Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows

2-4 guests 2-4 guests
1 bedroom 1 BR
1-2 beds 1-2 beds
1 bathroom 1 BA
  • Beachfront property
  • Ample terraces overlooking beach
  • Laundry facilities
  • WiFi
  • Daily cleaning service Monday to Saturday

Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows in Sayulita is located on both sides of Calle Miramar, right on the beach.  It has two acres of beachfront installations and described by guests as a "warm family enclave". The property is spacious, peaceful and surrounded by nature. Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows is recommended for both those seeking privacy or would like to make new friendships.

Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows offers beach and off-beach single bedroom units which have been built in different sections of the beachfront property. The bungalows boast king-size beds, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, living room area with couch and patio or terrace. The bungalows at the beach offer a wonderful view over the ocean including magnificent sunsets year-round.

Bungalow rates vary. Please check pricing details.


  • Ping Pong Terrace
  • Library and Game Playing Room
  • Ample Terraces Overlooking The Beach
  • Open Spaces For Boccie Bal
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Internet  Wireless Connection
  • Daily Cleaning Service From Monday to Saturday

Sayulita Trailer Park offers multiple accommodation options - BR Bungalows | Cabins, Rooms, Trailers & Camping

Please use the contact form for inquiries or to make a reservation.

Oceanview Oceanview
Garden Garden
Kid Friendly Kid Friendly
Wifi Wifi
Housekeeping Housekeeping
Easy Access/Mobility Easy Access/Mobility
Oceanview Oceanview
Garden Garden
Kid Friendly Kid Friendly
Internet & Office
Wifi Wifi
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Pricing Details

Rates are per night and in US Dollars

Low Season:

Beachfront Bungalows (B8, B9, B5, B6, B10, B11) - $93/night 

Off Beach Bungalow (B20, B21, B22, B23, B1, B15, B2, B7, B19) - $65/night

High Season 

Beachfront Bungalows (B8, B9, B5, B6, B10, B11) - $110/night 

Off Beach Bungalow (B20, B21, B22, B23, B1, B15, B2, B7, B19) - $82/night

No deposit required. Cash in full can be paid upon arrival.

Payment Formats Accepted

Cash preferred upon arrival

24 reviews
Value for money
Total Score:
Great place to hang out on the beach.
We’ve been here 3-4 times before and love the location on the beach, the friendliness of the other people staying there and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. Paco made sure we had what we needed and took good cRe of us. Thanks for a lovely stay!
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Stayed: January, 2020
Sayulita needs to clean up sewage and slow out of control growth.
Title says it all. Been going to this beautiful village for years. Too many people and too much smell near the river outlet. May not return. No complaints about the trailer park other than noisy because our bungalow was above a restaurant.
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Stayed: January, 2019
Basic but some kind of romantic
You cannot stay closer to the beach and the view is amazing. Don’t expect any thrills! Cutlery and pots are still original from the sixties but the place is clean. WiFi is extremely poor but decent when you leave the house. The best was the sound of the waves in the night. With better WiFi I would be back in the morning.
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Stayed: February, 2018
surfing and staying in Sayulita
Staying here in a camper for a few months, they also have nice bungalows and different types of rooms from bargain up to beachfront. Great people. On the beach and close to everything. This place is a great value for Sayulita, which can be expensive. You can walk to a variety of food choices, shops, and downtown is only 2 blocks, with no steep hills. There are golf carts for rent across the street if you need one. People walking by on the beach always ask about staying there. Email ahead of time, as being a walk in during high season is iffy and not recommended, as you probably won't find availability, book ahead.
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Stayed: January, 2018
Location & Amenities - Great! A bit loud on weekends
We stayed at the Trailer Park and Bungalows for a couple of nights in December. Very nice spot, right on the beach and a quick walk into town. There is a pool onsite.. although its rather small and we preferred to swim in the ocean. The sites were clean, the wifi was good and everything worked as it should. Only downside, and this probably affects the whole town, it can get pretty loud around on the weekends.. not a problem if you are up late.. but be aware.
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Stayed: January, 2018
Superb value on the north end of Sayulita - and on the beach!
I've stayed in many places in Sayulita over the years but consistently spend all my time on the north-end beach for the quieter atmosphere. There are only a few places to stay right on the beach, and this is one. It's affordable for a single traveler and the accommodations are perfect; clean, comfortable and quiet. What I appreciated most, along with being right on the beach, is the quality of people that stay here. They're kind, sweet and create a 'community' atmosphere for all, similar to The Marigold Hotel. If you stay closer to the center of the complex it is quieter.
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Stayed: December, 2017
Charming, affordable and friendly place to stay in Sayulita
This is a charming place to stay in Sayulita. Many of the residents spend the winter months here, every year. There is a wonderful sense of community. There is beautiful beach access, a gathering courtyard, a chapel, restaurants...just about anything you want. This is a relaxed place to stay, and very affordable!
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Stayed: December, 2017
Loved it!
Great place, loved the owners. We learned quite a few of the guests spend every winter here. This is a relaxing and affordable place to stay, with awesome beach access and lots of restaurants nearby. The beach is a great place to watch the sunset!
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Stayed: December, 2017
I had a terrible experience in multiple ways. Making and confirming reservations with the owner, Thies, was difficult. He did not respond for several weeks to multiple emails. What he claimed was a beachfront bungalow was actually behind a beachfront bungalow. It had a slice of a view of the ocean from the patio and none at all from the dark room which was dominated by the bed and smelled strongly of mildew. What this place has going for it is its easy access to the beach. However, that comes with so much noise and on certain nights of the week music so loud that in the owners words “it will shake you out of the bed”. And it doesn’t stop until 4am. After one of those sleepless nights (using earplugs and keeping the windows closed didn’t even come close to keeping out the music enough to sleep) I told Thies I was considering moving to a quieter place and asked if he would refund me for the nights I had already paid for if I did. He said he would. I felt that was generous and I told him so. I thanked him. I then made plans based upon that understanding. When I went to get my refund from his assistant the assistant told me Thies had told him to only give me a partial refund. Since he had no explanation about why Thies was not doing what he had said he would I went to ask Thies why. Before I even got out the question he leaned his face in very close to mine and yelled at me: “no negotiation, that’s it!” and walked away. His aggression, along with his word not being trustworthy, along with the noise, the mildew, and the generally unappealing environment of the 2 beachfront bungalows that I saw the inside of cause me to strongly caution anyone who is considering staying here. I never will again, and I certainly don’t recommend it to anyone.
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Stayed: December, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 01/31/2018

There was a lot of communication with this guest prior to her arrival (11 emails). Sayulita was not to her liking and this guest wanted to change plans and go to Yelapa instead of staying in Sayulita. She was informed of the cancelation policy before booking, and still decided to leave early with no notice. She was given a refund for part of the cancelation as per our policy. We love our guests and the majority return time and time again. We wish this guest happier travels wherever she goes next.

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Trailer park?! Si amigos!!
If the concept of a trailer park, pokes your prejudice against "those sort of places", maybe it's time for an upgrade - an upgrade of your default opinion! Sure there are trailers, campers, and tenters and a trailer park vibe, but there are also bungalows, which is where we stayed. If you are looking for a relaxed place, not in "downtown", that tries to create a sense of community, that has access to a great section of beach, park your prejudice and plunk yourself down for some great Sayulita Time. Also: enjoy some of the old school trust at play. For example, when we had arranged our dates I asked about a deposit, PayPal transfer or whatever to confirm our reservation. I was simply told by Thies, the owner, just bring USD with you. Are you kidding me? No. That's how it works. Sweet.
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Stayed: March, 2017
Thies & Cristina
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