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Galeria Primavera, Av. Revolución 46 282 Visitors 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Notes: Office Hours: M-Sa 8am - 7pm; Su 9am - 7pm. Office hours are primarily for guests, our centrally located tienda is available for guests to pick up extra keys, etc. We are always available, at all hours.
  • Local Management Company for 15+ Years
  • Full Service: Ground Management & Booking
  • Staff Longevity: Original Staff 10+ Years
  • Excellent History of Listing Reviews
  • Fluent Lingually and Culturally
  • 3 Home Limit

❁ Ground & Listing management 
❁ Garden & Pool specialization
❁ Project management
❁ Photography
❁ Local Office
❁ Fair compensation
❁ Bi-lingual, Bi-cultural
❁ Excellent listing ratings 
❁ 3-home limit for focus on qualilty
❁ 15+ years experience & 10+ years original staff

Casas de Primavera (rental management business)
Casas de Primaver in Sayulita is a small local property management business that is wholly invested in the families and culture of Sayulita. Ilse works as the property manager; she has been living full-time in Sayulita since 2003 and has managed vacation rentals since 2006. She is lingually and culturally fluent (English - native, Spanish -adopted). Property management services are comprehensive, please ask us for details! 

Casas de Primavera staff are native to Sayulita. llse practices an uncompromising dedication to maintaining high standards of living and well-being for them and their families; this includes medical insurance and social security. In our experience, cared-for staff are high-performing staff. This local team has been with us for greater than 10 years. They are happy and their interaction with guests during cleaning and grounds maintenance reflects this; they bring a sense of cheer, safety, and care, seamlessly moving about their work while guest families and children play.

Galeria Primavera (base of operations)
The base of operations is at Galeria Primavera, which is located on the Plaza, right across from El Espresso on Ave Revolućion. Critical business and house items are centralized here, such as keys, documentation, and electronic files. Owners and vendors can come here to speak to Ilse and/or staff, leave messages and make payments. Guests also have an additional method to connect; in addition to phone/message/email, they can stop by to speak to us for any reason. The Galeria is a hub for the cleaning staff as well, and is a place to bring, store and retrieve lost guest items. We welcome homeowners to visit the Galeria in order to gain a feel for the standard of care, quality, and beauty they can expect in their own homes when under our management. 

The Team:
The team on the ground in Sayulita comprises the cleaning girls, Cynthia & Mariana; the pool technician & gardener, Alex; and the property manager, Ilse. 
Cleaning:  Cynthia and Mariana are exacting with their cleans. They can be heard lauging and chatting while working their magic.
Gardening & Pool:  Alex excels at gardening and pool maintenance. He is very approachable while on the grounds tending to his absolutely marvelous gardens. Grounds & terraces are littered with parades of potted plants, abundant orchids and haliconias, prolific fruit trees grown from seedlings, etc. When in season, he happily cuts a few fruit directly from the trees for guests to have an enriched tropical experience.
Property & Project Management:
Ilse has over a decade of experience managing complex repairs and building out properties, both interiors and exteriors. She has been responsible for over 15 large homes and villas in Sayulita over the years, and has developed significant relationships to specialists of all kinds relating to property maintenance and remodeling. It is no small undertaking to care for a property in hot humid environments, and she thus stresses preventive maintenace. 
Digital Platform Management:
Jennifer is Ilse’s sister, she manages advertising on Sayulita Life and Airbnb. This includes photography, listing setup, booking, guest interaction, and reviews. It is her experience that listings are not stagnant advertising, but a continuous project of improvement. As our interaction with your home and guests deepens, and as the ideal demographic for your rental is defined, the listing language is shifted to capture it. Each guest experience and listing review is analyzed, turning this information into relevant and actionable insights for how we can improve. The price point is also continually reviewed for optimization. As a result, listing scores and guest bookings increase over time. Our average listing rating is 4.95. 

Security & Integrity:
Security is a primary focus. A great deal of attention is given to this, including helping guests understand how to follow basic security procedures and an expectation that houses provide a secure environment such as hotel-style safes and digital locks. The team has a high regard for integrity. The highest standards of honesty and security are practiced by the entire team. ​

Quality of experience is also a primary focus. We will only ever have three homes under management so that we can focus our care and devote our limited resources on these three homes exclusively. The girls give amazing cleans and the gardener creates oases.  This can be seen by our lush gardens & pristine pools and by cleaning standards that allow guests to feel as if they are exclusive users of the property & to feel right at home. They are dedicated to the team as we are dedicated to providing them with a great work environment. 

We perform our work independently and transparently and do everything we can to make it easy for you. Our homes are clean and we take great pride in our well-managed properties and our well-cared for staff.


  • In-Home Service
  • Reserve Online/Phone
  • Language
    • English
    • Spanish
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Fantastic Service!
Ilse Saludos managed our property for years and is absolutely amazing at what she does. Our guests were blown away by the services that were offered - from pick up at the airport to grocery shopping and drop off. No request was too big. She has a great personality and provides top notch service at all times!
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Experienced: July, 2023
Great Service, Caring Staff
Casas Primavera was my property management company for about 10 years. They were super easy to work with and very professional. I recommend them highly.
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Experienced: June, 2023
Very Happy Guests
In the past 7 years we have rented various properties in Sayulita during the winter season. In our first year our very best experience was with Ilse and her team. In fact, it was one of the reasons we kept coming back to the same property over the years. We always knew we would be in good hands. They are simply the best property manager and professional team to take care of you in Sayulita.
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Experienced: June, 2023
Amazing Property Managers/Staff
Casas De Primavera Property Management is excellent in all aspects! From the booking process to check-in, and all the home and garden staff that go above and beyond, you can feel safe and secure and spend your vacation time doing just that…vacation! Thanks for all you do!! Looking forward to our next stay!
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Experienced: June, 2023
Highly Recommend
We highly recommend Primavera Rentals to manage rental properties. We have a house that we have rented for about 15 years. During that time Primavera Rentals have provided us excellent service in every possible way. They have been very efficient and trustworthy in all aspects of the renting procedures. Their wonderful staff of cleaning, gardening, and pool maintenance have been extremely dependable and responsive. We are sure that if you use their services you will be delighted that you chose them.
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Experienced: June, 2023
Excellent property management company
Ilse and her staff looked after my property for over 10 years. My home was looked after beautifully. I had extensive gardens and a lap pool , both maintained perfectly. The cleaning staff were meticulous and I was often told by my guests how beautifully the property was kept. Ilse is an amazing person. Honestly and integrity are the top of my list. My guests loved her and found she was always available to deal with any problems that might arise during their stay. I would highly recommend Casas de Primavera for your property management company. Bette
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Experienced: June, 2023
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