Aug 18 2017

Tristan, originally from Melbourne, Australia, and Maelle, originally from Quebec City, Canada, currently spend their time between Montreal and Sayulita. Owners of Love Lux Films & Photography for the past three years, their focus is on wedding photography and videography.

So, what brought you to Sayulita?

We came to Sayulita for a short vacation and fell in love with the town and the people. We also saw that it was a beautiful place for weddings. Since we run a boutique wedding film and photo business in Montreal, we thought we would spend our time in a beautiful place creating beautiful films and photos for destination weddings.

How long have you been in Sayulita?

Not long! We are new in town and are settling in. We can’t wait to make it our home! We have had so much fun and success in Montreal, and now we want to do the same in Sayulita, as we love Mexico, its people and its culture.

How did you both get your start in photography and videography?

Before Love Lux Films & Photography, Tristan worked for a large wedding photo/video studio in Australia as a studio manager, where he learned the ins and outs of what it takes to create outstanding work for clients. Maelle previously was working as a live music photographer and in social media across North America. She has produced photos for bands such as Blink 182, Half Moon Run, and Chet Faker.

How did your interest in photography and videography start?

Tristan has been making films since he was 7 years old. His passion really came into action while at university when he was exposed to creative thinking and people just as passionate as him. Maelle started with concert photography when she was in college. Since then, her passion for photography and video has been evolving, as she has been evolving in landscape, travel, and (obviously!), wedding videography and photography.

How would you describe your style of photography and videography?

We love to capture moments in the most natural and genuine ways. When watching our videos, it feels just like being there and brings back memories to our clients

What advice do you offer a wedding couple that can’t decide between photography and videography?

It is always a hard choice. If you have to pick only one, then it’s important to weigh what’s important to you as a couple. Photography as a medium can be printed and hung on your wall, as well as shown digitally. Video, on the other hand, can only exist in the digital world, but you can put people in the scene when you mix moving images with audio.

What is your favorite wedding video that you shot in Sayulita and why?

We are new to Sayulita and just getting set up so we haven't shot a wedding here yet, but don’t worry, we have shot a lot of tropical beach weddings all over Australia.

What do you like best about being a wedding photographer / videographer in Sayulita?

The mix of a gorgeous relaxed lifestyle with beautiful weddings is definitely worth mentioning. But I think the best thing about being a wedding professional in Sayulita is that you know the location so well. You know when and how the weather will change, where to find shelter from the sun and wind when the bride and groom need a break, and most of all, the best spots to shoot!

You offer package deals at Love Lux Films & Photography. Will you share more about this?

We offer two packages, but they are completely customizable. Every wedding is unique, so we want to shape our services to match that.