Renting a Car for your Sayulita Vacation

Background:  I have been fortunate enough visit beautiful Sayulita regularly for the past 15 years. In that time I have tried pretty much every mode of transportation available, from trusty donkeys to maniac-driven buses, bicycles to pangas and everything in-between. I would like to impart my years of knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years to help end the tyranny I have witnessed when it comes to renting a car for your Sayulita trip. In my years I have tried most of the car rental agencies at the airport and have experienced every trick in the book! Read on to see why a Sayulita rental car can be fun, and how renting a car in Sayulita doesn't have to be so hard!

A Sayulita Rental Car is Fun!  With all the mythical and true car rental stories around, first time visitors to Sayulita often are a little wary of renting a car even though they rightfully think it would benefit their stay if they had one. Having a rental car in Sayulita can be indispensable to your vacation, you see a lot more of the area, you can go when you want to go, and go where you want to go! My goal with this article is to help people make the right decisions when it comes to renting a car in Sayulita and making the most of their long overdue vacation!!

Starting the search:  The usual story goes something like this, in planning your vacation you decide you want to rent a car. You look online for Sayulita rental cars, and you see all these amazing low rates, like they are just giving these cars away for nothing, perfect! In fact all the agencies are in fierce competition with each other and just trying to get you to reserve a car with their agency and hopefully get payment ahead of time and lock you in. First lesson don’t pre-pay, if there is trouble when you arrive they already got you!!

The Catch:  When you arrive, they lay on the reason the online prices are so low, they don’t include all the mandatory insurances which are liability and collision insurance. These insurances cost more than car!! Also they tack on a 10% “airport tax” and then the 16% federal tax to the extra insurances you have to buy. All the agencies at the airport try and hide these extra costs until you get to the car rental office which is a shuttle ride away from the airport, so there you are a far walk to anywhere else with your luggage at the beginning of your vacation. What would you do?

But wait:  Most major premium credit cards today include collision insurances as a benefit, so you can decline the collision insurances offered by the rental agency. Too bad they have already thought of that, if you wanted to take advantage of that benefit you will have to leave a big deposit on your credit card in the ballpark of $1500-$3000 USD depending on your choice of vehicle. So you decide to just take the insurance package they offer, your original rate double or triples and your vacation gets off to the wrong start… Second lesson, don’t believe the first rate you get and look for the price with all the insurances, which is hard to do because they try and hide it…

Stay local:  My advice is to go through a local car rental company, there are few around the area. The local companies are usually in it for return customers and don’t take advantage like the big impersonal multi-national companies… If you do research on travel forums or Sayulita Life you find the right ones to deal with. Some of the local Sayulita car rental companies caught on to the insurance scam at the airport so they include all the insurances. Research does pay off and the payoff is having an even better time than I know you’re going to have in Sayulita!!! 

Saludos a todos!!

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