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Nov 10 2017

In the Sayulita and Punta de Mita area, WildMex is considered to be one of the best in surf lessons, tours, rentals, and adventure activities. For the 2017-2018 season, WildMex now introduces a whole fleet of new road bikes to their already impressive list of ways you can get the absolute best out of your stay in Sayulita!

Javier, through the years, WildMex has made a name for itself as the place-to-be for one of the best surfing experience. However, WildMex has much more to offer. Will you elaborate?

Yes, WildMex is known for providing high quality surf experiences, but I have always believed there is so much more to do in the area than surfing. Apart from surf trips, tours, and rentals, WildMex also offers trips and guided tours for mountain bike and road bike enthusiasts. I personally enjoy a lot of land activities, like road biking, mountain biking, and hiking. The area is amazingly beautiful, and the jungle is green and lush. There's also a lot of wildlife, and the weather is great most of the year. This makes for a great riding experience!

How and when did you come up with the idea for road biking in the Sayulita area?

I have been riding all kinds of bicycles since I was ten years old. When I originally moved from Guadelajara to Sayulita (in 2005), I noticed the road between Sayulita and Punta de Mita was ideal for road riding. It is quiet, has a lot of shade and trees, minimal motor vehicle traffic, and has some nice hills. I immediately fell in love with road biking in the area. I bought a road bike and now ride my bike a couple of times a week, either early in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Just last season, we started getting visitors come up to our office and asking for road bikes. Then, we only had mountain bikes for rent. For the season of 2017-2018, we therefore decided to get a fleet of road bikes. 

What are some advantages to road biking versus mountain biking?

I believe road biking is more "user friendly" to most people. Road biking is not technical, and the chances of falling are a lot less than with mountain biking. Also, you are moving faster on a road bike, which creates a cooling effect, and makes it a very pleasant outdoor activity when the temperatures rise. On a side-note, it is also a lot harder to get lost road biking than mountain biking! 

Which cycle routes would you recommend going on for a road biking trip?

Sayulita and the surrounding areas have a couple of fine roads to ride on. To create different cycle routes, these roads can be connected and make the perfect ride. The road from Sayulita to Punta de Mita is where it all starts and from there you have multiple options. Riders can do a there-and-back ride on the old La Cruz road, which goes along the coast with great views and some nice rolling hills. They can also opt to do a loop by going on the old La Cruz road and coming back on the new La Cruz - Punta Mita road, which is a little less scenic, but a good alternative to coming back a different way. Finally, there are the roads inside the private Litibu compound, which host very few vehicles, and are great for some flat riding. 

Is road biking safe and would you consider it safe for all ages, or for example a family outing?

Road riding on the Sayulita - Punta Mita, La Cruz - Punta Mita, and Litibu roads, is indeed safe for road-biking. However, we would not recommend road riding on Highway 200. Riding the Highway 200, we would recommend only to adults with some experience riding road bikes before.

Where can we find WildMex and how can we get our first road biking adventure started?

Most of the time, guests email us in advance to get the right size bike booked for them, but if guests are not able to do so, they can always come into our Sayulita headquarters, on Calle Pelicanos, half a block from the beach and we will be happy to help them. 

To email WildMex, click here