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Sayulita Musica in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Musica Soundscapes and Sound Systems in Sayulita, Mexico

Large PA system for bands, DJs, Dancing
Wireless Microphones
Instrument Rentals
Romantic Spanish Guitarist for ceremony
DJ services

Sayulita Musica is your source for amazing soundscapes for your wedding, birthday party or any special event.  We are a full service sound system and instrument rental company and have been setting the standard for Sayulita events for over a decade.  We book DJs, Bands, MC's and Dancers for events.  From intimate gatherings to big throw downs we've got what you need to set the mood and get the crowd on the dance floor.   We are the only certified sound system rental company based in Sayulita which means we arrive early and stay late to make sure your event is perfect!

What we can provide:

  • Large PA for Bands, DJ's and Dancing
  • PA systems for ceremonies and rehearsal dinners
  • Wireless microphones
  • Instrument Rentals
  • Romantic Spanish Guitarist for Ceremony
  • Mariachis
  • DJ

We live, eat, and breathe music and know just how important good sound is. Sayulita Musica will work with you or a wedding coordinator to make sure the music and sound is memorable for your special event!

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from 14 reviews
Our daughter got married in Sayulita, Mexico. When we hired her wedding planner, Courtney with Sunset Soiree, she recommended that if we were wanting a DJ, we should immediately hire Jess with Sayulita Musica. And she was right!!! Jess did a fantasic job and everyone had so much fun! The dance floor stayed packed all night long and everyone commented that he was the best DJ they had ever had. Thank you Jess for such a fun and memorable night! Wish we could live the night over again :)
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Experienced: April, 2018
Excellent DJ and Guitar for Wedding Weekend
I am so glad we went with Jess for our wedding weekend in Sayulita! Jess played guitar at our rehearsal dinner at Don Pedro's and was our DJ for wedding at Brisa Mar Palapa. I am a little OCD so I had an organized spreadsheet of the songs I wanted to be sure were played at the wedding and when- Jess followed it exactly!! I also had a few songs that I wanted mashed together at specific times- Jess also did that perfectly. He sent them to me ahead of time to approve, and it was exactly what I envisioned. I have heard horror stories before of DJs not really playing what the couple asked for but that is not the case with Jess. He made our weekend spectacular- he has the best, upbeat energy!
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Experienced: January, 2018
Perfect DJ for a perfect night!
We set out to plan a Sayulita wedding without a wedding planner. To do this we relied on internet reviews and recommendations. Jess came to us as a recommendation from our wedding photographer. She said he was fun, a great guy, and she enjoyed working with him. Her recommendation was spot on. Everything about Jess and Sayulita Musica was awesome. Jess was responsive to our emails and requests for specific song (processional, recessional, etc.) but was totally able to read the crowd and what they liked. We told him that our goal for the wedding was that everyone had an awesome time, and he completely delivered. Jess kept the energy up and he kept everyone dancing all night long (even my 87 year old gramdma was out on the dance floor). Not only did he play great music, he was able to help with some MCing, like announcing speeches, dances, cake cutting, etc. He showed up early to set up and test the sound system. He was professional, easy to communicate with, and had all the necessary equipment. I highly recommend working with Jess and Sayulita Musica.
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Experienced: May, 2017
DJ Jess was so good, we had our friends coming up to us asking if they could book him in the US!
As with all the vendors Andrea at Sayulita Dream Weddings connected us with, Jess was a perfect match for us. We met with him once a few months before the wedding and instantly knew he would be the music maestro of our wedding. My husband and I both come from music and events backgrounds, so when it came to sound quality and music, we needed someone who understood how important it was to us. Enter Jess. He understood what we wanted before we could even articulate it. The music was so perfectly curated we had multiple friends come up to us asking where we found him and if he could DJ their weddings in the US. I feel like wedding DJs very rarely knock it out of the park like Jess did. He kept the energy high and the vibe perfect all night long, and was even able to sneak in surprise a track sung by my late father that completely caught me off guard and moved everyone at the wedding to tears. Bravo Jess, you have forever fans in me and my husband!
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Experienced: December, 2016
Amazing Soundtrack for our Wedding
Sayulita Musica and Jess did such an amazing job for our wedding. He kept the party lively and dancing until the very end. We provided a few playlists as inspiration to use throughout the various portions of the night and Jess perfectly weaved in the songs from our playlists with songs that fit the vibe. We couldn't recommend Jess more for your event. On top of his ability to keep the room moving, he's a super genuine and fun guy. He's not just the person in the corner pushing play on a computer. He's moving along to the beat with everybody else and so personable that he feels like another guest at the party.
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Experienced: December, 2016
Absolutely Perfect
From the first time we were introduced to Jess, we were struck by his warmth, excitement and vast musical knowledge and talent. Throughout the whole process, he was responsive to our questions and requests, flexible and always excited.

On the night of the wedding, we had Jess play acoustic guitar during the ceremony, which was beautiful. We asked him to learn a few songs, which he did. He also DJ's the cocktail hour, dinner and dance party. Prior to the wedding, we gave him a list of a few songs and artists we were digging, and a list of do not plays. He did the rest, and it was incredible.

He also brought along a saxophone player who was a huge hit!

My wife and I really connected with Jess and he absolutely exceeded our expectations.
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Experienced: April, 2016
Jess was amazing!
Jess was fantastic - he not only was the DJ for our wedding but also played an acoustic guitar set as guests were arriving, and a beautiful processional at the start of the ceremony. He arrived early to set up and chat, was wonderfully friendly and kind-hearted, and generally played a really important role in making our wedding truly incredible. The dance floor was packed all night, and he was responsive to all our guests' requests for songs, no matter how random or wacky.
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Experienced: February, 2016
Jess was a life-saver at our wedding! Best choice ever!
I would HIGHLY recommend Jess for any event!

We had a very small wedding of 21 people, so when 1/4 of our family fell sick in the days leading up (myself included) I was so worried that our reception would be lacking energy. Sick or not Jess made sure everyone was dancing and there was a song that everyone was excited about at one point or another in the evening.

He took extra time with my son who was fascinated with all of his equipment. And was just all around an awesome guy!

Thanks for everything Jess!
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Experienced: April, 2015
Jess understands the "life" of a party!!!
If you're one of those people who don't want to read a long review here it is. Jess was by far the best wedding DJ that I have experienced...truly amazing!

For the people who do want the specifics: We met with Jess a week before the wedding and he instantly put our minds at ease. He is incredibly professional and after one conversation we could tell that Jess knows music and more importantly, people.

I have seen first hand what can go wrong when you hire DJ that isn't so great, so I had some fears like "how to get power to the beach" or what happens if the DJ doesn't play any of our "must hear" songs. Before I could express those fears with Jess he had already explained different options for us and the pros and cons of everything.

Jess was also amazingly perceptive at understanding our wants and needs were. After he listened to our vision of the wedding and reception he suggested a few additions that we would have never thought about that really made the party so much better.

The best part of Jess is his ability to read the crowd and cue up appropriate songs that flow with the night. It is difficult to explain how amazing Jess was. People are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding and I've had people ask if they could get the "playlist" from our wedding. These are testaments to how awesome Jess is.

If you're having a wedding, and you want to have a stress free DJ who can get a party going, hire Jess/Sayulita Musica.
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Experienced: June, 2014
These guys are the best!!!
Was an an event at the don Pedro's palapa and they were awesome!!!!! Absolutely awesome!!!! My son took guitar lessons from Jess when we lived there for 2 years. He talks about how great he was to this day. Wonderful people and the most professional. Can say enough about them.
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Experienced: June, 2014
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