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Marco Ojeda Dog Behavior, Rehabilitation and Training

Trusted and Patient Dog Behavior Consultant
Teaches Observation, Communication and Positive Reinforcement
Rehabilitation for Dogs with Emotional and Behavioral Issues
Dog and Puppy Training
Agility and Behavior for Dogs and Puppies
Highly Recommended in the Sayulita Are

Check out the "Menu's and More" tab above to view my Training Guide and Behavior Consultation Checklist. 

I am a Dog Behavior Consultant (an interpreter of the canine communication system for humans), rehabilitator and trainer in México. I work through observation, communication and positive reinforcement. I have an in-depth and practical knowledge of utilitarian dogs such as with protection, green dogs and sports. I rehabilitate dogs with a range (from mild to severe) of behavioral and emotional issues while working with humans to improve their understanding of and communication with dogs.

I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México (where I was born) with my human, dog and cat family. I travel throughout Mexico (Sayulita is one of my most visited places year round) to assist dogs with their humans, both in English and Spanish.

“The reality is that we blame our dogs for our shortcomings in not knowing how to communicate with our beloved pets. While I am still learning and practicing the “canine language” every day, these beings are continually teaching me and that satisfies me”.
– Marco Ojeda

Are you looking to improve communication? To modify behavior? To help your animal companion be emotional, well and balanced? To better understand him or her? Or maybe you simply want to deepen your bond with your furry companion?


  • Basic behaviors
  • Off leash (for example: come when called)
  • Specific behaviors (mental activity / occupational work around the house or protection dog)
  • Walk without pulling
  • Agility (obstacles)

I can offer one-on-one support for you and your dog in the privacy of your own home (anywhere in México or outside), if you are interested please send me an email  here to give you details on prices among answering any question you may have.

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from 30 reviews
speaks the language of dogs
I thought it would take weeks to teach our dog something but Marco achieved instant results in 2 hours, but even more importantly he was able to make us understand the concept of how he did it. Dogs need to be trained in my opinion to maximize the joy of living together with them. I couldn't think of anyone better suited to teach this art then Marco!
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Experienced: February, 2017
Dog Whisperer from Guadalajara!
I was referred to Marco after my dog was exhibiting greater than normal Separation Anxiety and defiant behavior (heeling properly). My Weimaraner Wiley had a bit of trauma being shipped to Mexico from Colorado so he would not sleep in his bed or be on his own. Marco was able to have him heeling and obeying right away, but the SA issue took some time. His un-ending patience and calm way finally won Wiley over and soon my dog was going to his bed all on his own!

My dog is a sensitive, gentle guy by nature. Marco knew how to deal with him immediately and seemed to really connect with him. Marco seems to be able to get inside of their heads and get to the root of the issue. I would recommend Marco to anyone whose beloved pet is having any issues.


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Experienced: May, 2013
Instant results - Marco is a genius, a true dog whisperer
I think anyone with a dog can benefit from Marco's expertise. My husband and I had a few hours of sessions with him while we were in Sayulita, and we gained innumerable tools to use with our adult dog and two pups we were fostering. My husband and I were also both amazed at how simple some of Marco’s tools are to implement.

Case in point, fostering two puppies was a handful to say the least. Both would be going in different directions at the same time, or worse yet, in the same direction when it came time for us to eat. Before Marco came into our lives, we couldn’t put food down on the table without both pups attempting to get to it. Eating became such a monumental hassle. A chore with no joy and certainly no peace. BUT in just one session with Marco, he taught us how to communicate our boundaries to those puppies, and they never bothered us again while we were eating. Add to it, they would each pick a spot at a distance (a boundary we set), and lie there while we ate. It was incredible - no begging, no bothering, no guilt trips. We were also able to teach the dogs boundaries around our “things” such as shoes and other fun chew toys. We could finally put our shoes back on the floor without the pups turning them into chew toys.

And while we’ve had our adult dog, Stella, for four years, there have been some adjustments that we have wanted regarding her behavior. And Marco has helped and continues to help us with that. I love it when we’re out with Stella and people tell us, “She’s so well-behaved!” or “She listens so well!”.

The response of the dogs to Marco is extraordinary. He knows how to communicate with them like nothing I’ve ever before seen. It is as if the dogs know he is one of them. I do believe the dogs find him fetching!

