Jun 09 2017

Nobody wants to be best friends with their doctor. In fact, we all hope to never meet the local doctor in person. However, after meeting in person, Dr. Jose Luis Chavez Quevedo and Dra. Monica Herrera Hernadez from the Banderas Bay Clinic, I can truthfully say they are both of much value to the community of Sayulita.

The Doctors

Both doctor Jose Luis and doctor Monica have been serving our community of Sayulita for several years now, and are experts in common health issues around the area. Their clientele is a mixture of local residents and tourists. Both doctors are bi-lingual and offer a wide range of services to make your stay in Sayulita a healthy and pleasant one.

Sayulita’s International Health Service

Finding a quality health care service while living or traveling abroad can be tricky. However, the Banderas Bay Clinic offers excellent service to Canadian and U.S. residents. Medical procedures are performed with excellent care and international standards at significantly lower costs than in the U.S. or Canada. Also, at Banderas Bay Clinic, international insurance is welcome. The clinic will work together with any insurance company to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about when you are feeling unwell. For your convenience, there’s a pharmacy next door to ensure the best medicines are easy accessible.

The Banderas Bay Clinic’s Services in a Glance

  • House Calls
  • Hotel or Resort Visits
  • Basic Hospital Services
  • Extended Care Clinic
  • Bilingual Doctors
  • International Insurance Accepted
  • Medical Specialties (sun/heatstroke, sprains, food poisoning, jelly fish/manta ray stings, etc.)

Sayulita’s Extended Care Clinic

For all care that goes beyond a house call or a regular consult at the Banderas Bay Clinic, there is extended care available at the Banderas Bay Extended Care Clinic, which offers a full range of medical services that include emergency services 24/7, minor surgical specialties, extended care unit, and access to complete laboratory services and pre-hospital care. The Banderas Bay Extended Care Clinic is also located in Sayulita, and is part of the Bandera Bay Clinic. They also provide exclusive medical services to many hotels, residential communities, and local businesses throughout the Banderas Bay area. It is a relatively new, extended care facility in Sayulita, with leading cutting edge technology and facilities, and a team of highly skilled staff and medical specialists with significantly lower costs than in the USA and Canada.

The Clinic is recognized as the premier extended care clinic in the Banderas Bay. It has the same advanced medical technology that you would find in a hospital in your hometown. The clinic is built with tourists in mind, so you can expect the same specialized care that you would receive at any hospital in Canada, the United States, or Europe. The staff features specialized doctors, in-house and on-call medical practitioners and nurses, all of which have years of experience in the medical industry. The Banderas Bay Extended Care Clinic will work with international insurance companies to ensure that care is covered, with no out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

Opening Hours and Location

You can find the Banderas Bay Clinic at Calle Manuel N. Navarette (betewen Delfines and Gaviotas). Opening hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm. For (emergency) calls: 322-109-4179