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Fishing Sayulita in Sayulita Mexico

Fishing Sayulita in Sayulita Nayarit Mexico

Drinks included in every trip
More than 25 years of experience

Captain Regis grew up fishing and surfing the Pacific coast of Mexico and Sayulita with his four brothers. Later on he had the chance to fish in parts of California, fly fish in rivers in Colorado and Canada, which is known for its high cliffs and streams.

Captain Regis speaks fluent English but it is 100% Mexican and he  also does the talking and the walking for the best service speak directly with will not find him assling people on the beach he also doesn't have anyone as a representative on the beach AVOID GETTING RIPPED OFF talk to him email or call him.

Undoubtedly Regis knows the area of Sayulita, Nayarit like the back of his hand.

Choosing an activity with Captain Regis will not disappoint you. With over 25 years of experience, he is a very friendly man with a good sense of humor.

--> All trips include: drinks, water, beer and sodas only if booked through this site.
--> the panga "THUNNUS" (boat) features: vests, radiovhf,FISH FINDER, gps, 100hp 4 stroke and all maritime safety requirements,the most comfortable boat in sayulita

- all equipment is included.
- the price of the trip is the boat:  (Costs are the same for 1 person only)
-  it is recommended to go on a fishing trip with +/- four persons. You will have enough space on the boat to fish.
- The fishing trip is with live bait and lures catch for 4 to 6 hours it all depends how fishing is. The catch is cleaned at the end of the day.

- You must bring your fishing rod
- Including live bait !.


- For this activity the maximum 9 people
-  Drinks are included


- Regis knows every point breaks from north to south
- Maximum is 9 persons with surfboards the boat has soft rack to fit the boards nice and easy.
- Drinks included.


- 9 person is the legal amount for this activity.

- maximum 9 people
- Marietas Islands is one of the options come and see the blue footed boobies (Bluefoot booby) and diversity of fish and meet the cave of love ....

For more information about prices and the tours. Please contact Captain Regis. Your email or telephone will be answered immediately.  You can also contact him directly on Whatsapp to this phone number(+52) 322 189 1000.


In order to book your fishing, you can always pay Fishing Sayulita directly using PayPal 

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Great Captain and his Uncle crewman
Regis has that special captain's ability to know how to find fish - and not all captains have that. First, we went way north where his Uncle used a hand net to catch us quality live bait. Then south to Dorado (mahi-mahi ) markers. Water was a little cloudy so the Dorado were line shy and we only got one. But, he took us way south where we caught more than enough giant black and red cods for a couple of dinners and donated the rest to Regis and his Uncle. I will fish with him again. I am a long range fisherman out of San Diego where I have ridden most of the boats there on 8 and 10 day trips. I know good captains when I fish with them and he stands tall with the rest of them.
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Experienced: May, 2019
This the boat you want to take out Regis and tio Pepe
These guys have fishing skills. We first went out to get bait which they caught successfully with a throw net. After that we fish different spots and by the second or third spot we were catching Dorado. We continued to catch Dorado until the ice chest was full. Also noticed quite a few boats following us like they knew Regis knows where the fish bite is located. I would reccomend this boat and captain if you want the best chance to catch fish
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Experienced: April, 2019
What a pair!!
Reggie and Tio Pepe gave us such a great experience. From the moment we left the beach until filleting time in the bay we had nothing but fun. We caught trigger fish, black cod, red snapper and rockfish; saw whales and dolphins; and generally enjoyed ourselves. We also persuaded the Medusa restaurant on Calle Miramar to cook the red snapper and black cod for us and they did a great job.
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Experienced: March, 2019
Seemed like the captain was all about getting the trip over. Fishing that day was not good. Not his fault but did not try anything different
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Experienced: February, 2019
Response from Owner/Manager on 03-24-2019
It was my fault I should have told you guys.
my apologies.
During this time of the year our fishing gets affected by a lot of factors as well.
Currents,water temperature,moon effects.
I’m willing to give you guys a refund i just want people unhappy.
Thank you for your comments good or bad they help me improve my service.
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Fishing with Regis
The fishing started a little slow but Regis’s knowledge of the area was great. It didn’t take long for Regis to put us on fish. We caught quite a few red snapper and had a great day. We also got to see whales fairly close up and gained a little knowledge of the bays and towns in the area. Thanks Regis.
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Experienced: February, 2019
Great day from start to end. If you are looking for a charter don’t look no further than captain Regis and the Thunnus. Super fun , put you on the fish.
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Experienced: December, 2018
Good times!!!
My wife and I had a fantastic day fishing with Capt. Regís and Tio Pepé. We caught yellow snapper and skipjack tuna on the fly rod. Highly recommended!!!
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Experienced: May, 2018
Fishermen who love fishing make the best guides!
Reggie and Tio Pepe are men among boys when it comes to fishing in Sayulita. I have been with other guides in the area and by far my best day was with Reggie. He has fished all over the world and truly knows how to catch fish. We talked to other groups that fished around the same time as us with other guides and none were as successful as us. Reggie will put in the extra effort to make sure you have a good time and a successful trip. I have also fished around the world and I can tell you Reggie and Tio Pepe are right at the top when it comes to fishing knowledge and skill. Don't waste your time looking at other guides, you have found the best right here.
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Experienced: February, 2018
Fish King Regis.
This was the best day of my holiday. We were considering going to the hidden beach island and doing some fishing and snorkeling on the large boat trip advertised. Before I booked it for the 6 of us I just happened to see some fishing boats at the top of the beach. The first guy I met there was Regis who was laid back, friendly and spoke very good English. He assured me that everything I wanted to do was possible, and the next day he made good on his promises. I was with my partner, Father, Auntie, Cousin and her 2 year old. We got to see dolphins, we were snorkeling in a coral reef seeing amazing brightly coloured fish, visited different beaches and best of all caught fish! 3 chipper, 3 red snapper and 2 rooster fish. Not only were Regis and his uncle friendly and knowledgeable, they supplied a quality boat (with shade roof), quality fishing equipment, quality snorkeling gear and quality beer!! When we returned my fish were gutted and filleted for me, then we took them to a restaurant in town run by a friend of Regis. How fresh can you get? The fish were cooked in several different ways for us and was the tastiest fish I ever ate. This is a much better, more personal and flexible experience than the large boat trip which is expensive and short in comparison. We could decide what we wanted to do and when, so everyone was happy and had a great day (even my vegan cousin who was trying to release our livebait back into the sea!!)

This was great value for money and a day that wont be forgotten. I can't recommend this guy enough.

Thanks Regis n Co.
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Experienced: September, 2017
My favorite experience in Sayulita
I'm so glad we booked with Captain Regis and his uncle. It was a great experience for my husband, me and our 6 year old. We had a blast fishing with them, pulling in a few rooster fish, grouper, and yellow snapper in our 4 hours on the boat. They coached us through everything to ensure we had a good time. Being able to include our daughter was a definite bonus - she loved everything about it. I'd recommend Thunnus to everyone!
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Experienced: April, 2017
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Regis in Sayulita Mexico
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