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Notes: We are available at all hours to you and to guests.
  • Three-Home Limit
  • Data Driven Management
  • Rigorous Security and Safety
  • Transparent Financial Reporting
  • Top Property Management in Sayulita
  • Expert Construction and Renovation

Primavera Property Management Sayulita
❁ Our team has served together for more than 10 years.
❁ Owner relationships average 10 years. 
❁ Our properties average a listing rating of 4.95.
❁ Return guests book a minimum of 2 months per year. 
❁ Reviews from repeat-guests & owners, shown below, tell the story of our long-term commitment to excellence.

Management Overview:
❁ We are a high-integrity, full-service property management company. 
❁ Our managers and staff, including Ilse, Alex, Cynthia, Mariana, and Jennifer, are dedicated to the team, to our owners, and to guests.
❁ Fair compensation and security for the staff is a priority, which reflects positively in staff interactions with guests.
❁ We are careful to gain high guest satisfaction and positive reviews. We continually discuss our service experiences, identifying both successes and service gaps. We consistently strive to discover ways to improve, as the rental landscape in Sayulita continually changes. 
❁ A Three-home limit ensures high quality service. 

    » Property care & Project management
    » Listing management & Guest interaction.
    » Garden & Pool specialization
    » Photography & photo editing
    » Data-driven management
    » Bi-lingual & Bi-cultural
    » Local office on the Plaza
    » Serving Sayulita exclusively

1. Maintenance and Upkeep: 
Given our many years of managing properties in Sayulita, we understand the unique challenges of a tropical climate. We have the knowledge, skill and motivation to care for the longevity of your property and the comfort of your guests.
❁ Our services include preventative maintenance, all repairs, fumigation, pool & garden management, as well as housekeeping, etc.
❁ Ilse, our property manager, coordinates and oversees maintenance and repairs. She has long-standing solid relationships to specialists of all kinds relating to property maintenance and remodeling. 
❁ Led by Alex, our expert in horticulture & pool maintenance, we maintain lush gardens and pristine pools, giving your guests a true tropical experience.
❁ Cynthia and Mariana, our housekeepers, are regularly commended by guests for their thoroughness in cleaning and their bright guest interactions. Their attention to detail is a cornerstone of our service quality.

2. Security and Safety:
Your property's security is our high priority. 
❁ We require that properties under our management meet our high safety standards; this is the starting point of our relationship with you.
❁ Assurances include equipping homes with hotel-style safes, digital locks, and secure perimeters, and teaching guests basic security procedures.

3. Property Management:
 We intend to establish a strong, trust-based relationship with you.
❁ With your help, we identify your property’s idiosyncracies, history, and potential issues.
❁ Ilse directly oversees property management based on your wishes and specific needs of your home.
❁ Gardens and pools are our specialty. Over time, our diverse gardens attract tropical birds, providing you and your guests with a lush, stimulating & beautiful environment. Our pools always reflect the coveted clarity of exceedingly high standards and expertise.  

4. Construction and Renovation Oversight: 
❁ Ilse has managed countless building projects over her 18 years of property managment, including building perimeter walls, remodeling homes from neglected buildings into stunning vacation rentals, building large palapas, and cultivating tropical gardens.
❁ Her artistic talent is evident in the furnishings she designs for these homes, including traditional wrought iron work, artisan wood dining tables & chairs, and cushions she sews from local Mexican woven textiles to complement her commissioned wood couches.
❁ We maintain high standards of construction, design, and materials.

5. Financial Management and Reporting:
❁ Bill Payments: We manage and pay routine bills associated with your property, such as utilities (electrical, water, internet), maintenance costs, and annual property taxes.
❁ Accounting and Bookkeeping: We keep accurate financial records for all transactions related to the property.
❁ Financial Reporting: We provide financial reports to property owners, including income statements, expense reports, and cash flow analysis, as well as occupancy rates with platform-specific booking & revenue. 

6. Data-Driven Marketing and Booking Management:
❁ Led by Jennifer, advertising is managed on Sayulita Life and Airbnb.
❁ Our services cover photography, photo editing, listing setup & maintenance, booking guests, interacting with guests from booking to post-checkout, review generation, data collection and subsequent analysis.
❁ Each guest booking and review is analyzed to discover actionable insights for how we can improve.
❁ Guest segmentation analysis indicates to whom advertising should be targeted. 
❁ Operational analysis shows us how our day to day performance is and isn't working.
❁ Occupancy rates are balanced with total income & costs to be sure of best possible returns. Occupancy alone is not informative of success.
❁ Each guest is encouraged to provide feedback on their stay. This feedback is used to make improvements in management and property features.
❁ Reviews are actively managed. We communicate promply and directly with Airbnb & Sayulita Life representatives for resolutions and to prevent unearned negative reviews. 
❁ Listings are updated to give accurate representations of the changing environment, including construction noise. Notes are also sent to guests to remind them prior to arrival. Set expectations do in fact prevent negative mentions in reviews. Great reviews drive more bookings in the long run than lost bookings caused by filtering for guests who are more likely to tolerate noise, etc. 
❁ We view every new issue as an opportunity to move forward. We reassess everything from listing strategy, pricing, cancellation policies, leveraging property attributes to maximize economies of scale, etc. We correlate true data, such as PVR arrivals/departures, peso strength, outbreaks, review enthusiasm, etc., to rental outcomes. 
❁ A data-driven strategy helps us discover and address persistent issues, fine-tune pricing strategies, and identify subtle relationships between property features or management activities and their influence on success or failure.
❁ With this continuous cycle of improvement and optimization, we find that listing ratings, guest bookings, and revenue increase over time.

