Ser Su Voz

Environmental Advocacy

Ser Su Voz is an environmental advocacy group based in Sayulita. The non-profit was created to share their love for nature while also providing environmental education and protection. 

What’s Important to Ser Su Voz:

Wildlife: Protect and respect the flora and fauna of the region
Environmental Education: Teaches the new generations to take care of the environment and its natural resources.
Educate From Day #1: Education starts at home, teaching the parents of the household and their children will naturally follow in their footsteps. 
An Alive Earth: Protecting and being conscious of the earth is the number one priority
Preserving Water: Water is the most important resource for life, taking care of it and not wasting it is our obligation 
Be Green: Recovering our ecosystem is paramount, recycling is an essential part of creating a better world

Independence Ser Su Voz is politically and economically independent. Community donations, along with the efforts of it’s members are the sole source of their funds. Their independence gives them the authority they need to campaign for real change. 

Promoting solutions Ser Su Voz Sayulita seeks solutions and promotes open and informed debate on society's environmental options. They do not work to treat environmental problems, they work to eliminate them. They are not satisfied with just pointing out the problems, they develop, seek, and promote concrete actions to achieve a green and peaceful future for all.