In many ways, Marco was training us. I think our pack grew tremendously in just a short time with him. Working with Marco is worth the investment for you and your lifelong companion.
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Experienced: May, 2013
It really works!!!
I was very worried about my dog meeting strangers, especially youngsters. My dog is usually very gentle but also skiddish, nervous, and very scared when encountering strangers . Marcos taught me quickly and easily how to avoid this. The first time I tried his "gentle" technique it worked! My brother and his wife were visiting and she never growled or barked at them once in 4 days! I highly recommend Marcos. I say he is a "gentle giant" in my book!
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Experienced: April, 2013
Marco is the BEST!!
Well, he help me with my little band of dogs hahaha I have many dogs at home cause they use to be dog homeless... always i need help to his rehab, and Marco always is there to help to all of us at the distance (cause we don´t live close to Marco), but everytime that he come to Playa del Carmen we love that moments to learn and moments to meet the real things of dogs.
Is not only a dog trainer is an excellent person and lovely friend.
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Experienced: April, 2013
"A life expectancy came true..."
May be my english is not the best, so I´ll try to do my best. Four years ago, we recibed to Huska, a beautiful dog who was very sociable, until we forget many of her needs, as take her to give a ride every day, and never consider her stress because our behavior, so we just let pass the time, and she started biting people, this caused us many trouble with our neighbors and family, once Huska bitten my mother too and we decided to sacrifice coldly. I felt guilty and asked for help before making a decision, and I found it in Marco Ojeda, his help changend our lives with Huska, gave us a life expectancy and learning wich will last even when we decide to experince with new hope of life other dogs that come to our existence. Thanks Marco, you are very professional and we love you!, because of you Huska is not more a pet, she is a member of our family, it's great to walk without milestones, read her possible reactions with other dogs and people, feel free to walk and enjoy the day without fear. Thanks a lot!!! Guauff, guauff!!!
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Experienced: April, 2013
Marco is the best thing EVER happened to our life.... 9 years of life of Aston and me.
I had spent the best 9 years of my life with a great Cocker Spaniel called Aston, thanks to Marco.
Marco taught us how to live better together, Aston and I.
I, as a Japanese Expat, Aston was my only family here in Mexico. Thanks to Marco, my little family was full of love and laughter.

Aston was loved by everyone wherever he wagged his tail at, because Marco taught him how to interact with people and the other dogs. We often traveled to Sayulita to spend vacations together. He had never gotten into trouble at the beach with people nor other dogs, and the waiters at the restaurants by the beach were astonished by seeing how well he behaved under my table while I dined. Sayulita was his best destination to travel.

Through his 9 years of life, Aston spent enormous time with Marco since I travel quite a bit by work. This is how he became Marco's assistant at his therapy. When he passed away, after a year fighting against a prostate cancer, I received many massages from unknown people thanking him because he helped their dogs at the therapy with Marco. It really soothed my pain of losing him because I was a proud owner of this great dog. I could not ask for more.
But it was only possible because we had Marco, a great trainer/psychologist.
He was the best thing ever happened to our life.
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Experienced: April, 2013
Molto utile, una esperienza assolutamente positiva
Ho visto Marco insegnare il modo corretto di tenere il guinzaglio, come girarsi o come camminare, come rimanere fermo o come provocare il cane con il domi ... un esempio che è stato illuminante, tanto più convincente perché ha questa attitudine di serenità e sicurezza anche nella vita. Ha trasmesso fiducia e allegria a me e al proprietario del cane, Julian, vedere come Laminio, dobermann maschio di un anno e mezzo, prima disinteressato e scostante, a volte quasi ostile, ha iniziato in pochi incontri a seguire lui e poi il padrone prima con curiosità e poi con entusiasmo. Grazie Marco!
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Experienced: April, 2013
The best connection and experience that My Dogs and me have had
I could know the importance to have a real and lovely connection with my pets, I know that the communication must be clear with the dogs, the real work is with the owners, they come to teach us a lot about life, for me they are Angels and Marco Ojeda is the best trainer and dog psychologist, I love his passion and the way he can understand to the dogs. I´m so glad and grateful to have had a therapy with him, and I´m totally sure that my 8 dogs too!!! =)
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Experienced: April, 2013
Guío and his human family has a guide with Cannes Dog Rehabilitation
Guio (gray, male, waimarener, abandoned) has adopted and Cannes Dog REhabilitation (Marco Ojeda) came to our home and had a nice chat about the dog´s language and the way we can interact with him and between us.

Marco also observed us and share the emotions he could see in each of us.

We could lived with Guío since then, understand the way he try to communicate with us and his dog´s nature.

If you want dog or cat´s companion, first call Marco and have a conversation to make a healthy decision.
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Experienced: April, 2013
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