Sayulita: A Real Fountain of Youth

By Josh and Shelly, Mexifit


sayulita fitness communityThe myth, the legend, the treasure… The Fountain of Youth has been found and its name is Sayulita.

In the fitness community, it is common knowledge that a combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility development, and “smart” nutrition is the only way to slow down the aging process. Fad diets, miracle products, and countless cosmetic surgeries are simply today’s “snake oils.” The fact is, shortly after you’re born, to the day you die, your body is in a constant state of decay. Like it or not, that’s the truth. Like a house that is never cleaned, or a car that is never serviced, lack of simple maintenance for our bodies will increase the rate of decay. In order to combat and slow this process, we must move, push, pull, stretch, breathe, eat, sleep, and recover. Luckily for us, Mother Nature has teamed up with human nature, to create Sayulita, a very special place with a “fountain” for everyone. Regardless of fitness level, goals, age, or your amount of motivation, Sayulita is roughly five square kilometers of fitness perfection, offering everyone and anyone the opportunity to slow down the aging process and enhance the living experience. By land, sea, or studio, Sayulita has a “fountain” for you.


BY LAND:  Hike jungle trails and steep cobblestoned roads leading to breathtaking vistas. Walk, run, or bike the back roads, beach roads, hills and mountaintops that surround the bay. Take a guided horseback ride, or mountain bike tour, culminating in a sunset feast of the freshest seafood your mouth will ever experience. And don’t forget the obvious: you’re in Sayulita, so go to the beach and play! Frisbee, volleyball, soccer/football, kite flying, sand castle building… play, play, play!


sayulita yoga beachBY SEA:  Surf, Stand-Up-Paddle, swim, and bodysurf your way to total body workouts. Rent a kayak and explore the coast. Grab some snorkel gear and swim with the fishes in the still morning waters at Playa de los Muertos. Even hanging out in the water, playing in the waves, will burn calories, strengthen muscle, improve your ABCs (Agility, Balance, Coordination) and help justify your afternoon margarita (low sugar, of course).


BY STUDIO:  Boasting some of the best fitness and wellness practitioners in the world, Sayulita has more than a “menu” of professionally-led activities and services to pick from; it has a smorgasbord! Offering international instructors in Yoga, Pilates, Power Ropes, Zumba, African dance, Salsa, Personal Training, Reiki, WaterFit, SUP Workouts, Running Clubs, Private Surfing Lessons, Acupuncture, Massage, Adventure Camps for all ages, and more, Sayulita could easily claim a spot as one of the top wellness destinations in the world, simply because of the abundance and quality of services available. Whether you choose a group class overlooking the ocean, a soul searching session under a beautiful open-air palapa, a private one-on-one on the terrace of your villa during sunset, or a beach-body-boot-camp, you’re almost guaranteed an experience you thought only existed in Hollywood movies. These are the moments that can make a vacation and change a life!


When it comes to “The Fountain of Youth” there is only one way to miss it: don’t look for it. With eyes and minds wide open, fear of the unknown thrown out the window, and a desire to be alive, your “fountain” is waiting, and it’s in Sayulita.