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Marco Ojeda Dog Training in Sayulita Mexico

Marco Ojeda Dog Training

Trusted, Patient Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant
Teaches Observation & Communication Skills for Humans
Do as I Do is a new training method based on dog’s social cognitive skills
Training & management for all stages of a Dog´s life
Science based dog training
Highly Recommended in the Sayulita Area

Marco Ojeda Dog Training in Sayulita - Check out the "Menus and More" tab above to view my Training Guide and Behavior Consultation Checklist. 

I am a Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, when it comes to dogs, I help where I can. Dogs are dogs and they do dog stuff, but people don’t seem to grasp that in a whole, or in other words, they don’t have a holistic view of living with dogs. That´s where I come in and assist. ​

I provide people the tools to read dog behavior and better their communication skills to minimize misinterpretations, lower expectations, increase empathy. To better the life for the dog, owner, and the community they live in. I provide easy tools to apply in their day to day life through a theorical and practical program. 

I live in Sayulita, México  I travel throughout Mexico and out  to assist dogs with their humans. I also can assist with Online one on one live sessions with incredible results.

‘’More than training, I provide the means for people to be able to commune with their dog, enriching both their own and their dog’s life"​
– Marco Ojeda

Are you looking to improve communication? To modify behavior? To help your animal companion be emotional, well and balanced? To better understand him or her? Or maybe you simply want to deepen your bond with your furry companion?

Dog Training

  • Puppy (all of what you need to make the life companion you have dreamt of)
  • Basic behaviors
  • Behavior problems
  • Off leash (for example: come when called)
  • Mental activity / occupational work.
  • Utility behaviors to help around the house, Frisbee sport, Tricks.​

Want to go even further with your dog?

Social Learning in Dogs

  • “Do as I Do is a new training method based on dog’s social cognitive skills, particularly on his imitative ability. With this technique dogs will learn new behaviors observing and imitating their owners.”​
  • I am one of the few people in the world to be implementing this tecnique and are also a member of the Do as I Do offical team based in Europe.

I can offer one-on-one support for you and your dog in the privacy of your own home (anywhere in México or online), if you are interested please send me an email  here to give you details on prices among answering any question you may have.

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The best dog training experience we have ever had
Marco's approach goes well beyond any training experience we have had in the past. At the end of an hour we truly understood our dog better much better then we did in the previous 1.5 years we have been together, and our dog was happier and more connected to us. Marco focuses on communication, how to understand and be aware of what your dog is communicating to you, and how to communicate back in a simple and consistent way that your dog can understand. The approach goes well beyond teaching your dog to sit or shake a paw, instead I'd describe it as a toolkit, or approach to really connect with your dog, and which you can build upon yourself in the future. The training is more for the owner than just for the dog. Outstanding and highly recommended.
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Experienced: January, 2022
Marco the dog whisperer
Not sure how you rewired my dogs brain in one hour but I just took her for a walk. Loose leash, no problems with people or dogs. Thank you Marco 🙏
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Experienced: November, 2020
Knowledgeable and practical!
We called Marco to help us find a way to reduce our dog’s anxiety when we leave the house. Marco came to see us, wearing a mask & following COVID precautions, and spent an hour learning about our dog & the situation, helping us understand what was going on, teaching us techniques & designing a plan of action. We left with a much deeper understanding of the WHY behind our dogs behavior & felt equipped with the tools to start to shift that behavior to the desire outcome.

We are now in the second day of practice and already noticing a difference! Highly recommend Marco for help in any dog behavior topics! He is also just a really nice person, I could spend hours talking to him!
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Experienced: June, 2020
Response from Owner/Manager on 06-13-2020
Thank you so much to you Lisa and your husband for giving me the chance to work with you and Rocky!

Please let me know how everything is going!

Marco Ojeda
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Agressive Leash problem solved. Win win.
I was unable to meet in person, so Marcos suggested SKYPE. After sending just a handful of short videos of my dog in agressive situations on leash, Marcos was able to pinpoint the problem.
I had to change from The Alpha to a team approach with my dog. It’s working!!!! His philosophy has me thinking like a dog. Other dogs seem to leave us alone most of the time and my dog succeeds on walks.... instead of failing. Yay.
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Experienced: February, 2019
Otro adoptivo fallido, (lo guardo) con la energía del cachorro, por supuesto adorable, pero por falta de modales sociales, invitamos a Marco a que nos ayudara. Estoy sorprendido, con la diferencia, después de solo una sesión, en mi cachorro y en mí. Ya nos estamos beneficiando con beneficios saludables. ¡No puedo esperar hasta nuestra próxima sesión! Gracias Marco!
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Experienced: February, 2019
Marco worked with us and our foster dog. This dog was scared of everything, startled easy, and had incidents of lashing out. The suggestions and strategies he offered were game-changers. We were quite worried about this dog and within just a few hours, we were seeing significant changes. Marco was patient, understanding and passionate about making a better quality of life for the pup. Can’t say enough about our appreciation of our time with Marco and the results we have had!
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Experienced: January, 2019
Learning to trust.
The dog who lives with me came to me through a foster dog program. Due to her fears, she was terrified of nearly every thing and was quite aggressive toward everyone. We'll never really know what her life was like prior to being rescued and taken off of the streets. With Marco's calm guidance and specific instructional training she is now much more tranquil and has learned to enjoy the comfort and security of her kennel. She goes into her kennel without a fuss where she spends a bit of time before being introduced to new people. Once she realizes that they will pose no threat, then she is permitted out of the kennel. Most times she comes out and then returns to have a nice snooze. What a transformation. We both learned a lot ! Thank you Marco !!
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Experienced: April, 2018
speaks the language of dogs
I thought it would take weeks to teach our dog something but Marco achieved instant results in 2 hours, but even more importantly he was able to make us understand the concept of how he did it. Dogs need to be trained in my opinion to maximize the joy of living together with them. I couldn't think of anyone better suited to teach this art then Marco!
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Experienced: February, 2017
Dog Whisperer from Guadalajara!
I was referred to Marco after my dog was exhibiting greater than normal Separation Anxiety and defiant behavior (heeling properly). My Weimaraner Wiley had a bit of trauma being shipped to Mexico from Colorado so he would not sleep in his bed or be on his own. Marco was able to have him heeling and obeying right away, but the SA issue took some time. His un-ending patience and calm way finally won Wiley over and soon my dog was going to his bed all on his own!

