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SayulitAnimals - An animal welfare organization in Sayulita, Mexico

SayulitAnimals Official Website
Available Animals for Foster Care or Adoption
Making a Positive Change: Sara Briner
Spay and Neuter Program
Transporting an Adoptee


Happy dogs in Sayulita

SayulitAnimals mission is to eliminate animal suffering and to educate people about animal welfare in order to create an environment of compassion and respect. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of Sayulita by facilitating programs which inform the community about the well-being of animals and provide assistance for cats and dogs in Sayulita. The needs of street animals have shaped the organization into four key programs: 

  • Free Spay + Neuter
  • Adoption + Foster Assistance
  • Medical Aid For Street Animals
  • Community Education



Volunteer Opportunities

A SayulitAnimals volunteerSayulitAnimlas is only as capable as the community that supports it! As our organization changes and grows so does our needs for volunteers and donations. From Veterinarians and post-operative caregivers, to dog walkers, photographers and designers, SayulitAnimals needs volunteers for everything. Whether you are visiting or a Sayulita resident, please consider taking part in our mission to make giving each and every loving animal an equally loving home and care. We would greatly appreciate:

  • Short and long term fostering
  • Post-Operating monitor and care during spay and neuter clinics
  • Day to day kennel and cleaning care
  • Dog and cat grooming/ training
  • Dog walking (when necessary)
  • Selling calendars, tickets and promoting fundraiser events at our kiosk 


Adopt or Foster an Animal 

SayulitAnimals is brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for a new home. SayulitAnimals is not a shelter, and so we are unable to keep dogs and cats on site. Do you want a new family member? Check out the adoption list on our webpage. We have unending numbers of cats and a constant influx of new dogs here in Sayulita. It is our mission to find them loving homes and stop the needless suffering of street life. When an animal is in need of a home, we first attempt to find a temporary foster. This is always a challenge, so if you are interested in offering a space in your home to help an abandoned dog or cat, please fill out our Apply To Foster form. Once we have a foster, we place a photo and a short description of the dog or cat in the Available Animals section of our site, and also on our Facebook page, in the hopes of finding the animal a new home. Whether you are here in Sayulita or abroad, we'd love for you to have a chance to give our sweet animals a loving home. Please contact us for more information on adoption or foster care.

photos of available dogs


We’d love to hear your feedback or answer any of your questions. Please feel free to stop by and speak with our staff anytime that we are open. 

Hours of operation: Tuesday - Saturday 10am  2pm.

Location:  Calle Manuel Plascencia #3, Sayulita

Contact Information: Sara Briner


Mexican Telephone: 329-291-3974



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