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Dec 08 2017

El Sayulero sits down with the wonderful and radiant Cristy Torres, of Cristy Torres Personal Attendant, and talks about her life as a personal attendant in Sayulita. Cristy, by heart, knows the art of gently getting rid of the clutter and giving you the peace of mind to enjoy a carefree and wonderful vacation. 

Cristy, as a Personal Attendant in Sayulita, you assist people in making the most out of their vacations. What are some of the top services you generally provide?

My duties as a personal attendant are very diverse. Sometimes I work with a busy CEO and sometimes it's a rather large family. But always, being a personal attendant is about managing daily tasks, whether on a personal or on a professional level.

Tasks on hand could be arranging airport transportation or taxi services, party and event planning, shopping and meal preparation, and nanny and childcare service. However, these are just general examples, and I will gladly customize my services to fit your lifestyle, business, or family.

You are born and raised in Guadalajara. In what way does your Mexican background enrich your work as a Personal Attendant in Sayulita?

I believe that if you are here on a vacation, my Mexican background can add just the touch that will make your vacation unforgettable. For example, I can provide authentic Mexican dishes or gently lead you away from the touristy areas and show you the "real" Mexico. Also, being Mexican, I know the ropes in and around the area. 

Cristy, you are obviously fond of the community of Sayulita. Why do you favor Sayulita as your home base?

As a child, I used to come to Sayulita for holidays. Over the years, I grew very fond of the beautiful community of Sayulita. There are so many positive things about Sayulita, I hardly know where to start. I love the people, the climate, the wide range of activities from which to choose, and of course, the business opportunities in which Sayulita provides me. 

There isn't necessarily formalized training for becoming a Personal Attendant. How have you learned the ins and outs of Cristy Torres Personal Attendant?

In order to become a good personal assistant, you have to have excellent knowledge of organizational and time management, and spoken and written communication skills. Over the years, I have committed to a various range of studies to make sure my knowledge doesn't stand still, but is always growing to meet the needs of my clients.

Working as a Personal Attendant with Cristy Torres Personal Attendant, how do you handle the work/life balance?

That is a good question. In general, I give priority to my work, and try to balance it out with my personal life. As I absolutely love what I am doing for a living, working doesn't necessarily feel like "work" to me. I enjoy catering to other peoples' needs, and at the end of the day, being rewarded with a smile is worth more than a thousands words. The few free hours I have left are generally filled with such high quality of life, being surrounded by such much natural beauty, that I truly feel quite balanced in life.

How do you stay organized? What skills are essential to do your job well? 

I believe in order to stay organized in this line of work, you need great flexibility and have a very adaptable approach to work. You have to think in solutions. But above all, once again, in order to stay organized, you need great organizational and time management skills. And of course, a general love for all kinds of people!

Cristy, how do we get in touch with you?

To get in touch with me, please call +1 322 18 04 707 or contact me here on Sayulita Life




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