Sep 29 2017

Well, it had to be one of the hottest days of summer when I sat down at Yah-Yah Cafe with Mireya, owner of Flor Mimo in Sayulita, for a chat about all things floral. No stranger to the world of flowers myself - all things botanical are an interesting and exciting topic, always.

One look at Mireya's beautiful creations at Flor Mimo, and anyone can see that she's the 'floral-bomb!'

Did I mention her full name? Mireya Flores....and who had that crystal ball in the maternity ward?

Originally from Guadalajara, Mireya studied fashion design at University Autonoma de Guadalajara. Later, while living in London, in the U.K., she studied Design at Central St. Martins Design School. Fast track forward, her travels later took her to Cabo in Baja, where she began her segue into floral design. Mireya claims she learned a lot while in Cabo, where weddings are big and extravagant, mostly. Entonces...this is where weddings and events started to become her specialty. Mireya is grateful for the learning experience derived from her Cabo years, and now she really enjoys a lot of design variety with her floral work. She welcomes the more boho-organico vibe of the Sayulita events and weddings, over the opulence or status driven events and weddings of her floral-formative years. Mireya started her business, Flor Mimo, in her home originally, she was the first events florist in this area. Once she became more established she took on a bricks and mortar on Calle Playa Azul #23, beside Paraiso Yoga, as head quarters, where she continues her wonderful floral business.

Mireya is a lovely woman, with a lot of enthusiasm for art, design, creativity, flowers, beauty, and pulling the ethereal into the real world of events and weddings. It's a tall order, but she shakes it up like an experienced cruise ship bartender at the ready to make your tropical floral-tini and botanica-rita wishes and creations come true, as you set sail into planning your fabulous event!

D: What are the main elements behind some of your floral and design inspiration? 

M: I am hands on! I love color and all of the things at play with texture and design. There are trends, and I embrace that too. I like to play and have fun! I am inspired by beauty....and many things, actually.

D: What type of events do you enjoy working the most?

M: I Love doing weddings! I also enjoy doing the florals and decor for intimate Villa celebrations, such as Christmas, Birthdays, and other special occasions where I can really bring some heart to the project.

D: Tell me a little bit about a typical planning and executing process for your events booked with Flor Mimo?

M: Once everything is confirmed and encapsulated as much as possible, I hold a staff meeting to share the vision with my team. We discuss the feel and the theme of the event, the needs of the bride, collaborate on the preparations and prep time required. This type of meeting is critical and super important for contributing to the success of the event day!

D: What's involved in your process for ordering and preparing the flowers for their performance day?

M: Of course I have to shop and find my trusted suppliers. This is essential. We receive the flowers three days before the event. One day is just for cleaning, hydrating and refrigerating the flowers. They have to drink overnight after traveling to get to Sayulita. We start the production one day before the event.

D: What about the heat in Sayulita? How do you deal with such challenges?

M: Heat?! Well, I've learned! I tell the brides the truth about certain flowers and what they can expect from the flowers performance. 

D: What can you tell me about Event Day or Wedding Day for you and your team?

M: This is my favorite day! Especially to see the brides face when she receives her bouquet! 

D: How far in advance do you advise doing the planning for a Wedding Event?

M: One year ahead is advised (but not always necessary). I recommend this more for reserving because I start booking up my dates one year in advance, typically. I do have openings in my schedule, so I can always fit people in if they are more flexible, but some couples have very fixed dates.....and some dates everybody wants! At the six to eight months point, we start to discuss Theme, Design, Budget, The Quote & Deposit and any other requirements that may arise. 

D: What are the busiest times for Weddings and Events in Sayulita?

M: January to May is our peak season, but October and November are very busy too.

D: How about any advice for a bride?

M: To remember it's a love celebration.

D: What is your favorite type of work when it comes to weddings?

M: I love it when a bride says "OK surprise me"... those are my favorite words to hear! I love open minded clients, willing to be surprised. 

D: Are there any florists that you admire or hope to emulate in the future?

M: I really admire Gabriela (no last name available) who is the founder of La Musa de Las Flores, in Valle de Bravo. She has a beautiful style and she grows all of her own flowers on her own farm....incredible! I also recently worked with two very talented women from Gypsy Floral in Austin, Texas. It was a great experience.

Mireya continued chatting in her charming spirited style, explaining how she really loves to work with terra cotta pots, various hardware, pompoms, Ojo de Dios, leaves, etc. She enjoys the non-perishable creative elements of the events and weddings. Here she can enjoy the creative process without the rush, as there isn't the same pressure when the product isn't perishable. She loves the various themes that brides often choose, from Frida Kahlo, to the more natural organic styles with leaves and texture. She is enchanted by the latest trend of Huichol Arts inspired theme and design requests from brides, more recently. "It's always so interesting!", she says enthusiastically. 

D: For the finale, what would you do if you couldn't work with flowers?

M: Laughing, "I think I would be a carpenter."

Well, I muse privately, she continues to turn to Mother Earth for her raw materials and inspiration.

There appears to be a consistent theme with Mireya at Flor Mimo in Sayulita and her creative work; earthy, yet buoyant, beautiful and stylish.

She may possibly be La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot of the flower world; bubbly, top notch and a perfect choice for any celebration! Simply because we are all in search of La Vie en Rose at one time or another, but especially for one's wedding day! Salud!