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Café El Espresso in Sayulita prides itself on brewing the perfect cup of coffee – a mix of the best quality coffee brewed by experienced baristas, then delivered to your table by our friendly staff.

At Café El Espresso we use a mixture of different beans from the very best coffee regions in Mexico: Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Veracruz. We follow the highest standards for cleanliness and innovation in the preparation of all of our food and drinks. And of course, we always give our customers the best smile and the best price for all of our delicious dishes. Add any of our low-fat milk, soy milk, 2% milk, lactose-free milk and real half-and-half options to personalize your cup!!

The original proprietor, Yesi, was born and raised in Sayulita. Yesi worked for several years as one of the best baristas at Coffee Cup, a famous line of cafes under the direction of Douglas Cullen. With her professional experience at Coffee Cup, and knowing that Coffee Cup had been recognized by various magazines specializing in the best espresso in Vallarta, Yesi decided to set out on her own in order to create the perfect cup of coffee for Sayulita locals and tourists. Her long-standing business success in Sayulita is a blend of both the great food she and her staff creates as well as her commitment to customer service.

Yesi describes her philosophy: “For me, making coffee is an art.”

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We got coffee here a couple of times. They are friendly and the coffee/espresso is excellent. Also a nice place to strip and watch people in downtown or use the restroom after a cold drink. We also had the green smoothie one time which was soooo good.
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Experienced: January, 2020
Repeated perfect visits
We ended up eating breakfast here half of the mornings during a 10 day stay. Great food, excellent smoothies, clean reliable restaurant! Special thank you to Christian for small Spanish lessons each visit!
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Experienced: November, 2019
The BEST Go To Place to Eat
We loved this place! The workers are so personable and the food is AMAZING! We spent 5 weeks in Sayulita and ate there at least 10 times! We are going back and it will definitely be on our "regular" list!
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Experienced: October, 2019
Best smoothie EVER!
So so good and the food and friendly staff made this our groups favorite for breakfast and lunch:)
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Experienced: March, 2019
Great Breakfast
We ate breakfast here several times on our trip. The food was great, fast and inexpensive.
We will be back!
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Experienced: March, 2019
Sooo gooood!!!!
We went back several times for their caramel macchiatos
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Experienced: January, 2019
Loved the chicken burgers
I know we go to Mexico and should be exploring their food but just now and again it's nice to find something I'm more familiar with and this hit the spot
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Experienced: August, 2018
Favorite smoothies, great breakfasts!
I discovered the pineapple mango smoothies at Café El Espresso on my first of three trips to Sayulita. For me no visit is complete without two or three of these refreshing beverages, called Sayulita Tropical on the menu. My friend likes El Espresso's chilaquiles with red sauce best of the several she has tried around town. The staff are friendly and efficient, the food is delicious and the location is easy to find across from the plaza. Give it a try.
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Experienced: March, 2018
I Eat Here Every, Single Day
I love this place. The Chiliquiles and Pork Machaca Burrito are my go-to dishes. I literally eat them everyday while in Sayulita. My daughter loves their smoothies and has tried every flavor. We'll be back in a couple weeks and, as usual, I plan to eat every breakfast at El Espresso,
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Experienced: June, 2017
Great coffee, but lousy afternoon service
Breakfasts and coffee are wonderful at this cafe. Dinners are good and reasonably priced as well.
Staff change (morning shift to afternoon shift) is at 2PM, so if you are looking for a late-ish lunch DO NOT show up after 1:30 expecting food and service. It's just not going happen! You may get one cup of coffee, but the waiting staff would rather sit and chat amongst themselves than wait tables.
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Experienced: February, 2017
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Simona in Sayulita Mexico
Bio Please mention SayulitaLife
Locally owned and operated! We have the best coffee in the bay area, a dark strong french roast of Mexican beans from Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Veracruz. Stop by and give us a try!