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Nov 10 2017

An interview with Greta San Pablo from The Anchor Coffee Shop & Lunch

Greta, in 2016, you moved to Sayulita, and opened The Anchor. What kind of unique opportunities did you see available in Sayulita that weren't necessarily available to you from your past place of residency?

I am originally from Nayarit, and have noticed that especially the south part of the state has been growing fast over the last few years. Although Sayulita is still a relatively small town, it has such good vibes and great opportunities to grow for everyone. I believe Sayulita is a good example of a town that has grown due to tourism, but has also managed to keep its identity. Not only bigger businesses can thrive here, but also small businesses like The Anchor.

What was the process like moving to Sayulita? Did you know anyone locally prior to your move?

Moving to Sayulita was a true adventure. I didn’t know anyone prior to my move. Although I was born and raised in Nayarit, and I know a lot of places in the region, I was drawn to Sayulita. The cultural diversity is what particularly appealed to me. It is truly a small town with extraordinary potential. Also, the coastal people are usually very welcoming and cheerful. Ever since I arrived in Sayulita, I’ve received a lot of support from the local community. 

The Anchor, Coffee Shop & Lunch offers a variety of healthy breakfast and lunch options, such as smoothie bowls, juices, and delicious bagels. Did you always have a passion for healthy food?

In all honesty, I have always had a passion for good food.

However, my food habits have changed significantly over the years. In fact, since The Anchor opened, the menu has also transformed regularly. I believe food and food-habits should be fun. Therefore, I strive for a dynamic menu. Where I, the people I work with, and the customers have a positive influence on the healthy food we serve. 

Do you have a guilty food pleasure when no one else is around?

Yes, I most definitely do! I absolutely love food and eating, not only to nurture my body, but also as a social bonding activity. I would say my guilty food pleasure is chocolate!

What influences do you think/ hope you can have on the community of Sayulita, health-wise and food-wise?

I hope I can add to the awareness of the amounts of processed foods we put into our bodies. And I hope that with the opening of The Anchor, Coffee Shop & Lunch, I can show our community that healthy food can indeed be delicious! On a wider level, I hope to create greater physical health in Sayulita, especially for our children who are the future of Sayulita.

Looking back, do you recommend Sayulita to anyone considering a big change in their lifestyle?

Yes, I do. Life is a great adventure and you should live your life accordingly. Taking a plunge into the unknown is part of life. I would say Sayulita is a great place to do so, as it welcomes all hardworking, dedicated, and respectful people with open arms. 

Where can we find you?

The The Anchor, Coffee Shop & Lunch is conveniently located on Calle Marlin, just off the Plaza. We look forward to serving you great food!




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