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  • Sayulita Breathwork Retreat: April 11th-17th
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  • 1:1 In-person & Online Transformational Breathwork Journeys
  • Private Group Sessions - Ideal for Weddings, Bachelorettes & Family Vacations
  • Public Group Breathwork Journeys in Sayulita & Bucerias
  • Hybrid Online & In-person Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator Training in Sayulita

Unity Breathwork in Sayulita is a ‘must-do’ in town. There are both private (1:1 and group) and public, Breathwork Journeys on offer, as well as Trauma-Informed Breathwork Training and a Retreat happening April 12-17th. 

✨Please reach out to Megan to book a private Breathwork or to join the weekly public session which is Tuesdays at 6-7:45 pm.


This breathing technique alters your state of consciousness similar to plant-medicine and takes you on an incredibly deep and healing inner journey. 

Your facilitator Megan is a doubly certified Facilitator and Teacher with 5 years of experience and an incredible amount of compassion, warmth, and skill. Although Breathwork on its own is arguably the most powerful and empowering healing modality available, Megan further enhances the experience by incorporating supportive touch and Reiki.

Whether you're sharing this experience with your wedding party, bachelor party, partner, family, or simply seeking to elevate your own wellness, this will be an unforgettable and transformative journey that may just change your life!

* Please note if you’re not yet in Sayulita and are eager to experience Unity Breathwork, Megan is available for Online Sessions

The Breathwork State

Breathwork is sort of like a marriage between hypnotherapy and plant medicine. However, unlike plant medicine, you don’t need to rely on an outside substance to alter your consciousness, and at all times you remain fully in control of your journey. Also, the facilitator does not dictate in the way a hypnotherapist does – your inner wisdom is the guide. And if emotions or sensations feel too strong, you can simply return to normal breathing at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Breathwork?

  • Temporarily changes the CO2, oxygen, and Ph levels in the body, which slows down electrical activity in the brain, loosens the grip of the ego, and allows access to subconscious programming (which dictates 98% of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors)

  • Can lead to a range of rapid mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical transformations

  • Oxygenates the body, promotes detoxification, and can leave you feeling energized and refreshed

  • Ongoing breathwork sessions can help rebalance the nervous system and get a person out of chronic fight, flight or freeze mode

  • Connects you to your inner wisdom​, helps you listen to the messages that come from your body​, and can also provide you with new important insights

  • Allows the opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve you, to heal your inner child, and to release trauma

  • With a properly trained facilitator, deep somatic healing can occur in a gentle and safe way

  • It can help to let go of addictions and self-sabotaging behaviors and coping mechanisms

  • It is an excellent way to make a community out of a group of strangers or acquaintances

  • Every session is different for every person, and the best thing to do is to let go of expectations and resistance, remain open to whatever wants to arise, and trust that the breath will take you there

  • It’s often said that one breath session can be more powerful than years of therapy

  • Some describe this type of breathwork as being ‘re-born.’

Breathwork Is For Everyone & You Don't Need to Be ‘Woo Woo’ to Benefit

There is no skill or training necessary for the breather at all. You don’t have to have a spiritual, religious, or meditative practice to receive its incredible and far-reaching benefits. As long as you follow the breathing technique, Breathwork will work for you! So if you’d like to offer this to a group of friends, family, or your wedding party and you’re worried some people won’t ‘be into it’ - fear not, by the end of the session they will be Believers. In fact, it's usually the biggest skeptics who get ‘dragged’ to the sessions by their loved ones that become the biggest breathwork fanatics! 

What Is Breathwork & Is this the Same as Holotropic? 

The term Breathwork can create a lot of confusion and some people think it is pranayama, or learning how to breathe optimally in everyday life, or a breathing technique to induce relaxation. But breathwork is none of those things - Breathwork (without a space between breath and work) is the term used to describe all breathing modalities that use a connected or circular breathing technique for the purpose of inducing altered states of consciousness conducive to deep healing and transformation. 

Breathwork has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years and it is quickly becoming the ‘New Yoga’. All the modern variants are rooted in Holotropic and Rebirthing Breathwork and they share the technique of not having a pause between the inhale and exhale. Unity Breathwork is very similar to Holotropic breathwork, however, our sessions are more accessible because they are not 6+ hours long.

The Logistics of Unity Breathwork Offerings

I am available for private 1:1 and group sessions online and in Sayulita, Punta Mita, La Cruz, and surrounding areas. If you would like a private session but do not have the space for it, I will provide the space. I also offer weekly public group sessions at various locations in Sayulita and Bucerias. I’m additionally available to facilitate for your retreat. Please message me to find out more. 

The Structure, Length, & What to Expect

The Breathwork sessions are typically an hour and a half in total. The circular breathing segment is one hour and in that time you will be breathing while lying down with your eyes closed with carefully curated music to support the journey. I also offer both reiki and supportive touch during the breathing segment (optional and with consent). I will be there to provide a safe container, to coach your breathing, and to help you reach the deepest state possible. However, the breath is the teacher and guide, and it will take you exactly where you need to go for your highest healing. 

There is time allocated before the breathwork journey for explaining the technique and how to get the most out of it. And time after, to allow breathers to write down any insights, ground themselves, and share about their experiences if they wish.

Why I Facilitate Breathwork

Prior to discovering circular breathing, I embarked on a fifteen-year healing quest. In that time, I exhaustively explored numerous avenues to release trauma and negative subconscious patterns and cultivate more joy and love in my life. 