My dog is a sensitive, gentle guy by nature. Marco knew how to deal with him immediately and seemed to really connect with him. Marco seems to be able to get inside of their heads and get to the root of the issue. I would recommend Marco to anyone whose beloved pet is having any issues.


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Experienced: May, 2013
Instant results - Marco is a genius, a true dog whisperer
I think anyone with a dog can benefit from Marco's expertise. My husband and I had a few hours of sessions with him while we were in Sayulita, and we gained innumerable tools to use with our adult dog and two pups we were fostering. My husband and I were also both amazed at how simple some of Marco’s tools are to implement.

Case in point, fostering two puppies was a handful to say the least. Both would be going in different directions at the same time, or worse yet, in the same direction when it came time for us to eat. Before Marco came into our lives, we couldn’t put food down on the table without both pups attempting to get to it. Eating became such a monumental hassle. A chore with no joy and certainly no peace. BUT in just one session with Marco, he taught us how to communicate our boundaries to those puppies, and they never bothered us again while we were eating. Add to it, they would each pick a spot at a distance (a boundary we set), and lie there while we ate. It was incredible - no begging, no bothering, no guilt trips. We were also able to teach the dogs boundaries around our “things” such as shoes and other fun chew toys. We could finally put our shoes back on the floor without the pups turning them into chew toys.

And while we’ve had our adult dog, Stella, for four years, there have been some adjustments that we have wanted regarding her behavior. And Marco has helped and continues to help us with that. I love it when we’re out with Stella and people tell us, “She’s so well-behaved!” or “She listens so well!”.

The response of the dogs to Marco is extraordinary. He knows how to communicate with them like nothing I’ve ever before seen. It is as if the dogs know he is one of them. I do believe the dogs find him fetching!

In many ways, Marco was training us. I think our pack grew tremendously in just a short time with him. Working with Marco is worth the investment for you and your lifelong companion.
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Experienced: May, 2013
Marco in Sayulita Mexico
Owner/Manager Name
In the year 2000 I took my first professional Dog Trainer course. I`ve attended specialized seminars for: French Ring, Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, Protection Dog, Police Dog, double purpose, Agility, Decoy Work, Obedience and canine behavior. But, w... [Read more]

In the year 2000 I took my first professional Dog Trainer course. I`ve attended specialized seminars for: French Ring, Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, Protection Dog, Police Dog, double purpose, Agility, Decoy Work, Obedience and canine behavior. But, when I took what I had learned into practice, I realized that something was missing, the techniques I was exposed to at that time wered forced based exercises with collars of all kinds, there were some exceptions where the facilitator used friendly techniques. Of course they worked, I even competed in French Ring, in Mexico and USA with my Dog Bacchus Noir R1, I worked as a certified decoy (by French Judge) in level 1 for the GTR in México, I trained puppies and adults at the Mont Gris club, decoyed in official competitions and pre-selectives for championships, I also collaborated in the organization of official competitions of French Ring and Protection Dog Sport, but ... It was until 2006 when I met Sandra Reimann (Sandy from Ryker k9 from Maryland, USA) the person who until then, would have influenced the way I work with dogs and in myself. She taught me to observe and as all the great teachers say: we must first appropriate knowledge by letting the "object" teach you about it. And that´s what I´ve have been doing since then, I formed my own criteria. By then, "I hung the collars" and decided to open my heart, soul and mind, being patient, observant, disciplined, introspective and above all, respectful, trusting my intuition, changing habits and putting myself in the dog's paws, considering how they live the world. I have worked as an advisor with several non-profit organizations, independent groups of dog rescue. Also as a facilitator or organizer of workshops and seminars with other speakers for dog trainers, in Colima COL, Chihuahua Chi, Michoacán MICH, Guanajuato GTO, Guadalajara JAL, Monterrey NLE, Aguascalientes AGS, Sayulita NAY, Bahia de Jaltemba NAY, Puerto Vallarta JAL, CDMX, Toluca MEX, Playa del Carmen ROO, Saltillo COA, La Paz BCS Mexico, Puerto Rico, Perú, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland both in Spanish and in English. And then Do as I Do arrived ... Before Do as I Do... I believed that I had already learned all the means to communicate in a deeper level with dogs, that I only needed to fine tune my skills and of course that is true, but, this method has opened for me, a new chapter and I am sure it will for many more people. Today I collaborate with Claudia Fugazza PhD in Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University (developer of the Do as I Do dog training method) in Science studies on Dog´s cognition. I am part of the Do as I Do team that is based in Europe, I travel to assit Dr. Fugazza in the practice part of the Do as I Do seminars. I manage my own business called Vivir con Perros (Life with Dogs), where I travel throughout Mexico and out doing personalized counseling in homes and also workshops.

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8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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Group/Private Classes
In-Home Service
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