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Oct 27 2017

An interview with Maya Patrick and Jewel Meyers, both beautiful selfless people who wish nothing more than to change the lives of our Sayulita school children at Primaria Damian Carmona for the better.

The story of Maya & Rowan (the bride and groom) is a beautiful manifestation of what probably are Mahatma Gandhi's most famous words, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." When I meet Maya, she radiates when speaking of her husband-to-be Rowan and Sayulita. It is easy to tell both are loved greatly.

Maya, will you tell us a bit about yourself?

Rowan and I currently live in Australia, as Rowan is Australian. But I have been traveling around Mexico since I was two years old. My dad lives down the way in La Penita, so my brother and I have been visiting Sayulita  for quite a while now, and we have brought the rest of our family/friends along with us throughout the years. We are bringing a lot of friends and family over from Australia for the wedding. Most have never been to Mexico, and I think Sayulita is the perfect place for their first trip.

Maya, why did you decide to get married in Sayulita?

Rowan and I decided to get married in Sayulita this past New Year's while we were spending the holiday there with family and friends. Originally, we were going to have the wedding in Puerto Vallarta, but as we were overlooking the town of Sayulita and were talking about how unique and beautiful it was, Rowan suggested we have it here, at the exquisite Villas Piedra Blanca, which has a superb location and amazing ocean views.

I think Sayulita is the perfect place because, although it has become more of a prominent tourist destination throughout the years, it has still held on to its culture and identity, which I think makes it a very special place to visit. 

As wedding gifts you decided to ask for backpacks filled with school supplies which you will donate to Primaria Damian Carmona. Where from where did this idea sprung forth?

As far back as I can remember, the people of Mexico, and specifically Sayulita, have always been incredibly nice and generous. Whenever I have needed help with anything while in Mexico, the locals were more than happy to help. I am so thankful Sayulita Life connected us to Jewel, so together we were able to manifest the idea of giving back to the community. Rowan and I are excited and are looking forward to coming together with our guests to donate the backpacks and supplies to the local school. We definitely believe that a big part of finding happiness in life is living simply and helping out others when you can.

To shed a light on what the specific needs of our local children are, we sit down with Jewel Meyers, who has a son in the fourth grade of the Primaria Damian Carmona.

Jewel, what in your opinion, would be the biggest challenge for our local school and its children?

The biggest challenge I would think is the condition of the school and the lack of classroom basics. For example, the school needs an electrical overhaul. The classrooms don't have shelves. The children didn't all have desks until we did a fundraiser and were able to purchase 70 new desks. Some classrooms need new white boards. Others need fans, or with this heat, each classroom could benefit from AC. 

In what way will the backpacks benefit our Sayulita children?

The backpacks Maya will donate will be a big help to the children whose families cannot afford to get them school supplies. There are children who sell things themselves in the afternoons to help support their families and these supplies will go to these needy children and help them with their studies. 

Thank you Jewel, for your insights. What are your wishes for the school and its children?

I do so hope to make a difference at the school and in the childrens' lives. I believe education is the most important thing and the only hope some of these kids have to get a better life. 








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