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Jun 09 2017

Spencer Harris grew up in Southern California, mostly in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Oakland, and San Francisco. He has been in Sayulita for nearly three years now, and started his business, Spencer Ian Harris Photography upon his arrival.

How did your passion for photography develop?

My passion for photography developed while I was studying graphic design at OCC in Costa Mesa, CA. A professor challenged me to take my own photos for a design project. Not really knowing how to use the camera, I took it out for a couple sunset beach adventures. After seeing the images I came up with my teacher told me I had a unique eye and asked if I had ever considered becoming a photographer. That compliment, question, and bit of encouragement got the wheels churning and I haven’t looked back since. I immediately started taking photo adventures around Huntington Beach and the surrounding beaches, searching for good light and interesting subjects to photograph. I devoted all my time to the dark room, studio, and early morning/sunset photo missions. I coupled this with a nerdy enthusiasm for all kinds of photography tutorials in a quest to master my craft.

How did you get your start in professional photography?

After my passion for photography was sparked, I switched my focus to photo classes the next semester. During that first semester, I came down to Sayulita for a friend's wedding. I borrowed a camera from school and quickly realized that I wanted to move here and pursue my passion for photography. I went home to CA, finished my semester of school, bought a camera, and moved to Sayulandia. When I arrived I was constantly out and about on photo missions. I slowly started to meet some local people and got offered small jobs here and there. I made it a rule to say yes to almost every job that was offered to me in order to put myself out of my comfort zone and to improve my photo skills. This experience built upon itself and has opened quite a few doors for me.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Simple, soothing use of natural light.

What do you like most about being a photographer in Sayulita?

I love how things here seem to happen organically. Opportunities are presented each and every day when we are doing what we are passionate about. I feel this is true especially here in a small coastal town. Oh, and it’s a colorful, tropical surfer’s paradise with pristine beaches and beautiful people, that helps. : )

Would you describe your favorite photo that you’ve captured in Sayulita?

One of my favorite images I have captured has to be this image of Risa from Surf It Out Mexico. She is about to run me over while I am in the water with my water housing. She is dragging her hand creating some nice motion to the image. Most importantly though, you see and feel the pure stoke she has for surfing. The pure stoke is radiant.

For what type of events is Spencer Ian Harris Photography available for hire?

I really enjoy all facets of photography. This past season I have narrowed my focus a bit to weddings, couples and family portrait sessions, lifestyle & yoga shoots, as well as surf photography from both inside and out of the water. If you are interested in hiring a photographer here in Sayulita reach out to me at Spencer Ian Harris Photography.