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Dental Office Sayulita in Sayulita, Mexico

Emergencies & consultations
Full service family dental care
Experienced doctors

Dental Office Sayulita offers professional dental care for over 10 years in Sayulita!

Dra Carla Governi and Dr. Roberto Conti-Vecchi are experienced dentist offering full-service family dental care. At Dental Office Sayulita you can assure your dental needs are met professionally as well as elective cosmetic desires. Dental Office Sayulita's main goal is to ensure you have as positive an experience as possible within the dental office. A beautiful smile builds confidence and pride. Dental Office Sayulita is committed to offering you the highest level of service possible.

  • New technology and equipment
  • Friendly dental office environment
  • Consultations & emergency dental care
  • Commited to excellence
  • Teeth whitening



Contact us for a consultation and appointment.

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from 18 reviews
Good work!
I had a crown put on here and the thing looks and feels identical to the tooth I previously had in its place. The work feels solid and I recommend these guys to anyone who needs dental work.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-01-2017
It was a pleasure working on you Gabe! Thx for your review.
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Honest, professional dentist and more!
I saw Roberto while vacationing in Sayulita for my 6 month cleaning. Getting an appointment before arriving to Mexico was easy through email. They were very responsive and clear. When I arrived for the appointment, Roberto saw me right on time. The cleaning took about 40 min and was very thorough. He then took almost just as much time explaining to me some potential problem areas to be aware of and steps I could take now and in the future. I have never had the sort of detailed explanation and time that Roberto took with me at any other dentist.After finishing up the discussion on my teeth, we chatted some more about the area and Roberto shared some great info with me that helped make my trip more enjoyable.I will definitely plan my next cleaning around a trip to Sayulita!
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-08-2017
Thanks jason for your kind testimonial of our work. See you when needed amigo! Hug
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Super dentists and super people, best practitioners I've ever encountered in three countries.
Dental Office Sayulita is a God-send. I heard about them from friends in Oregon who traveled frequently to Sayulita, sometimes specifically for the great dental services offered there. This was my second "dental tourism" visit to see Roberto and Carla. As John (below) and others have pointed out, the quality of work was top notch, and the savings over what I would have paid in the US was more than enough to pay for the entire trip. It was remarkable to have dental care with professionals who clearly put the patient first. I made my first visit 5 years ago, after dentists in the US had told me I needed six crowns immediately, and it would cost me only $17,000 AFTER INSURANCE! I scheduled the work with Dental Office Sayulita at a fraction of the cost, but most importantly, as soon as Roberto took a look at my teeth, he informed me that it was premature to make such a destructive and invasive treatment on my teeth, which had pressure cracks from the metal fillings, but which had not been structurally compromised. Instead he recommended taking out the metal fillings and replacing them with new epoxy composites that would act as a sealant material for the cracked teeth, while also removing the destructive expansion and contraction caused by the old metal fillings. He explained that I might enjoy my original teeth for the rest of my life with no further problems, and that if structural deterioration did set in, I could always opt for crowns at that point as needed. The entire process was painless and inexpensive, leaving me with a mouthful of my own happy teeth, fortified, instead of a mouthful of artificial replacements. I was amazed, and have been sharing the good news with friends ever since. I felt fortunate to enjoy not only excellent professional service, but to know that I was being taken care of by really good-hearted people, who are passionate and knowledgeable about the environment and their community. As a European born person who has lived all over the world, I was also delighted to learn that they also had transplanted from Europe, bringing their passion, their global perspectives, and broad professional knowledge to share with others. If you can make time to have some work done at Dental Office Sayulita, the only problem you might have is that you may realize that you have to come back, because it's hard to go to any other dentists again after encountering these angels of dental care. Every time I smile, I am grateful for the dedication and good work of Roberto and Carla.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-08-2017
Big thanks to you Kenneth for such a wonderful feedback on a long term choice..and satisfaction. Hug
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Best and cheapest cleaning in my life!
I had gone more than 6 years without getting a teeth cleaning because I always hated to go to the dentist. I also had no health insurance like many Americans and didn't want to deal with the American health care system at all. I promised my mother on my trip to Mexico I would look into getting my teeth cleaned. Everything from scheduling the appointment, to finding the office, to customer service and comfort were well above and beyond what I could've ever expected. So much great information I learned and left the office smiling ear to ear. Simple, easy, no pain, and an overall great dentist. I will defiantly be back again the next time I need a cleaning.
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Experienced: January, 2017
Great professional work!
I have been living now in Sayulita for 10 years and Carla and Roberto are the only dentists I am using when I need one. They have taken excellent care about my teeth and together we managed to resolve even quite complicated teeth-matters. They care very much about the quality of their work, they are straight forward and honest when assessing a situation and are all over friendly people. I highly recommend them.
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Experienced: October, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 10-20-2016
Thank you for your positive feedback Ulrike!
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Great dental office
Went in for a cleaning and general "checkup" as I had not been to a dentist in a few years. Both Carla Governi and Roberto Conti-Vecchi were very straight-forward, helpful, and nice. All said and done I received a cleaning, whitening, filling replacement, minor cosmetic touch-ups, and had a mouth guard created. I appreciate that neither sought to take x-rays and Carla wished to try the filling replacement without anesthetic (I ended up being too sensitive but was happy that she didn't just reach for the needle although I could have requested it immediately). Was very satisfied with pricing and results. Highly recommend this office!
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Experienced: February, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-04-2016
Thank you Shawnee! We are very happy to have known you and that you are enthusiast about our work. Keep in touch my friend, it was nice to see you also in the water and in days for braves!!!
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A Passion for Excellence!
My molar was cracked before I traveled to Sayulito but my regular Dr. could not schedule my repair prior to departure. After reviewing website recommendations of Dental Office Sayulito, I scheduled a crown replacement with Dr. Roberto. Unbelievably fast, professional and inexpensive compared to my USA budget. Five working days from start to finish and a savings of $1,000 USD for me.

