The "Privatization" of Sayulita's Public Beaches

A disturbing email from a recent visitor to Sayulita illustrates how the inappropriate actions of a few can have the potential to negatively affect many.


I really hope you read this. 
My wife and I came here to paradise three years ago and fell in love with the beautiful town of Sayulita. We stayed two weeks and had an amazing time with nothing but great interactions with everyone we met. Sadly that has changed.
We have booked another two weeks in Sayulita but after two days here I am questioning our decision. Twice I have been to the beach and twice I have been chased off the beach. First day I was chased off by a surf school that would not allow us a place on the beach so they could keep an eye on their surfers ( of which there were none). After asking for some help as to where I could possibly put an umbrella I was told he didn't care so long as it was not there. I left the beach and went home. Today I was actually threatened with violence by someone else who seemed to think he owned part of the beach. It was only after what I can only assume was the baddest man on the beach giving us a nod that we were able to stay. The man who threatened me with the action of pulling a gun was never seen again, thank god.
So, WTF?? Two days and I'm ready to slander everything Sayulita, the place I fell in love with three years ago. Where am I supposed to go on the beach? Is it not public? Should I not be able to plant my umbrella where I want and enjoy the beach without being threatened with violence? 
I have attached a picture of where we were on the beach when we got threatened. We are the obvious Canadians.
Honestly, please respond and advise. We have two more weeks here and I did not come to Paradise to have my family threatened by some asshole pretending to pull a gun on my family. 
Larry G