7. Online Marketing: 
❁ We develop your property's advertising to attract high-quality guests, specifically those who reflect competence, independence, and an ability to review your property well, which in turn contributes to your property's digital footprint. 
❁ SEO optimization for increased online visibility.
❁ Photos optimized for higher algorithm and guest engagement.
❁ Property details & amenities are identified and used to create listing descriptions that attract discerning guests who value quality. 
❁ Strategies are specifically adapted for Airbnb and Sayulita Life.

8. Guest Services and Experience: 
❁ We respect the guest's choice to spend their limited vacation time & elective capital with us. We are motivated to be sure every guest has the best possible holiday. 
❁ We communicate quickly and professionally with them, and set their expectations, keeping reviews positive.
❁ Check-In and Check-Out Services: 
Provide an independent, hassle-free self check-in and check-out process.
Offer bag storage options and flexible check-in/out times when possible.
Provide detailed instructions and guidance for property amenities.
❁ Recommendations:
Recommendations for dining, private chefs, outdoor activities, and local attractions.
Recommend rentals for cars, golf carts, surf boards, baby gear, & laundromats.
❁ 24/7 Guest Support:
Offer round-the-clock support to address any issues or questions.
Provide a local contact number for emergencies or assistance.
❁ Safety and Health:
Ensure the property adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
Provide information on local health facilities in case of emergencies.


Property Manager:
Ilse is your property manager. She has been living full-time in Sayulita since 2003 and has managed vacation rentals at Casas de Primavera since 2006.
❁ She has managed over 20 homes and villas in Sayulita over the years, where she has been responsible for complex projects of improvements and repairs. Many of these homes had been with her for an average of 10 years.
❁ Prior to moving to Sayulita, she was a partner in her family's property development and construction business. She had the opportunity to participate in the construction of chalet-style homes. This hands-on experience provided her with an understanding of the building process in all its complexity.
❁ These formative experiences laid the foundation for her future career in property management, where she combines her practical knowledge of building with her passion for design to create beautiful and comfortable spaces for her clients.
❁ Ilse is bi-lingual (English (native) and Spanish (adopted)). She considers herself a citizen of the Sayulita community; giving back is of primary importance to her.
❁ Ilse studied biology at university, graduating with a degree in molecular biology. 

Listing & Booking Manager:
Jennifer is Ilse's sister and your listing & booking manager. She lives in Seattle, WA.
❁ She studied chemistry and biology at university, earning degrees in both. She has a background in research.
❁ Jennifer is fluent in German, having spent her childhood, received an education, and pursued her professional career in research there. 

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9 reviews
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Service exemplary!
We are repeat customers and can attest to the consistently high level of service we get every year. Whether it is a fridge on the fritz or questions about the internet Casas de Primavera have an immediate and helpful response. The house is always spotless and the garden well tended. I offer only the highest recommendations.
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Experienced: February, 2024
The best place to stay!
I (almost) hesitate to write a review lest I not be able to secure a reservation for next year. Casa Tranquila is, hands down, beautiful! Old world charm with all the modern day updates (Wi-Fi, TV -- which we NEVER turned on, heat pumps (AKA "air conditioning") in all 3 bedrooms). 3 blocks from the beach with a view of the ocean from the rooftop deck. Absolutely awesome staff -- Alejandro the gardener, Cynthia and Marianna the housekeepers --keep the place gorgeous and are helpful and inobtrusive. Jennifer and Ilse (on the management team) are 100% responsive to any questions you might have. There is a bit of a challenging hill from the city to Tranquila, but if your body isn't up to it, there are golf carts for rent. xoxo T
Read more
Experienced: December, 2023
Amazing Service & Property Management!
This is our second time at Casa Tranquila and both visits have been absolutely incredible, in great part thanks to the property management team that kept us very well informed, the property spotless and beautifully landscaped and were always available to answer our questions.
Read more
Experienced: November, 2023
Fantastic Service!
Ilse Saludos managed our property for years and is absolutely amazing at what she does. Our guests were blown away by the services that were offered - from pick up at the airport to grocery shopping and drop off. No request was too big. She has a great personality and provides top notch service at all times!
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Experienced: July, 2023
Great Service, Caring Staff
Casas Primavera was my property management company for about 10 years. They were super easy to work with and very professional. I recommend them highly.
Read more
Experienced: June, 2023
Very Happy Guests
In the past 7 years we have rented various properties in Sayulita during the winter season. In our first year our very best experience was with Ilse and her team. In fact, it was one of the reasons we kept coming back to the same property over the years. We always knew we would be in good hands. They are simply the best property manager and professional team to take care of you in Sayulita.
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Experienced: June, 2023
Amazing Property Managers/Staff
Casas De Primavera Property Management is excellent in all aspects! From the booking process to check-in, and all the home and garden staff that go above and beyond, you can feel safe and secure and spend your vacation time doing just that…vacation! Thanks for all you do!! Looking forward to our next stay!
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Experienced: June, 2023
Highly Recommend
We highly recommend Primavera Rentals to manage rental properties. We have a house that we have rented for about 15 years. During that time Primavera Rentals have provided us excellent service in every possible way. They have been very efficient and trustworthy in all aspects of the renting procedures. Their wonderful staff of cleaning, gardening, and pool maintenance have been extremely dependable and responsive. We are sure that if you use their services you will be delighted that you chose them.
Read more
Experienced: June, 2023
Excellent property management company
Ilse and her staff looked after my property for over 10 years. My home was looked after beautifully. I had extensive gardens and a lap pool , both maintained perfectly. The cleaning staff were meticulous and I was often told by my guests how beautifully the property was kept. Ilse is an amazing person. Honestly and integrity are the top of my list. My guests loved her and found she was always available to deal with any problems that might arise during their stay. I would highly recommend Casas de Primavera for your property management company. Bette
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Experienced: June, 2023
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