Aug 04 2017

Being a total romantic, I am very excited to meet with the lovely Gretel Aguilera today. Gretel is the driving force behind LoveMotion Weddings and Event Planning, located in Sayulita. LoveMotion offers full service wedding and event planning for your special day.

What would you say was the biggest influence on your career as a wedding planner?

The biggest influence on my career was the wedding of my dear friends, Patricia and Geronimo, who decided to fully organize their own wedding. Although they asked for some help, they coordinated almost everything from the food, the flowers, music, to the ceremony, themselves. With great empathy, I watched this beautiful day end in exhaustion and disillusion as both the bride and groom didn’t have time to simply enjoy this special day together. I decided right then and there that this should never have to happen.

Eight months later, I was working in the hotel business. During a meeting, the manager asked for support with a wedding, and I immediately thought of my dear friends and raised my hand. It was a very small wedding, only 60 guests. Yet, I had never experienced so much satisfaction as when the bride approached me and said: Gretel, everything is perfect, this is the best day of my life... thank you! I instantly realized I could make a profound difference in someone’s life. This is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Today, LoveMotion is a reality, and has guided many couples through their first of many dreams to come!

What do you believe are the most important elements to designing a party or wedding?

That’s a good question. I believe the personality of the couple is the most important element to designing a wedding. At LoveMotion, I am always looking for that personal connection to the couple’s past, present, and future. Who are they, what are their dreams, and what are their hopes in life? What is the source of their love? Together, with practical things, such as styling tastes, this forms the basis for designing a dream wedding.

For who would LoveMotion be a perfect match?

LoveMotion is for anyone who truly wishes to celebrate love, form a strong foundation as a couple, and create a wonderfully unique story that makes you smile every time you share it. 

Is a wedding or event planner only for the rich?

At LoveMotion, we believe that dream weddings should be available for everyone. Therefore, we have a variety of packages for every wish. Are you looking for a romantic ceremony at the beach? Or are you looking for a more luxurious wedding? We happily cater to your wishes! You don’t have to be rich to plan your wedding with LoveMotion Wedding and Event Planning.

How does LoveMotion contribute to making your wedding or event a truly unique experience?

Taking those vows of love is a truly special and deeply personal experience. For me, being trusted with these moments is an honor. Therefore, I pay special attention to the smallest of details. I always take the connection with the couple as my starting point. I make sure that they are free to enjoy these moments of pure bliss, and they know and trust that everything is in good hands.

What are your favorite trends this year?

As far as trends, I believe in styles more than trends. I would say my personal, favorite style would be a classic approach, reflecting the personality of the couple. But, for me, creating the ultimate wedding dream is about following a couple’s inner passion whether this is classic, trendy, or anything else.

You have planned events all over the world. Why did you decide Sayulita to be your favorite place to hold a party or wedding?

I am originally from Puerto Vallarta, so I know the area very well. Sayulita always pleasantly surprises me by its friendly people and communal spirit. Sayulita is the perfect location for your wedding because it is stunningly diverse. There still are pristine beaches to find, but also more touristy resort-like environments that can give your wedding a fairytale-like feel to it. Sayulita is certainly the perfect starting point for your romantic journey!

Where can we find you?

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can call me at LoveMotion Weddings & Event Planning daily from 8 through 12 AM, or email me.