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Dec 19 2014

On Thursday, December 11th, more than 100 people in Sayulita gathered for the Pro Sayulita fundraiser.  This ranchero-themed fiesta started in the late afternoon and was the perfect opportunity to support an invaluable Sayulita organization and to enjoy the company of other people in our community.

Ruben’s Deli graciously hosted this event on their ranch, which proved to be an ideal location. It’s located just outside of town and has a wonderful tranquil ambience. There is a large grassy area, outlined by trees, as well as a beautiful palapa.

There were several activities, including horseshoes, a photo booth, an Annie Oakley shooting gallery utilizing BB guns, a golf event, and a blind tequila tasting booth, stocked with high-end tequilas. A DJ played a variety of music and people danced the night away.

Ruben’s Deli not only donated the use of their ranch, but also provided all of the food for this event. The buffet was an impressive, mouthwatering selection of food. Options included grilled chicken and barbecue ribs straight off the grill, salad, potato salad, Thai noodles, and more.

“I’m glad Pro Sayulita added another fundraiser this year. One big annual event doesn’t cut it. These smaller events are a lot of fun, more casual, and a great opportunity to hang out with other Sayulita locals,” shared Marcos Scott.

Terry Lane, who recently returned to Sayulita for the winter said, “This is a great way to reconnect with people in Sayulita that you haven’t seen for a while, as well as to support a worthwhile organization. I really appreciate the Ruben’s donating the food and their ranch for this event. It’s a great spot for it.”

Jack Jones, President of Pro Sayulita, was happy with the success of this event. “This was a heartwarming party. Just some down home fun with old and new friends. Good food, good friends and good drinks.  Ruben and his family provided delicious food, and Mary and Carol provided home baked desserts for all. I would like to first thank our major organizers, Carl Ashwell, Janet Moeller, Lili Scott, Teke Mohill, and Suzanne Gravelle. I’d also like to thank Gus and Eric at the bar, the Zen Garden DJ, who used Zen Garden sound equipment, the Annie Oakley’s (Head Annie was Brittney Borjeson), Blind Tequila Bartenders (Leaders of the blind tastings were Shelly Labovitz of MexiFit and Leyla Morris of Stand Up Paddle Mexico), Janet on Horseshoes, Teke on Golf, Ruben and Naui on parking, and all their helpers, too many to name. Thank you all and be ready for our next party!”

Sayulita home and business owners, your Pro Sayulita membership is greatly appreciated and your continued support is needed.  Please keep your membership current or become a new member by donating here.