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Kelly Guenther is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of professional experience. She opened her first studio in NYC in 2001, and since then has shot over 300 weddings. Kelly began her career as a freelance news photographer for The New York Times during 9/11. From here she decided to make a change. ¨Honestly, I needed to photograph happier things for my mental health, so I started the wedding photojournalism business!¨ At this time it was the year 2002, and the idea of just documenting the day and not directing it was a new concept. Wedding photography as a…

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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Banco de Tapitas, a private non-profit organization that was officially formed in 2015. Banco de Tapitas uses money earned from their recycling program to provide care for patients battling cancer all over the country, from infants up to 21 year-old young adults. They have several support programs and initiatives, but their most recent project is the creation of a large metal heart-shaped structure for collecting recycling, that will soon be placed in Sayulita’s main plaza; this large structure will not only be a work of art and a beautiful addition to our artistic and vibrant plaza, but it will help to gain attention and encourage people to recycle their plastic bottle caps-- all for the wonderful cause in raising money for sick children and young adults. Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation went directly toward the purchase of materials to actually create the large metal structure; more specifically, to fabricate a two meter metal structure in the form of heart that will be installed in the main square of Sayulita.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Ser Su Voz, Sayulita A.C. (Association Civil). Ser Su Voz Sayulita A.C. is a local community group which was formally created this past March of 2019. The initial founder of the group is Sayulita local and passionate environmental advocate, Tracie Willis, but the group includes five other members: Erik Luna, Luisa Viteri, Candelario Salaz, Cesar Gonzalez, and Enrique Michel. Along with assisting in local causes related to helping preserve and protect our environment, Ser Su Voz has created several initiatives for our community and in helping our eco-systems. Ser Su Voz received an official new office last month, in July of 2019. This is a huge step forward for the group in order to better function and manage as a proper association, however the office was in desperate need of supplies and materials in order to be proficient on a professional level. The $5,000 donation from Sayulita Life will go directly toward purchasing office supplies and materials to help the group to attain their goal of efficiency and to help them run their association more smoothly.
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Árbol de los Niños in San Pancho, just ten minutes from Sayulita, offers a high-quality, bilingual education to students in Kindergarten through Lower-Elementary levels. Founded on the principles of Montessori, Árbol de los Niños incorporates “human values”, such as kindness, honesty, and inner-reflection, to prepare and guide the future generation. The school’s mission is to provide an interesting and enabling environment for children to create a solid foundation of knowledge and self-worth that will guide them through their future.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Sayulita’s Campamento Tortuguero, or the turtle camp. Campamento Tortuguero in Sayulita is a voluntary community project in its new location on the north end of the beach across the street from the Pajaro de Fuego condominium complex. The goal of this Sayulita organization is to relocate sea turtle nests in order to keep them safe, as well as to educate locals and visitors on how to protect them from poaching. For the last seven years, the Sayulita turtle camp has been dedicated to preserving the native sea turtles that come every year in large numbers to Sayulita’s beaches to make their nests and lay their eggs. The donation from Sayulita Life will help the camp by purchasing materials needed for the creation / reinforcement of the nests, such as mesh-metal pieces and wooden stakes. Furthermore, the donation will go towards helping to purchase materials (such as wood planks) needed to re-enforce the nesting camp from the back area in order to better protect the nests; when Sayulita experiences heavy rains, sand can get trapped on top of the nest camp, putting the nests in danger.
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Music pretty much sets the tone for every event and is one of the top priorities for creating an unforgettable wedding day. The right wedding band can showcase your personality and set the right mood during the celebration, from beginning until end. Thus, why not hire the best of the best? Esaú Music in Sayulita is lead by multi-talented Esaú, who specializes in creating unique moments as a solo artist, or together with his band, Tatewari, for fiery gypsy music. Whether you'd prefer some Mexican traditional pieces, authentic flamenco guitar, or romantic classics, Esaú is a pleasure to work with. It's easy to see why his experience, passion and natural charm made him a Bahia de Banderas wedding favorite.
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On these “colder” days we’ve been having in Sayulita, have you sometimes felt like the only thing you want to eat is a nice, warm soup along with a yummy bread? Well, last week that was exactly what I felt like making, and then I of course devoured it with delight! Roasted cauliflower and garlic soup with parmesan and a yummy cornbread with honey-butter hit the spot! I enjoyed it so much that I just had to share the recipe with you. You can then make and share this delicious al fresco lunch with your Sayulita friends and/or visitors. Why is it that so many friends love to come visit me in Sayulita? Is it because of my delicious food? I love entertaining, so here are the recipes so that you can also enjoy them and entertain for your guests here in Sayulita.
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How does the song go? “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” Well, here in Sayulita it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, too! The firecrackers have started booming. I wonder why they go off at 6:00 a.m.? The only answer I have is “well, after all, it is Mexico!” I thought it would be appropriate to share a holiday recipe for my next few columns. Do you remember those old fashioned dinner rolls that we would have with our special Christmas dinner when we were younger? I made some this morning and they came out great; they are so easy and fun to make. If you spread them thick with butter, you will see why I am including this recipe with you. They are oh so yummy and also a recipe that is traditional and stands the test of time.
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Low season in Sayulita— often when we think of low season, we tend to think of the excruciating humidity, the rainy, sloppy streets that so quickly turn to muck, the businesses that close, the quiet streets, and the idea that this may be the time to get out of town. However, like me, many residents of Sayulita find excitement in the peacefulness that is low season. In fact, I personally think it is the best time of year to be here; with less tourists and calmer streets, low season allows you to experience a different Sayulita, maybe one you haven’t yet seen. Yes, it rains. Yes, some businesses do close. And yes, it is hot, at times unbearably so; in the summer in Sayulita, simply breathing equates non-stop sweating. Nonetheless, because of this, my personal mantra has always been that here in Sayulita, to sweat means to be alive—and how beautiful it is to have a daily reminder of the splendor of being alive in Sayulita.