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El Espresso Sayulita coffee and restaurant in Sayulita Mexico

Great coffee
Opening a new location in La Cruz
Customer Service oriented

Have you ever heard of the perfect cup of coffee? At Café Espresso our goal is to let you taste this perfect cup of coffee – a cup which we create form the perfect mix of quality coffee, the are of preparation, and of course quality service.

At Café Espresso we use a mixture of different beans from the very best coffe regions in the country: Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz. We follow the highest standards for cleanliness and innovation in the preparation of our food and drinks. And of course, we always give our customers the best smile, the best deal, and the best prices. we offer non fat milk, soy milk, 2% milk, lactose free milk and real half and half!!

The proprietor, Yesi (pictured), was born and raised in Sayulita. Yesi worked for several years as one of the best baristas at Coffee Cup, a famous line of cafes, under the direction of Douglas Cullen. With her professional experience at Coffee Cup, and knowing that the Coffee Cup had been recognized by various magazines specializing in the best espresso in Vallarta several consecutive years, Yesi decided to set out on her own in the art of preparing the perfect cup of coffee. She combined her love of coffee and customer service, foundations that would determine the success of her business in Sayulita.

In her own words Yesi described what a baristas job is. “For me it’s not just making coffee, it is an art. The delicacy with what we do and the perfection and the consistency that we provide gives the customer what they want. It is an art.”

In spite of those who doubted that she was not prepared because of her young age and other stereotypes, Yesi has made a reputation as the best café in Sayulita, offering as she says…”only the best”.


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from 35 reviews
Loved the chicken burgers
I know we go to Mexico and should be exploring their food but just now and again it's nice to find something I'm more familiar with and this hit the spot
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Experienced: August, 2018
Favorite smoothies, great breakfasts!
I discovered the pineapple mango smoothies at Café El Espresso on my first of three trips to Sayulita. For me no visit is complete without two or three of these refreshing beverages, called Sayulita Tropical on the menu. My friend likes El Espresso's chilaquiles with red sauce best of the several she has tried around town. The staff are friendly and efficient, the food is delicious and the location is easy to find across from the plaza. Give it a try.
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Experienced: March, 2018
I Eat Here Every, Single Day
I love this place. The Chiliquiles and Pork Machaca Burrito are my go-to dishes. I literally eat them everyday while in Sayulita. My daughter loves their smoothies and has tried every flavor. We'll be back in a couple weeks and, as usual, I plan to eat every breakfast at El Espresso,
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Experienced: June, 2017
Great coffee, but lousy afternoon service
Breakfasts and coffee are wonderful at this cafe. Dinners are good and reasonably priced as well.
Staff change (morning shift to afternoon shift) is at 2PM, so if you are looking for a late-ish lunch DO NOT show up after 1:30 expecting food and service. It's just not going happen! You may get one cup of coffee, but the waiting staff would rather sit and chat amongst themselves than wait tables.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Good food but slow service
This is our go-to for pancakes, as they have several food options. They also have good smoothies and coffees. However, they have a walk-up window that stays very busy at breakfast time, and those orders apparently get served before the patrons seated in the dining area. My smoothie did not get served until I was about halfway done with my breakfast. And then we had to wait about ten minutes for our check. Not a big deal if you have nowhere to be, but if you planned to go on an excursion, you might want to skip breakfast here.
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Experienced: November, 2016
Absolutely fantastic cappucinos and lattes! Monster sized and tasty.
We went here almost every morning - liked it much better than the other breakfast places.
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Experienced: October, 2016
Very friendly and good service
BEST COFFEE in Sayulita, food and service on point, thank you
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Experienced: July, 2016
Perfect breakfast spot!
We just spent 5 days in sayulita, and came here for breakfast everyday since it's so close to where we stayed. Everyone was super nice and good range of breakfast options. Quite large servings, good prices, and most importantly - good coffee. Our son could run across to the plaza to play and jump around after he finished, while we adults could finish eating and drinking our coffee. Also enjoyed their verde verde smoothie a few times.
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Experienced: April, 2016
Fast and friendly service.
Great place for and friendly service and reasonable prices. Would go back again.
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Experienced: April, 2016
Our favourite breakfest spot!
We came here most of our mornings during our stay in beautiful Sayulita. The staff were super friendly and accommodating to different diets. We had same waiter everytime, who was very nice! Awesome smoothies and food and the restaurant was lovely!
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Experienced: December, 2015
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Hours of Operations:
7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Directly across the Sayulita Plaza
Mexico Telephone:
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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