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Dec 22 2017

This is not just about how to stay healthy in Sayulita while on holiday (and on an everyday basis) and avoiding toxins (of course washing hands and cooking meat properly is always extremely important), but how to thrive in the busy holiday season. After all, you don't want to just survive the holidays and later need downtime to recover from all the Sayulita festivities! Here are 3 simple, easy to implement suggestions on how to balance all the fun and your health, regardless of if you're in Sayulita for 4 days or live here year-round.


Be okay with saying no to the activities/gatherings that don't serve you and give you energy. Being with family can be amazing, but also it can be draining for people. So, make some time for yourself and set some boundaries rather than having unrealistic expectations that every minute should be filled with family time and holiday festivities.

It doesn't require much effort to find 'me time' in Sayulita with the beautiful nature surrounding us.

Move in Fun, Different Ways - Safely

Our joints and brain love a variety of movement. Resting on beach sun loungers can only be done for so long. Use the opportunity to get away from spending too much time in a seated position, which not only speeds up spinal decay, but slows down metabolism (resulting in weight gain and energy depletion) and eliminating toxins. 

Sayulita is abundant with amazing opportunities for moving differently and safely. 

Partake in a surf lesson on the main beach, a hike in the jungle (the walk to San Pancho is a nice one) a yoga, acroyoga, or tai chi class or give African dance a go. Not only is african dancing great for body awareness and fluid motion, but is a great fluid workout.

Nourish Yourself

Use your time in beautiful Sayulita to have a change of pace from your typical week. 

Nourish yourself with the abundant fruits, vegetables, and fresh food Sayulita has to offer, both in the restaurants and the fantastic Friday Mercado del Pueblo. Nourish your spirit by being out in nature and connecting with people. Nourish your body with a deep tissue massage, meditation class or Neuroemotional technique session to unravel what mental/emotional stress your body maybe holding on to. Having that time away from typical work duties and being here in Sayulita may be an ideal time to care for yourself. Address the cause, so you're not always chasing symptoms