Although I have great respect for yoga, hypnotherapy, plant medicine, Shamanic healing, nutritional therapy, energy medicine, meditation, EFT, Law of Attraction, life coaching, and everything else that I have studied and utilized on my quest for healing, it was Breathwork that brought about the quickest and most profound transformations. 

My first Breathwork session was in Bali. I showed up blindly and with a bit of resistance (‘I don't want to breathe for an hour - how boring😅 ’), and yet I released decades of stored grief in that single session. I was blown away but the power of this type of breathing and knew immediately I had found my calling and that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others heal themselves with their breath. Since then, I have made it my life's mission to help make Breathwork as widely accessible and popular as yoga. 

Please contact Megan to book a private 1:1 or group session or to find out about upcoming public group sessions. Megan is also available to facilitate retreats, special events, weddings, bachelorettes, family reunions, etc. If you’re not yet in Sayulita and would like to experience breathwork you can book an online session with her.

Please use the contact form or call the number above (please mention Sayulita Life) for more information about Megan’s offerings and how she can support you.

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Transformative Experience
I highly recommend this experience with Megan. I have participated twice and each time the experience has been life changing. It’s been like having 10 years of therapy in two hours.
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Experienced: February, 2024
Response from Owner/Manager on 02/17/2024

Thanks for your review Regina, it was so lovely having you and Rhonda in the session. Hope to see you again next time in you're in Sayulita.

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Loved this experience - reached greater depths than ever before!
My experience with Breathwork has been so positive and motivational. I am a regular mediator but have never reached such a deep meditative state as I have during Megan’s breath sessions. I find Megan very soothing and her presence was felt but it was never excessive. She holds the space and lets your breath be the guide of your journey. Her music really helped for timing the breathing and for taking me deeper inwards
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Experienced: November, 2023
Amazing Experience
Megan’s breathwork class was nothing short of amazing! Her attentiveness in creating a safe space for all made it so easy to come in as a first timer. Highly recommend!
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Experienced: November, 2023
Highly Recommend
Megan held such a safe and comfortable space for everybody in our group session. She was so kind and helpful as I moved through all the emotions that came up during the session. She provided space after to answer questions, allowed us to share and continued to help me over the next couple days via WhatsApp as I moved through some things.
Highly recommend and would love to take a one on one with her.
xoxo Kirsten
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Experienced: November, 2023
A Perfect First Experience
I had never been to a Breathwork class before, and going to Megans was definitely an experience for me. The space she created had a sense of calmness and openness. We set intentions at the beginning of the class and then began doing the breathwork. It was an experience in itself and was completely present in the moment. Megan is informative, knowledgeable, and her classes are very welcoming. I'm looking forward to my next class with Megan and highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore Breathwork.
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Experienced: November, 2023
I feel blessed to have experienced this with Megan
Megan has a true gift and is a very genuine and special light. I feel blessed to have been able to experience her session!
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Experienced: October, 2023
I'm shocked by how powerful this was
My experience breathing with Megan has been incredible. I’m shocked by how powerful the breath is and how much it has changed my life for the better. Megan has extremely powerful energy and a healing touch, and many of us in our sessions have spoke about how we felt like she was still there supporting us even when she was on the opposite side of the room. I also love her playlists; they really help me in my process and the beautiful, upbeat songs she always plays at the end make me feel so full of love and gratitude. My sessions are different every time, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I have visits from deceased loved ones…but whatever happens I always leave feeling like I am on cloud nine and I could just float out of there!
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Experienced: October, 2023
I experience pure bliss ✨
Megan’s breathwork sessions have really helped me evolve and get rid of blockages. It has opened me up and allowed me to experience a state of pure Bliss. Thank you so much!
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Experienced: September, 2023
Out of Body Experience & a Meeting with my Deceased Grandmother
I had an out-of-body experience with my deceased grandmother who was there the whole time with me. She came and said to me it’s time to let go of your ego. And it’s like I had this ego death, this out of body experience where this darker shadowy version of myself was hovering over me with my nan and looking down and stroking my face and I had these tears and this total release and peace. It was a crazy experience and there was all this love, and then I just felt incredible peace.
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Experienced: August, 2023
All Around Amazing :)
Incredible experience especially as a newbie to Breathwork! Beautiful setting, great connections and a comfortable vibe.
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Experienced: August, 2023
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Megan in Sayulita Mexico
Bio Please mention SayulitaLife
Megan is a passionate, caring, and highly experienced Breathwork Facilitator. She underwent two incredibly comprehensive 400-hour Breathwork Training programs and she is now a certified Facilitator Teacher as well. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wellness Writer, Yoga instructor, Nutritionist, and Reiki 2 practitioner, with a depth of knowledge in trauma, mental health, addiction, abuse recovery, narcissism, relationship dynamics, and the subconscious mind. Although she weaves all of her learnings into her Breathwork offerings, it was her first experience with Breathwork that completely transformed her: “My first session put me in touch with a wellspring of sadness I had cut myself off from and led me down an incredible path of feeling and healing. Sharing breathwork with as many people as possible is now my life’s purpose and I’m incredibly grateful to get to hold space for such deep work!!” What Brought Megan to Sayulita After exploring the world for 15 years, Megan stumbled upon Sayulita, and in an instant, she recognized it as the dwelling place of her soul. The enchanting blend of exceptionally warm and hospitable locals, picturesque weather, breathtaking sunsets, a laid-back atmosphere, and a diverse range of wellness practitioners and experiences swiftly etched Sayulita into Megan's heart.