth of May there will be an official opening for the track. Everyone is welcome to come join for beer (the parents), bbq, and music all afternoon. There will be bikes and helmets on hand for anyone that wants to give it a try. Kids of all ages welcome!