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Dec 08 2017

There's no mistaking that Wanda's Burgers and Ribs in Sayulita offers a large, delicious selection of burgers, ribs, fries, potatoes, and salads. But on top of all of this, Wanda's has hired a mixologist and now offers professionally shaken cocktails. Although, I personally haven't had a taste yet, the rumor goes they are close to perfection! Owners, Gilberto Ramirez and Luis Banda, share more about this exciting new development at their restaurant. 

What made you decide to bring in Raul as Wanda's professional mixologist?

We have been open for one full year now, and our main focus during this year has been on our food. We felt that we had succeeded with our food menu, and it was time to revamp our already existing cocktail list and make it stand out a bit more. We needed a change. We have a very vast amount of knowledge of beer, but a smaller amount of knowledge on liquors and cocktails. We knew enough, I suppose, but we wanted more, and we knew we needed a professional. We had worked with Raul in the states (Seattle, Washington) for a number of years, and we knew what he is capable of doing. So, we called him up and asked if he’d be interested in a new experience, as well as a chance to run his own bar… And here he is!

Bartender versus mixologist, what's the difference?

They are fairly equal, although the key difference would be the attention to detail. All bartenders can make you a martini. However, the bartender/mixologist who has creative ideas can create a specialized martini based on a conversation you’re having with them on just about anything.

Wanda's now has a new cocktail menu. Can you reveal some of the top picks?

Back to the the previous question. A classic bourbon and sour cocktail.... but top that with a bold, red wine as a float over one single block of ice. It reminds Raul of the day turning into the night here in Sayulita. Also the Sunburn Cooler, popular with the ladies, it’s a great blend of 4 simple ingredients: Gin, sugar, fresh citrus, and topped with a refreshing strawberry soda. Perfect for sipping or chugging after a long day at the beach.

Which cocktail is your personal favor, and why?

It always depends on my mood. It’s hard to pick just one cocktail when the menu is designed to cover all types of spirits for all genres of spirit drinkers.

Though the one beverage that stands out, because Wanda's Burgers and Ribs is the only place where you can get it in all of Sayulita, is the house made Tepache (an authentic pineapple fermented beverage), which takes three days to make, and it’s all with local, fresh ingredients.

Timing is key to having the ability to taste all ingredients and for the taste be consistent. Raul suggests it with Mezcal, “Hala Kahiki”, served with a Tajin salted rim and a pineapple leaf!

Sayulita has so many options to wine and dine. How does Wanda's stand out?

We might be hard to please, but we find that when we go out in Sayulita, the service is usually lacking. You shouldn’t need to look for your server every time you need or want something. The server should be able to anticipate your needs. On top of our goal to serve the best burgers and ribs in town, we strive to create a great guest experience and to deliver the best customer service you will find anywhere.

Going to a happy hour is a great opportunity to be social AND make it affordable. When's Wanda's Happy Hour? Are you running any other (weekly) specials?

Our Happy Hour is daily from 3:30pm - 6:30pm and from 9:30pm - close. On Sundays, we offer Happy Hour all evening, from 3:30pm - close.

Where can we find Wanda's?

You can find Wanda's Burgers and Ribs at Calle Delfines 20, in Sayulita’s main plaza, upstairs next to the church, or call 329-298-8696 for more information.








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