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Dental Office Sayulita in Sayulita Mexico

Dental Office Sayulita in Sayulita, Mexico

Emergencies & consultations
Full service family dental care
Experienced doctors

Dental Office Sayulita offers professional dental care for over 10 years in Sayulita!

Please view our safety standars and protocols document under "Menus & More"

Dra Carla Governi and Dr. Roberto Conti-Vecchi are experienced dentist offering full-service family dental care. At Dental Office Sayulita you can assure your dental needs are met professionally as well as elective cosmetic desires. Dental Office Sayulita's main goal is to ensure you have as positive an experience as possible within the dental office. A beautiful smile builds confidence and pride. Dental Office Sayulita is committed to offering you the highest level of service possible.

  • New technology and equipment
  • Friendly dental office environment
  • Consultations & emergency dental care
  • Commited to excellence
  • Teeth whitening



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Great experience
If you need dental work while in Sayulita this is the place! Drs. Roberto and Carla are great and they are trilingual (Italian, Spanish, English). From teeth cleaning, to Zoom whitening and dental emergencies, they have you covered. Five stars!
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Experienced: July, 2021
Dr. Carla! Dr. Carla!
We've been taking our girls to see Dr. Carla for the past three years. She is always very patient and kind. They actually get excited to go and see the dentist!
My wife and I see her as well.
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Experienced: February, 2021
Drs. Carla and Roberto are Awesome!!
My husband and I have been patients for several years and we cannot day enough good things about this clinic. We have had a bunch of different things done for our dental health and each time we are so happy and blown away by this team.

They will call in other specialists or send you to other experts ( ie. endodentist, implant specialist ) when needed making these processes seemless as far as appointments.
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Experienced: July, 2020
Best dental experience ever!!!
We went for a cleaning with Dr. Carla and she was amazing. The next day, Christmas Eve Dr. Carlos removed my wisdom tooth. I am not sure what Dr Carlos did but there was minimal bleeding and I had absolutely no pain even the next few days were surprisingly pain free. Prices were low in compare to Canadian dentists. Dr Carlos even took the time to chat with hubby for about 30 minutes regarding an upcoming procedure which was very kind of him to do and explained everything in detail. We definitely will be back for another cleaning and highly recommended this dental office
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Experienced: December, 2019
Very relaxed environment. Excellent work!
I very much recommend this place!
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Experienced: February, 2019
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-17-2019
Thanks Dominique for your nice review!
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Very compassionate and professional
Our visit to Dental Office Sayulita was a pleasant surprise. Dra. Carla was a delight. She was professional in her manor, as well as engaging. After her examination she provided different options to consider. Never did she try to convince me to pursue any one. My wife felt after her visit, that no dentist had ever been so informative. Patients comfort was more important than money. Dr. Roberto, although not directly involved was very interesting to converse with. My wife does not need any work, however I do and it is scheduled. Highly recommended.
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Experienced: January, 2019
Response from Owner/Manager on 01-24-2019
Thank you Robert and Karen for your great feed back🏵

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Good work!
I had a crown put on here and the thing looks and feels identical to the tooth I previously had in its place. The work feels solid and I recommend these guys to anyone who needs dental work.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-01-2017
It was a pleasure working on you Gabe! Thx for your review.
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Honest, professional dentist and more!
I saw Roberto while vacationing in Sayulita for my 6 month cleaning. Getting an appointment before arriving to Mexico was easy through email. They were very responsive and clear. When I arrived for the appointment, Roberto saw me right on time. The cleaning took about 40 min and was very thorough. He then took almost just as much time explaining to me some potential problem areas to be aware of and steps I could take now and in the future. I have never had the sort of detailed explanation and time that Roberto took with me at any other dentist.After finishing up the discussion on my teeth, we chatted some more about the area and Roberto shared some great info with me that helped make my trip more enjoyable.I will definitely plan my next cleaning around a trip to Sayulita!
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-08-2017
Thanks jason for your kind testimonial of our work. See you when needed amigo! Hug
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Super dentists and super people, best practitioners I've ever encountered in three countries.
Dental Office Sayulita is a God-send. I heard about them from friends in Oregon who traveled frequently to Sayulita, sometimes specifically for the great dental services offered there. This was my second "dental tourism" visit to see Roberto and Carla. As John (below) and others have pointed out, the quality of work was top notch, and the savings over what I would have paid in the US was more than enough to pay for the entire trip. It was remarkable to have dental care with professionals who clearly put the patient first. I made my first visit 5 years ago, after dentists in the US had told me I needed six crowns immediately, and it would cost me only $17,000 AFTER INSURANCE! I scheduled the work with Dental Office Sayulita at a fraction of the cost, but most importantly, as soon as Roberto took a look at my teeth, he informed me that it was premature to make such a destructive and invasive treatment on my teeth, which had pressure cracks from the metal fillings, but which had not been structurally compromised. Instead he recommended taking out the metal fillings and replacing them with new epoxy composites that would act as a sealant material for the cracked teeth, while also removing the destructive expansion and contraction caused by the old metal fillings. He explained that I might enjoy my original teeth for the rest of my life with no further problems, and that if structural deterioration did set in, I could always opt for crowns at that point as needed. The entire process was painless and inexpensive, leaving me with a mouthful of my own happy teeth, fortified, instead of a mouthful of artificial replacements. I was amazed, and have been sharing the good news with friends ever since. I felt fortunate to enjoy not only excellent professional service, but to know that I was being taken care of by really good-hearted people, who are passionate and knowledgeable about the environment and their community. As a European born person who has lived all over the world, I was also delighted to learn that they also had transplanted from Europe, bringing their passion, their global perspectives, and broad professional knowledge to share with others. If you can make time to have some work done at Dental Office Sayulita, the only problem you might have is that you may realize that you have to come back, because it's hard to go to any other dentists again after encountering these angels of dental care. Every time I smile, I am grateful for the dedication and good work of Roberto and Carla.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-08-2017
Big thanks to you Kenneth for such a wonderful feedback on a long term choice..and satisfaction. Hug
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Best and cheapest cleaning in my life!
I had gone more than 6 years without getting a teeth cleaning because I always hated to go to the dentist. I also had no health insurance like many Americans and didn't want to deal with the American health care system at all. I promised my mother on my trip to Mexico I would look into getting my teeth cleaned. Everything from scheduling the appointment, to finding the office, to customer service and comfort were well above and beyond what I could've ever expected. So much great information I learned and left the office smiling ear to ear. Simple, easy, no pain, and an overall great dentist. I will defiantly be back again the next time I need a cleaning.
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Experienced: January, 2017
Dra. Carla & Dr. Roberto in Sayulita Mexico
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Dra. Carla & Dr. Roberto
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