Dr. Roberto and partner Dra. Carla are passionate about providing excellent dental service at a fair Mexico price and they do not up charge to take advantage of tourists. From diagnosis to final polishing, my satisfaction with the procedure was excellent.

On a side note, Dr. Roberto is the acknowledged expert on teeth whitening procedures in Mexico.

Jim Conn
USA Minnesota
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Experienced: February, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-24-2016
Thank you Jim it was nice to know you and your wife at the office! And when our patients are happy we are happy.
That’s mutual satisfaction.
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Great Dentist!
I broke a tooth our second day of vacation. It was so sensitive to cold I could not bear the idea of three weeks vacation with that pain. I called the dental office and got an appointment for the next day! They do a great job! Reasonable prices.8501Thank-you Dr Carla, my tooth feels great and I am enjoying the rest of my vacation !
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Experienced: February, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 02-14-2016
We are so happy to receive you kind feedback!, Thank you Susan, hug from Sayulita.
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love it!
As a US based physician I would not seek out all medical services in sayulita. However I would always visit with Dr Carla again for dental care. For years I have seen her husband and partner in the surf and heard about the quality of work.
Finally in desperate need of cleaning no time for it in the states I mad an appointment with Dr Carla. Professional, clean, competent, thorough and great hands. As a huge tartar former I present a challenge for anyone. She used an ultrasonic scaler similar to what my dentist uses in the states. Don't hesitate you will not be disappointed.

My cleaning was so good my brother went the following day and was similarly impressed.
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Experienced: January, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 01-05-2016
Thank you very much Ron for taking your time to drop this review here. We are proud of it.
Carla and Roberto
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My US dentist has lost a patient!
This is my second year being a patient of Carla and Roberto - this year in their immaculate new office on Miramar. Carla did another meticulous ultrasonic cleaning on my teeth, and Roberto performed a painless filling replacement on my sister. The cost was extremely reasonable, the work perfect. Im afraid that my dentist at home has lost a patient!
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Experienced: January, 2015
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Owner/Manager Name
Dra. Carla & Dr. Roberto
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Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Miramar 3-PB, Sayulita.
Mexico Telephone:
322 1605900
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